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Know about a Support Group in your area? Pain Concern would like your help


Do you run a support group for people with chronic pain in your area?

Are you a member of one?

We are trying to keep an up-to-date interactive map of UK-based support groups on our website, so people living with pain can always find support near them. If you know of a support group in your area, please email us at with the details, and we will add it to our database.


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I am a member of Northamptonshire Chronic Pain Support.

I live in Northampton and I would be grateful if you could tell me where and what time this group is held. Thank you.

Hiya. The group is held in Kettering at Open Doors opposite Greg's more or less on Fridays 1p.m. till 6p.m. You will certainly be welcomed. If you look on the web page Northamptonshire chronic pain support you will find more information. Hope to meet you soon. I will be there tomorrow. Xx

Thank you.

No I live in U.S. I don't know of any here live in the midwest sorry I couldn't help. We're going thru the same thing hope your able to find something. Good luck and have a nice day. Love susiejo1948


I do not know of any Support Groups close to were I live and it could be useful at times, even more so as I am now a carer as well for my wife a stoke victim herself. Hermes.

I’ve tried to find a pain support group without success. I rely on PHN support groups online which are fantastic, I would be absolutely lost without them. A massive shout out to PHN Chronic Neuralgia Support Group, PHN Support Group and yourselves!’

Crystalbowl in reply to KatieRL

Thank you KatieRL for your post as I was previously not aware of the PHN support groups you mention. I have had PHN since a bout of shingles in January this year which shows no sign of clearing up. I also have AF and heart failure so have been following these as well as the chronic pain site on Health Unlocked and have posted on those about PHN amongst the other issues I have but your post is the first time I have seen PHN mentioned. I have sent a request to join the Facebook group.

Not really sure if there are any groups in the Southampton area

Don't know if there is a group in London.

I am in north Lancashire and don't know of any support groups here

ihave not heard of one and i have had chronic pain for 20 years at least

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