Drs not following Hospital protocol

I have already written about the DR giving my Mum the wrong drugs and her going into anaphylactic shock, this is not the fault of the NHS it is the fault of the government ! First and foremost her allergies are on the front of her medical notes and I explained to the consultant about her allergies and her reaction to certain drugs, I do not believe the DR understood plain English (Please do not tag me as Racist I do have two mixed race children and I love them and my ex their Mother very much) two days prior to my Mother being given Penicillin I had spoken to a Nurse on the ward to find out how my mother was doing and she told me she was refusing to take her medication <I asked "What medication she was refusing?" and was told among other meds she was refusing Penicillin ! I explained why she was refusing them and why they had obviously not checked her records prior to prescribing and or dispensing the reply was very disconcerting "We give what the Dr prescribes we assume he/she has checked the notes prior to prescribing"?? that is not normal hospital protocol as they are supposed to check name date of birth and hospital number and any allergies ! when you try to get an investigation done(My Mum is now so confused and afraid(its like she has alzhiemers she does not know where she is or even who she is)the Hospital staff group up and try to justify their wrongdoing! When she first went in hospital it was due to her Epilepsy and a chest infection the hospital let her fall out of bed due to "Forgetting to raise the sides of her bed" she suffered a pair of massive black eyes and severe bruising to her forehead , and that was the start of things going wrong as just prior to her fall she was about to be discharged! now the fall and the Penicillin incident have caused her current medical condition but the Hospital Deny this! for some reason they treated her for meningitis and she does not have meningitis Speaking to a nurse and finding out more about my Mothers condition (she told me this off the record so I will not tell her name) My mother has "Tiny changes in the Subcordical? ad deep white matter of both cerebral hemispheres and n the left hemisphere in keeping with "Small vessel disease" I think this means she will not get better ? also Why could the Drs just tell us instead of calling every member of the family to say that she had meningitis and we should get to the hospital as soon as we could? Scaring every one in the process ! the Drs are saying the fall and the Penicillin incident are not to blame as they could not cause any damage ? even I know that to be untrue ! Why on earth do Drs cover up for their mistakes and for other Drs mistakes ? Why do hospital Administration allow this to happen?

I have treatment at the another hopsital and the Drs and Nurses there are so helpful Considerate and treat the patients with utmost respect and compassion ! I just can not understand why they appear to be so sly and conniving trying to cover up a mistake ok it should not have happened and if they had been honest with myself and my family I would not now be so concerned for the welfare of other patients in their care! has anyone else had any problems like this at all ? if so can you please tell me as I am sure this is not a one off happening (I do know of two other incidents that are very similar , that I can provide proof of ! that was talking to a couple I met as I was leaving the ward!

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  • Unfortunately my above post has been edited by Pain concern admin due to my naming the ward and hospital group involved, this again goes to show how Medical staff and forums that involve medical staff either try to edit so the post makes no sense or so that we do not get the full facts , I Really Do understand why HU have edited the post but just find it to be another block to people finding out the truth about what coverups and the extent of them are! obviously HU do not want to be sued so I will just have to find another Avenue to get this story out into the Public eye ! We as Tax payers and NHS clients should have the right to state how we feel about our treatment or about how some hospitals fail in their Duty of care ! it seems that they all Conspire to keep us in the dark! this is my last post here now as I feel HU are just part and parcel of the cover ups thankyou all for reading my past posts and helping me when I needed it ! I now know I will not attend another UK hospital ever again I would rather die first!

  • I hope you have involved PALS and are making a strong complaint about the treatment. It is just not acceptable.

  • Hi Dell01,

    You are definitely not alone with your situation and I was so very sorry to read about your poor Mum. I would write to a well know newspaper and spill the beans, it's the only way to bring it to people's attention. I had terrible experinces when my poor Mum was taken into hospital and how she was treated. Without exageration, I had to fight for her to keep her alive, It's a long and heartbreaking story. It started with her breaking her hip and from that moment on the fight started. She went through hell and if I hadn't been there for her she would have died from the terrible care she received after her operation. It's a truly heartbreaking story. To save her I actually had to "kidnap" her and get a wheelchair and bring her home. I spent the next five years looking after her day and night. When I got exhausted (I am not well myself) it was suggested she had respite care. I had to give in and let her go but each time she was ill treated by nurses and care assistants and each time I had to bring her home to save her. I cannot tell you the trauma I have been through. I even had a care home go into "lock down" and they shut me outside and wouldn't let me in as I had complained to the Matron in charge about my Mum's appalling care and ill treatment. Social Services ganged up on me and reported me to my GP but luckily my Doctor is an amazing man but even he was helpless to do anything about it. He just said nursing was no longer a vocation!! Mum and I went to hell and back during those last five years of her life. Every now again when she had a major set-back she would get rushed into our little local hospital but they treated her so badly, she just got worse under their care. The nurses all cover each other backs and doctors don't know what's going on. This kind of treatment is rife throughout the NHS. I cannot bear to watch programmes where the elderly are slapped, starved and treated so badly. I have never reported what happened to my Mum as I was so traumatized by the whole thing and I knew I would never get anywhere. I had such a bad reputation as I had stood up to Social Services and as we all know the nursing profession will all stand together no matter what they have done wrong. There is so much secrecy surrounding any wrong doing. All I knew what I had to save my Mum and I did, I will never regret it but it honestly nearly killed me and I'm a very strong person. Fighting alone is hard. Don't give up, keep fighting for your Mum, you will never regret it. I am shaking now whilst I write this, the memories are awful and it was over 6 years ago but I will never forget the trauma my poor Mum suffered. Thinking of you, you are not alone. God bless you and take care

  • Thank you so much I really think that you should be proud of what you did for your Mumas She was probably so proud of you for what you did!I just hope that between my little Brother and my sister's we can do as much as you did thank you for understanding

  • Hi again Dell01, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if your Mum is still in hospital but I hope you and your brother and sister are able to manage to care for your Mum if she is able to come home or is now at home. I nursed my Mum through thick and thin. Everybody said I was crazy to do it alone and said she should go into a home but I was determined to love and care for her as I know she would have done for me. Be brave, be strong and you will manage I'm sure. Please keep us updated and we will support you along the way. Take care

  • Mum is still in hospital today, I have spoken to several consultants from my local Hospital in the last couple of weeks since things have been going wrong and one has stated that "IF" authorisation is given then he will happily look at my Mothers case and give his prognosis even if it differs from the one given by the other hospital! I have found that my local hospital Consultants are very helpful and even without an appointment they have the decency to reply to any queries you have , I have been Lucky that two consultants actually treat me for my ailments! One Consultant has expressed surprise at the other Drs assumption and has stated that contrary to being treated for meningitis (which there was no reason to assume it was meningitis) they should have double checked a Urinary infection! it now turns out that Mum has a Urinary infection but due to the other treatment and the damage she already has from it , it is unlikely that she will be able to regain her faculties to any good degree!! am sick and also tired at the incompetence of the other Hospital DRs and Nurses . Yet again How can I blame them ? every time I have visited to see my Mum there has been obvious lack of Hospital staff and the DRs also appear to be very tired! Honestly if any one wants to find out which hospital involved PM me and I will tell them(I genuinely do not want to name the DR or hospital staff as I think they have enough problems this is the Hospital and the Government,s fault in mho

  • Is there any HU can do to help in situations like these? Somebody must do something! We are helpless as individuals but we need an organisation to get involved and report this kind of abuse, if not more people will suffer. Personally after my experiences with the NHS and care homes I am terrified of going into hospital and don't want to go into a care home when I get older. It shouldn't be like this and I'm sure I am not alone.

  • There is something called libel which can be very costly to organisations. Hence the need to edit out the name. You can always post the name elsewhere and link to it.

    Judges tend to side with the NHS unless you have very good proof that such events took place.

    Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. This can be confusing because there is a well known disease called meningitis.

    Contact the AVMA


    and see what they say. There is a piece of legislation happening at the moment where doctors have to report safety concerns.

    Have a look at:


    Does not start until April but hopefully a massive improvement on what has gone before.

  • thank you John, I do have proof I have more than one recorded call where members of hospital staff admit faults were made and protocol was not adhered to. I also have recordings of conversations had with Drs and Nursing staff where they have denied all fault but during the conversation have actually dropped themselves in it and then try to say that is not what they said ! Playing back the recordings have made me believe I was right in recording them (even if it is without their knowledge there has been NO law broken by myself, admittedly they could not be used if a case were to follow , for me it is just to confirm I had not misconstrued anything they had said or intimated , )

  • If HU are going to edit posts in this way, shouldn't they are least add a note saying what they have done and why? The post is credited to the author but apparently this isn't what the author wrote. I don't consider the faint "last edited by" text makes this clear.

  • Hu just deleted my latest post

  • Please contact PALS at hospital. My dad used them a number of times and found them very helpful.

    Hope you get some answers soon because must be very worrying time for you.

  • Surely there can't be a naming of hospitals and doctors for instance. People could use the site to post anything they wanted about someone they had a grudge against and then its out in the public domain and people think it's the ' truth '. Imagine if doctors were posting on here about patients they they thought were difficult or faking it and putting their names. That the other side of the coin.

    I'm not doubting your story but this isn't the place to be a whistle blower. I'm afraid you have to go through the proper channels to get to the bottom of what is happening to your mother. I hope that goes well


  • As has been stated everyone closes ranks and the only way to get the truth out there is to use social media perhaps then safeguards will be adhered to? Drs (my daughter I hope will be different to what I have seen and experienced in the last few months) stick together and it appears Health Unlocked are with them as they state that they have 75 hospitals that they work with,so basically Money is more important than truth here ! I have started a case with both hospitals concerned (same health trust) All I am doing is trying to stop this happening to someone else's family or friends, or God forbid even me ,everyone seems to think that by making a case you are trying for compensation! I am not ! I even had an admission from the hospital today that proper procedure's had not been followed all three safeguards had not been used hence they are now doing something called a "Candle care investigation" ? But I will not hold my breath for a truthful conclusion. Also You should be able to name and shame where the standard of duty of care leaves much to be desired just think if the public were aware of the hospital up north that had all of the suspicious deaths something would have been done sooner !there are libel law's and malicious prosecution laws that protect those wrongly accused so Drs have nought tovworry about if they have done no wrong

  • I had a similar experience way back in 2001. All the doctors closed ranks while Mum almost died. I made a formal complaint about the Hospital and her GP who happened too be my GP also. She pulled through (until she was finally taken last September.) The next visit I made to my GP after all this in 2001 he said he didn't want to be my GP anymore I said that's fair enough " You would most probably kill me in time you useless %&@#£" The bottom line is they are petrified of being sued. I changed surgeries and my present GP is wonderful nothing is too much and he never fobs you off. In 2013 I ended up in a inducted coma which resulted in Brain injury which affects my short term memory and I have bouts of confusion and every time I see him he has always got time

  • You better change Doctors immediately. It happen sometimes but you must change Doctors. God bless you all.

  • have spoken to a Barrister today !(who is also a Judge) he has stated that this has gone on too long ! mistakes should be admitted and safeguards put in place to stop them happening again, he also did say that for too long Professionals and that includes judges close ranks and rather than take a laymens side they will take another professionals side in most cases ! how wrong and corrupt this seems , I have always believed in British Justice but it now appears to be as bad as any other country! jeez all I want is for my Mum to have decent treatment, Proper treatment for the ailment she has ! not her being injured due to lax staff nit following safety procedures or being poisoned by an idiot hat did not check her records or even worse did not understand English enough to know what an Allergy is ! IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR??? civilised country? more like backward

  • Why are you so defensive about the origin of the doctor? it doesn't matter what the nationality creed or colour, if they are incapable of reading, understanding English in an English speaking country they should not be putting patents wellbeing or life at risk. There is so much political correctness in this country that it's more important to some people than acting correctly in any sircumstance, particularly when health and life is at risk. While they keep giving information in almost every language there will always be a laziness to learn.

  • I am NOT defensive of the Drs, I believe I am fair because I do not care where a DR or Nurse comes from as long as they are capable of doing the job they are employed to do! "IF" a Dr or Nurse can not understand either written or spoken Language of the Country they are employed in then they should not be doing the job ! I have made clear in my Original Post "All I want is decent care for my Mother " quite frankly the DR or Nurses origin colour or religion does not matter one iota to me! One Point you would not send a non speaking Russian to translate Russian to an Englishman would you??

  • Had some good news today my Mother is talking and smiling although still very drowsy and confused she is having more moments of lucidity than she has since being prescribed the wrong medication! One important thing the same hospital was in all the news today for two reasons one was for wrongfully prescribing a medication and the other for having to pay £5 million in damages for a child who was starved of oxygen during birth. The BMA has stated from what I can gather Patient's should make complaints official so they are in the public domain ,if a complaint is not made via official channels then the BMA can't do a thing about it. My complaint is official , that way safeguards I have asked for (the cost is minimal almost nothing) can at least be considered! Red wristbands stating allergies Should be a normal first response to anyone admitted to any A+E in fact anyone admitted to any hospital ! Hopefully this will be pushed as a must!

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