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Chronic pain syndrome

Hi there, good day to everyone. Iv been suffering almost a year with a pain in my lower thoracic, which has now progressed the upper thoracic, causing immense pain especially in mornings. They found a cavity in my upper left lobe in lung. I'm told to wait for lung doc to call me, now almost three weeks later. I called yesterday and am hey agree they should have me an appointment made asap. I'm nervous cause I also have throat doc appointment Monday for enlarged tonsils. My Pain doc says they wound gave to do biopsy to figure out what's causing this ( likely bacterya or RA) but to help me figure it out I have to endure a bunch of stuff. Has anyone else heard of this. I'm tired of this problem and I've tried to heal on my own.

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Hi jewel8888, I am so dreadfully sorry to hear you suffer with this cruel, insidious illness?! I don"t have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome but my son has had it for many years! Originally called "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy"! As you are aware it is a progressive illness and sadly you cannot heal it on your own!!

I just wanted you to know you are never alone on this Site? If there is anything I can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me for any advise, as I have been through it all with my son. Unfortunately he has RSD in a very severe form since he was taking his A"Levels, many years ago. Unfortunately he has been in a Wheelchair since he was 17 years old due to the severity of this illness (he is now 32yrs old).

However it has not stopped him achieving his goals, he managed to get to University with a Disabled Room on Campus!

Please don"t ever give up on what you want to achieve out of life?! I empathise/sympathise just how horrendously painful this illness is?!

Good luck with your appointments, I sincerely hope they can help you in some way?

In my thoughts and prayers

Many blessings

loppyloo61 :)


Bless you for your loving words and encouragement. I've been sick since I was little and it started to get bad while at Univ. Of Maryland, I received a BS in consumer economics and enjoyed ten years of work. Quitting work was hard on me but God blessed me with a beautiful husband and stepson. I am so proud that you have been with your son in such a loving and caring way. When we are sick like this it can be very trying on those we depend on, my husband takes great care of me and I have OCD too so I can be a mess to handle. Thank you for being my friend, I'm here if you need he too.


Bless you jewel for such a kind, caring reply, much appreciated! Well done you on completing your Uni Degree & enjoying 10 years of work afterwards!! God works in mysterious ways, with wonders to perform. I am so pleased for you that you have such a kind, loving husband & Step-son! I wish you many, many happy years together as a family.

Unfortunately my son became so ill after Uni, he has"nt been able to enjoy work/life experiences ect. I know just how challenging this horrendous, cruel, insidious illness affects you, I see it first hand myself on a daily basis. In chronic unbearable pain 27/4! My son (and myself!) also suffer with OCD too?! He also has several rare, progressive, incurable syndromes/dystrophies.

One of them being Elhers-Danlos-Syndrome, which complicates his RSD even further! I also have EDS, it is a Genetic condition.

We too have been so blessed, my husband was advised to finish work over 10 years ago to become our Full-time Carers. He had a fantastic job with salary to match, (he was only 47 @ the time). We have never had to live off Benefits before & it is so difficult trying to pay Mortgage ect. but Thank God, he always provides for our "Needs not our wants!".

Health, happiness & peace are the most important things in life in my humble opinion?

Thank you also for your kind offer of being there for me, that means the world to me, bless you.

My son is under a Professor in London for his RSD, a brilliant man but as you are aware, sadly there is NO Cure for this illness?! My son is in a Wheel-chair but has managed to Pass his driving test & lives with us as in-dependently, as he possibly can? (we built him his own Annex on the side of our house).

I would just like to wish you health, happiness, peace of mind. You are one very Brave lady!! You can PM me anytime if you wish?

Sending positive, comforting, healing, soothing vibes.

Many blessings to you & your family

loppyloo61 XX :)

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You are sweet and really hope you are having a peaceful day. Im not sure how pm works in this site, could you send me a msg so I can reply to try and figure it out. I hope to get a bigger phone soon cause my eyes go blurry.


Bless you for your kind reply. I shall PM you then you can easily work it out how to reply to me? Please don"t add any other Members as it can go to everyone, just press "Reply" on your on your way?

I hope to do it in the morning if that ok with you as I"ve been in hospital all day having Treatment on my bladder! Only just returned & heading straight to bed!

I hope all is well with you.

In my thoughts and prayers

many blessings



Hi jewell8888, sounds like you really need to get that lung sorted out. I think the lung is more important than your tonsil but do ask the doctor ... Best wishes - hope you don't have to suffer too long more.. 👍🏼🍀🍀


I'm getting the biopsy tomorrow, thanks for encouraging me to get it done.

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Thanks for your advice, I called lung doc again Friday and they showed scan to main doctor. He is bring me in to his office in next two weeks, it beats waiting until mid July for main doc to return from vacation. I'm happy to hopefully get on with healing soon!!!!

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