My doctor is prescribing anti-depressants & anti-convulsants for pain, but it's not helping

About four years ago I had an MRI done and was diagnosed with herniated discs in my low back. My doctor at the time prescribed Percocet and a NSAID for pain and it worked well. Two years ago I went to prison and now that I am out I have a new doctor who has prescribed Gabapentin and then Amitriptyline both which were not effective for the pain, and caused undesirable side effects. How do I get this new doctor to prescribe what my old doctor did?

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  • My guess is that your new doctor is reluctant to give you percocet with your history of being in prison, as it is a known drug of abuse. Has there been any suggestion at all that they might think you were abusing drugs or also using illegal drugs? If so, then you are probably out of luck getting any strong painkillers now. If not, then maybe you could have a discussion with your GP pointing out that you have always used strong pain relief as prescribed and there has never been any issue of abuse or using illegal drugs. If NSAIDs were effective (and they often are, as they are quite strong antiinflammatories) and the doctor still won't give them to you, then you could probably just buy them over the counter yourself (as long as you don't have any liver damage or other contraindications).

  • There is a great movement to discontinue long term use of narcotics such as Percocet. But few people are stepping forward with good alternatives. And I think there is discrimination against people who have been in prison. Can you get referred to a full-service pain clinic with more options? For example, I recently saw a rehab MD who made a number of recommendations besides narcotics. And it helps to see a caseworker/therapist to coach you in managing what can be complicated care.

  • I'm not sure if I can get referred to a pain clinic or not. I'm in kind of a bind because I have no insurance so everything is out of pocket. The other thing is I can't afford to take a bunch of days off work for multiple doctor appointments.

  • Amitriptyline is effective with neural pain, have you tried Pregablin instead of Gabapentin? Unfortunately percocet is highly addictive that leads to permanent damage to your organs so ask if you can have an operation?

  • You need the medical notes of the prison doctor. You need referral to a specialist who can prescribe what is needed.

    Your new doctor will only prescribe what they know.

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