My pain is real need a pain med that works

I am a newbie to this site. I have been on narco and zanax for three years. Recently I asked my Dr if I could try oxycotin I was prescribed oxycodone 10-325 @ 1 every up to three times a day. It does not work I have tried two at once but it only last about 3 hours. Anyone have any suggestions for pain Ned that will work

Without me having to take two tablets instead of one? I am so tired of the pain. My arm has started to deteriote I am in year three of my diagnosis and I still work an 8 hour day 5 days a week

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  • If you could find a pain med that actually got rid of pain, you could name your price.Most people with long term pain never find a med that works.I would advise against going down the oxy route.I was started on this 8 years ago.At first I was on 20 mg twice daily.Worked fantastically well.I am now on 560mg a day.It no longer works, the pain is worse now.Try and stay well clear of the opioids, they may work for a while, but you'll end up in a worse state

  • I agree, am on oxycontin myself and am actually thinking of coming off them, as you say at first they help then you feel like your just taking them for the fun of it. My pain team will not increase them anymore especially at age of 48 been told there more harmful then good. So over next couple of months will be weaning off them

  • Sweetheart, I'm so sorry for your pain. I have excruciating pain and went to a pain clinic. I take Opana ER twice a day. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi

  • I am going to read up on opana. Thank you for the kind words

  • It's a really good drug for long term chronic pain. So far I have had no side effects even constipation, plus I don't fell like I'm stoned which is a blessing. Hope all goes well. Let us know. xxx Mitzi

  • I am asking for this or co codonel

  • I drive an hour each way to work so I can not be high or stoned iI type all day. I cannot afford to try to get on disibility . here in the usa theyvturn everyone down tgec first three filings to make people work instead of get the disability. My god i have worked 25 years why cant i get on disability I have paid into the USA for 25 years.

  • I'm on disability and live in Virginia. I believe it has a lot to do with your doctor backing you. It is harder now than when i got mine but not impossible. Hope you get some relief sweetheart. xxx Mitzi

  • How many times did you apply

  • Once, chronic pain.

  • I am going yo asked for cocodol ( might be misspelling) anyone have thoughts my appointment is tomorrow

  • if your going to ask for co codamol ask for 30/500 mg max 8 tablets a day

  • Have you tried this? I am seeing Dr tomorrow after failure of oxy I think my dosage was too low.

  • If you are having problems with pain and wanting pain meds, just be aware that doctors really don't like people asking for specific meds, especially opiate ones - you may well get labelled as a drug seeker and then find that no-one will give you anything. Your best bet is to just describe your pain and let them offer something. If your GP isn't able to manage your pain well enough, then definitely ask to be referred to a pain clinic as they have other types of things available depending on the cause of the pain, and they also know a lot about how to combine different treatments to make it all work better for you.

  • I have been in pain management for 3 years I am just trying to find something that works. Reaching out to others for information.

  • Are you in the UK? In USA GP will not write a script for pain meds they refer you to pain management clinic.

  • If its nerve pain those kind of meds don't work well. Drugs like gabapentin,pregablin, and drugs in the tricyclic antidepressants class work better for nerve pain. Perhaps discuss these options with your Dr. Also look into exercise, pt, dietary changes and other pain reduction alternatives. Magnesium is a supplement that reduced my muscle and nerve pain a few notches.

  • Tried those too. Gabapentin makes you fat no thank you

  • They are talking to me about the stimulator implant. I am going to give it a try but can't have surgery for 6 months. (Had a yucky surgery in march).

  • Hello, just wondering what type of stimulator implant you are going to try? I am just at the beginning of going down this line of treatment for my chronic nerve pain myself. I've not yet had my consultation with the specialist yet but, because of the TBI I sustained which is causing my pain, the specialist pain doctor I see is recommending deep brain stimulation for me & I would be really greatfull for any advice on this type of treatment. I have done some research online but it is nice to actually talk to real people that are going through the same type of issues or the same treatment or have already had the procedure done & can help. Please would you get back to me, maybe we could help each other out with the treatment we are both planning to have. Many thanks and best wishes to you.

    Valerie x

  • I don't think I am looking at same type of simulation; I am a confirmed Reflex synpathic Dystrophy. Its just a horrible but rare type of nerve damage. I have had two surgeries on left wristvwand three on the right wrist which is were all of this began.

  • Damn at the typos. Sorry.

  • What is your pain caused by and where do you have pain?Were you in an accident?

  • For me personally, opioid drugs didn't touch my pain and made it worse. My pain consultant said that for me, opioid drugs meant that I was building a tolerance to the medication which meant I needed more and more to ease the pain until I got to a point where nothing would help. That is when I was put on the max dose of gabapentin etc etc. I am now off the gabapentin and can manage pain with just paracetamol or ibuprofen/naproxen.

    I would consider looking into alternatives to opioids to see if the other types of medication help?

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