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Ketamine and orencia

Hi, I'm about to have my first ketamine infusion for multiple pain issues and also am on orencia infusions for my RA, I am wondering if anyone has had both these infusions and if there were any problems with it, because there is no data on whether these two can be given together. I'm new here and would really appreciate some help. Thanks 😊

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I live in France and was offered ketamine infusions at my pain clinic for neuropathic pain in my hands but I turned it down as the side effects can be quite scary.

Ketamine is an anesthetic given to horses and after my research I came to the conclusion it was not for me.

I haven't heard of orencia so can't comment.

I would advise you to seek more information about the efficacy of this drug and potential undesirable effects before you go ahead.

Sorry to be so negative. I don't know how confident you feel in the Doctor who has prescribed this drug but have they explained exactly what it is and what it does.

Good luck


Hi Suzyhayes,

I have researched as much as I can on Internet and via my GP and psychoLogist and it looks incredibly scary and the positives are there for sure but so are the negatives, which is the reason I'm asking people who have had it now. I have lived the majority of 52 years in Chronic pain and have very Limited Mobility so it's either this, pain stimulator or nothing.

The specialist suggesting this is the best we have here and they tell me it is very highly monitored. My mind isn't totally convinced yet though.

I am still appreciating any thoughts on this. The orencia is a potent treatment for RA.

Thank you very much for your reply and thoughts 😊


thank you for your reply Suzyhayes, I have had this infusion now - it was daunting for a while but not as bad as what I have heard and I'm lucky to say there were no really bad side effects from it. The results from it are varied, as I have a few pain issues going on it made it more complex and where one type of pain was relieved, another was not. It was also a chance for the doctor to take me off the norspan patches, or at least change them to a lesser dose and to fentanyl patches, that hasn't been entirely successful due to the back issues which are still giving me alot of trouble, but some pain changed is better than none. And change in how I feel it is how I would describe it.

I got the go ahead from three of my specialists who agreed it was worth a try for me. And yes the orencia is very potent but again, the degree of the RA is very severe. Have been on treatments of differing sorts for 24 years so pretty much tried everything under the orencia that I could and it still wasn't holding it from progressing.

Good luck to you too


Perhaps you already know this but have you tried going gluten free, I know it sounds daft but many people get some RA pain relief after giving up gluten, anyway easy enough to give it a try.

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Yes I have heard that it works for some with RA, and it is worth a try although that is only part of my.chronic pain issues. Thanks for your suggestion.


Ketamine is a commonly used anaesthetic. When I spent time in theatres it was used quite a lot as part of the induction process. Also used post op for pain, in A+E for pain/sedation and prehospitally.

Personally I'm not afraid of the drug and would try the treatment which has been offered!

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Thank you, makes me feel a little more confidant knowing that. I am still booked in for the 4th as long as my rheumatologist doesn't block it


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