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Many thanks for all the informative and helpful advice you have given me which has helped me to make up my mind on whether to go ahead with ketamine infusions.

My inclination was to reject this type of treatment and you have helped me to decide.

I have written today to the clinic telling them that I do not want ketamine infusions.

Still have to endure the constant neuropathic pain in my hands but I am very disturbed by the idea of taking any drug that effects my mind even if only short term so I feel relieved I have made this decision. Thanks again to all of you.

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Tough decision to make but only you could make it! Do you think you'll be thinking 'what if?' now you've turned it down?

I tend to be a 'rather regret having or trying it' than not but that's just the 'yeah but what if I'm missing out on something' part of me!

I hope you find something that doesn't need quite so much thinking & worrying about soon......the pain is enough to occupy our minds at the best of times!



I can't remember who it was but I would ask about spinal stimulation. I had one fitted, but I have had problems with the person who did it. So don't read my posts.

When me implant worked it was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone in chronic pain. It might be useful tol ook at the NICE regulations as to the fitting and who is eligible. Just Google "NICE regulations on spinal cord stimulator".

Good luck in the future.



Thanks Johny, I live in France and I don't know if spinal cord stimulators are available here but would it help me. I have severe neuropathy in my hands not pain in my back.


They are definitely available in all EU countries. So if you go to your pain specialist, or even your GP, they should be able to direct you where to go.

Best of luck.


I can't remember if I 'answered', your initial inquiry but I'm glad that 'we' managed to help you Suzy.

I hope 'everything' ''works out'', for you.



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