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Has anyone been prescribed these for pain relief, and if so how did you find them?

My next pain clinic appointment is in Jue and my specialist wants me to think about the potential for changing my meds from MST to a combination including Ketamine or other such NDMA antagonists.

2 people I went to school with have both died from taking Ketamine recreationally so as you can imagine I am slightly concerned at the prospect of using it.

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no personal experience,,,but heard a lot of side effects


There is a difference using recreationally and being prescribed these. You would be supervised, monitored and dosage tweaked to suit you and your pain. The only problem I can see is if you dismiss the drugs as street drugs and start doing your own thing with them.

As with all medication, side effects need to be carefully looked at, and weighed up against the benefit of pain relief. Not much point being pain free if you are going to spend most of your time asleep, for example.


Hi. Ketamine was prescribed for my pain which mainly stems from CRPS. I only managed 9 days and had to stop. The side effects for me were far more than I could cope with. I was on a very low dose and was either sleeping or hallucinating! However, we are all different and I do seem to react badly to most meds so it could be the right course of action for you. As mentioned in another ansr, you will be very closely monitored too which is reassuring. Good luck and let me know if I can help or offer more advice/support. it would be interesting to know which hospital you are under.


I have not been prescribed ketamine or codeine as of yet but personally codeine feels like junk in my system compared to ketamine.

I wouldn't worry about the related deaths as most drug induced deaths are due to the high amounts of unidentifiable substances used to "water down" street drugs, which obviously is not present in professional pharmaceuticals.


Hello Lunafair

Looking into what you have been saying this morning you have every right to be upset,I do not understand what your prognosis is so I can only talk general terms the problems I have had over the last thirty years.

My problems began with a skin blemish, after many years of pain I had to go private for a while before a prognosis was discovered. Eventually they sent me to a phyc who said to the doctor what do you think He is in pain, then further private treatment and then they agreed that I had a severe problem. Since then thirty years ago my treatments have been extensive and I have been to two pain control clinics.and had various courses associated with my complaint. You eventually learn that they can give you all the support that you need and sadly, we all end up the same, anger, sadness and frustration

I cannot understand what your prognosis is, so it is awkward to suggest anything that we here can help you with. and the tests what you will need to assist them in helping you.

Many here are in chronic pain, when I was in my twenties I was very fit, even though I like many young people was always knocking myself up with risky behaviour.

Medications taken due to illness are much more pure than those on the black market so if something is given by the medical profession will have less side effects, although at pain control we are shown how to withdraw from the medications that we take.

Under this understanding when we are on strong drugs, risks become less a problem although we can still have similar problems with withdrawal When you look through these pages you will see what chronic pain can do to the body and brain of the pain disabled

We do have problems within society, and it begins to be a real problem even in families so a clue of what is wrong may assist so this group can help you as disability can be very personal to those who suffer

All the very best, Keep a hold



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