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Hi guys, was wondering how many of you have been given ketamine lozenges , I was given them from my pain team while I wait for a nerve root injection , OMG they are amazing for the pain in my back, I still have pain in my legs , but I'm walking straight, I only have pain in my back once the lozenges wear off, I was told to take 3 whole tablets a day, but they make me spaced out , so I cut them in half , and only take them when I feel the pain coming back, I done cold turkey on any opioids, so the pain specialist suggested these, anyone else take them ? Or have any info , to me they are a miracle for pain relief , but I don't here anyone taking them , is their a reason ? Cheers Terri 

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  • Yes they are 25mg , no brand name on them though, I had to go to a compound chemist to have them made, it took 24 hours. Can't understand why more people are not taking them . I live in Perth Australia ( oringionally UK) so maybe that's why a lot of people don't know about them , I'm not sure ? Have you taken them yourself? Wonder if they are addictive , but they work and that's all I care about at the moment. 

  • It's great that you've found something that works. And I hope the injection works for you as well. I'm pretty sure that ketamin isn't legal in the UK which is a shame when there's so many people with chronic pain. I hope your procidure works well for you but I bet it won't be as good as the keratin lol. If it can relieve a horse it can relieve a human. Enjoy the relief while you have the chance.

  • terri19  Sounds fantastic! I believe my recent treatment may be wearing off, as walking other than a few yards is painful. Still otherwise pain free. If things deteriorate, I wouldn't mind taking a horse tranquillisers. lol

  • terri@19 ketamine is being investigated as a potential treatment for lots of conditions. I got quite excited at your post until learning that you live in Oz. I don't think it is available in the UK yet. 

  • Ketamine is potentially a dangerous drug used as an anesthetic particularly in animals.  Side effects can be quite horrendous so I hope your doctor will be monitoring you carefully.

    Personally I wouldn't touch it.

  • I've been taking Ketamine in liquid form 50milligrams in 5 ml  4x daily for some years now I get a great deal of relief from it. I have never suffered any side effects very pleased that you are also  getting relief from it

  • they may not be visible. One of the effects, other than addiction of course, is a gradual thickening of the wall of the bladder.  You might not notice that until until it stops working.

  • Agreed Linlow,

    I'm a counsellor and worked with someone who used ketamine recreationally - and lost their bladder altogether. I for one wouldn't touch it due to such serious side effects. There really is no such thing as a silver bullet pain med that has such pain relieving qualities without major risks.


  • I'm surprised you have been taking ketamine long term and without side effects.  Is it prescribed by a doctor.  It is categorized as a banned class B drug in the U.K. and has been responsible for a lot of deaths of people using it recreationally.

    It is used medically but mostly under supervision in hospitals as an anesthetic.

  • I have no side effects from ketamine lozenges , although I cut the lozenges in half , as it relieved the pain almost straight away . Yes I'm being monitored by the hospital pain team , it's just a relief  not being in pain . First time in a year , or drugged up, I find them amazing , wish you guys could get them in the UK , their is no need to be in pain with the right meds and monitoring , I have been taking so many different meds been hospitalised 4 times this year, had two met calls with all the meds they were giving me, I was allergic too , ketamine lozenges are working for me , but I must say my pain specialist says they are only for short term, so they must be addictive , like most opioid meds , which I done cold turkey on , ketamine is not a opioid I know, but the side effects off opioid almost killed me . I'm happy for now and pain free 😃

  • like opioids they are extremely addictive but it is all the nasty stuff they do to your insides that makes them something to be very cautious of.

    It does feel good to be pain free for a short time though doesn't it :)

  • To terri19

    Research is ongoing into Ketamine for depression. Trust your Drs as they seem to conclude they are safe for you - at the moment. I have been offered and refused Morphine - because I have seen first hand the side effects but I have been in Pregabolin for a number of years, even though there is a risk of liver damage.  Most prescription drugs have side effects but hadI been offered Ketamine on the basis of your result, I would have taken it. Intolerable pain is no life at all. Monitoring is the key.

    I am so glad you are free of pain. 

    CMC 43

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