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Transplant patients and pain

Hi is there any transplant patient out there I am a kidney transplant patient if 25 years

I have chronic pain due to spine hip knees problems

Steroids don't touch these problems so had a good talk to doctor who apologised for not being able to give me anything else other then tylex (cocodomol) and gabapentin

Tylex I have been taking for years gabapentin for about 4months also ibrufen gel

I could increase tylex by one pill and rub in gel one extra time

This is all due to the kidney pill I take

I am very very grateful for my kidney and how it has been looked after just wondered if there were any one else on forum with similar problems I could talk to as after all the years of being in pain it is now getting better of me thanks for reading this

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B12 Deficiency can cause spine degeneration problems right down to the feet.

Vitamin D levels too ? (for hip and knee)

There is also a CKD link with low Thyroid too., (many with CKD also have low thyroid.)

B12 Deficiency can go hand in hand with Low throid (Hypothryoidism)


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