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Painkillers don't do anything at the moment

I am on 80mg of morphine twice a day for my cprs but it's like I have taken nothing last night, yesterday and now I am in a great deal of pain nothing even takes the edge of it and I realized last night while I was lying there that I am always going to be in pain for ever. It never stops not even when I am asleep and when I wake up i feel so tired my sleep quality is very bad maybe two hours a night I don't do anything with my life at all I do try but the pain seems to win.

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I sympathise completely. I am in basically the same situation, but not as bad as you. Pain is wearing and can be frightening. I am at the point where I am wondering what will happen when there is nothing left for me to curb the edge. I wish you luck - I do TRY to stay positive, but it is very difficult! Take care. :)


My family are trying to help me keep busy and take my mind of the pain but the dwp do not help according to them I don't meet the criteria for pip even though I don't sleep for days on end and we'll you know what the pain does to us so I stress about money and my future there is no help out there for people with cronic pain like there is for people with mental health problems. I am now getting depressed and my anxiety of been in more pain is effecting me as well.


So have you been referred to pain management clinic?

They are a team who include pain consultants,specialist nurses,physios,psychologists ,psychotherapists (they teach you special trick your brain things ) all sounded strange and unbelievable to me but some of it helped.

Regards PIP they can pay this to people with CRPS .It does really come down to how it affects you daily and how you fill in the form.More explaining in detail .

Have you looked on the Benefits and Work site? There is a small fee £ 10 ish I think for a year which gives you access to step by step guides how to answer all the questions on Pip and Esa forms. There are a number of people at my clinic who say they have claimed successfully due to the guides on that site after initially being turned down.You can reapply straight away after reading the guides .

I have multiple conditions all present before my CRPS so it just felt like the boiling lava icing on a rather nasty cake to me but have had to come to terms with it despite how desperately difficult that is.I've recently seen another top nerve pain (hand and arm) specialist to see if there is anything to do differently but as expected he admitted that "getting your head round it with distraction and relaxation techniques are the only options now " so going to look for an online learning course or language CD or similar that I can try and focus on as and when to distract myself.


Ricky I feel you take a look at my medication list you will see I am in the same boat but I take 120 of oxycondone twice a day, 40mg of naloxone twice a day, 120mg morphine sulfate at 12ml every 4 hour 7 times a day, etoricoxib 60mg once a day, topiramate 100mg twice a day that just my pain relief I am only 33, I have now been told there is nothing else the hospital can do for me as I have tried all the pain killers and tried all the surgery ways. I am very scared what my future holds. But I have to keep going for me , my husband and my children that I am fighting for in court


If you are finding it hard to sleep I had that when I started taking morphine back in 2010, I was told if you can get outside just before you go to sleep, and have a small walk if you can I had a small roll in my wheelchair lol😜!!! Just to get some fresh air in your lungs and to relax your body and mind to be honest to start with I thought it was all muno jumbo lol. But it did help!

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This seems to be the case with most off us on here.

In my case the meds are either to strong turning me "loopy" or to weak doing "nothing"

I'm now told that I need "Deep Bran Stimulation"


But the NHS won't "Fund" it.


Why have Consultants who recommended treatments but they/we are told "no funding"

What a waist of time & money!!!!



CEOs is a malfunction of the nervous system. It can respond to physiotherapy and different types of drugs other than opioids like Gabapentin for nerve pain and muscle relaxers. I used to have trouble sleeping until I started on 100mg Trazodone. Worked like a charm.

Here's a website that might help


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