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I desperately need help!!! 😩😩

This has been going on for a while now. It doesn't happen every night, but when it does happen, it is only ever at night. I start to get this pain in my lower back, around my kidney area. I literally can't even describe the pain but it is excruciating. Usually I can catch it early and I take two co-codamol and put a heat pad on the painful area and it usually goes away after about 20-30 minutes. But sometimes I have no choice and I have to suffer in agony. I've been to my doctor and he referred me to get a scan, I went for a scan and the woman scanned my entire torso and came up with nothing so he suggested I do a pee dip, nothing came from that and he didn't suggest anything else after that. I don't know what it is or how to stop it.

Does anyone else get this that could maybe help me determine what it is?

Thanks :) xxx

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oh dear. i wonder if this has anything to do with when you are lying down.as you say you get it at night time. is it when your in bed? if it is then to know that is helpful in itself. however we need to determine if the pain is when your sitting. maybe you are thinking about going to bed as we can have tension in our muscles just with our thoughts you know. just think about sucking a lemon and drinking all the juice from it and see how that affects you. not very nice is it. so can you let me know when this pain comes you say its at night but is it when your lying down or sitting down as it may have something to do with what you are thinking,iv been working on my body for many years and learned a lot about how i think and how tension can cause pain and as you say a co codamol helps it and also a hot water bottle so i must say it sounds muscular to me. xx


Hi Grace, it seems to happen mainly when I've been sitting in bed but it comes a lot worse when I lay down to go to bed

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im not really sure what this is, especially after you mentioning your gallbladder, as i suffer from gallbladder pain and have had a few operations regarding this i now have a stone stuck in my bile duct and my gallbladder is stuck to my liver and shrunk to the size of a thimble when it should be the size of a pear. i just want to say that when you were getting scanned and were told she was having trouble finding your gallbladder then that should have been investigated more untill they did find your gallbaldder as its interesting that you say that its less painful when you lay on your left side, the reason that is interesting is because the gallbladder is on the right hand side,and thats the painful side. i get that pain in my back round about the waste level every single day. its as if its my kidneys,and my stomach. i would go back to the doctor and mention this gall bladder thing again and i will tell you that a scan does not always show up any problems what is needed is an MRI scan,, thats what i got and it showed that my gallstone was inside my bile duct and i was taken into hospital for a procedure to remove the stone but it did not work so im having to go back for a larger operation, i take pracetamol a few times a day to keep the pain at bay not just wait until it gets painful as it is very sore, and even my stomach is sore and all around my back. every morning i wake up to this pain round about my back its like a deep ache, maybe because its the end of the day and and you'v been sitting down im not sure and would not like to guess, i just think you should go back to the doctor and tell him about the woman having trouble finding your gallbladder, i mean did she find it at all. and why was she having trouble, i do know that sometimes there can be swellings inside that cover the gallbladder and make it hard to see. i was on a site that was specifically for gallbladder issues. and infact if you use the search box and type in gallstones or gallbladder you will find lots of people here with those types of problems i was very surprised to find someone who had a stent in their liver duct just the same as me as they could not get the stone out. im not saying that you have this of course but its just when you mentioned to boozybird about it that i picked up on it, also the swollen gallbladder could be pressing on a nerve as i was in hospital last week taken away in an ambulance and told them all my pains and was told that the gallbladder could be pressing on a nerve and that could be causing my back pain, i had never heard of gallstones and gallbladder to tell the truth, and had no knowledge of anything about it but i have since experienence severe pain since having this condition.i have to eat very small meals. i would take your painkiller before the pain stirkes and also go back to your doctor i do hope that you find out whats causing this, now if i had gone on the imformation that you gave me i would have thought that it was a muscle problems from sitting on a soft mattress and maybe compressing the nerves but after reading your answers to boozy bird its made me realize that it could be more as i also have to lie on my left side to relieve pain, the thing is we are not doctors and can only share our own experience of what we are going or have been through so its always best to go and get things checked out.the gallbladder is just below the liver on the right hand side, usually if a person has gallstones they will have pain round about the upper right quadrant and round into the shoulder blade and even the tip of the shoulder. however there are lots of organs inside and it could be the spleed or the pancreas. the best thing to do to put your mind at rest is to go to the doctor,i will follow your post as im very interested to find out how you get on and i wish you all the very best love grace.xxx


Hi Grace,

Thank you for your concern. It was actually my doctor who informed me that the nurse could not see my gallbladder. Which is when he then referred me to take a pee test. But, once again, nothing became of this and nothing else was really said about it. I do still have it, it usually happens after I've ate a biggish meal like Spag Bol. My colleague at work seems to think its caused from eating wheat products as it happens after I eat pizza, pasta, noodles etc but the other day all I ate was literally sandwiches and toasts and nothing happened. When it first started, which was around August time last year, my manager thought it could be when I eat eggs, but again, I've put this theory to test and watched when I eat certain things to see if I get the pain on the night, but I can't seem to pinpoint if it is food and if it is, which food it is.

My mam seems to think it's the way I sit up in bed so I bought one of those triangle pillows for a bit more of a comfortable support but it doesn't seem to help.

The only relief I can get it catching the pain in the early stages, when it's very dull but still uncomfortable and taking two co-codomol and heating up one of those bean bag things and pressing up against my back and sitting up in bed.

I don't know if it is maybe linked but whenever I seem to get this pain I always have the need to go to the toilet for a wee a lot as well but my bladder could feel like i've drank 5 pints of water, but barely anything comes out.

Thanks :) x

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well you must go back again to the doctor as i said i have to eat small meals and the reason for this is because of my gallbladder. you are still having the pain and like me its after you eat, i have to eat no fat. or only 3% fat at each meal. as you say eating spag bol. thats got lots of fat in the mince and also eating pizza has lots of fat in the cheese, you said you ate a sandwich and were fine, so its not wheat then as wheat is in a sandwich, watch out for eating fatty meals, and also large portions, the portion might seem normal to you but im eating such small portions im constantly hungry, its terrible,so i eat small meals more often than a large one, it definatley sounds like there something is going on to me, and i also take the pain killers before the pain strikes.im not a doctor kaybo and i would love to see you get this resolved as it sounds nasty, i am never away from the toilet. doing large pees so there is a difference there but i drink lots of water. keep in touch and please go back to the doctor,im very interested to find out about this and see you get it resolved. keep in touch anytime you want, im always here, love grace.


Hi kaybo, what kind of scan did you have ? Is the pain one side or both? Stabbing , deep or Spasmy? Does it wake you, does it come on when turning? I know it's frightening but try to breath slowly when it comes on and try to work out where the pain is, what it feels like etc... Have you done anything lately out of the ordinary ? Play tennis , golf? The joints in the thorax can sometimes play up and cause excruciating pain which a good physio should be able to sort out but this is your pain and we need more info... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œ


Hi Boozy Bird :)

I have had like the scan you normally have when your having a baby, but she put it all over my back and spent majority of the time in the area which is causing me pain but nothing came up. Although my doctor said something about having a hard time finding my gallbladder on the scan :/ And it's only ever on my right side but gradually moves to the front Asif it's my stomach. And it's kind of all of them to be honest :/ It doesn't wake me because I really struggle to fall asleep with the pain :( But it seems to hurt less when I lay on my left side. And no nothing out of the ordinary :(


Hi kaybo, it's hard to know and you may need to go back to GP to say it's still happening for further help. It could still be an upper back joint referring pain but unlikely given it starts in the back kidney area and moves around to tum. Did you have your pee taken to check for infection? Anyway, do not put up with the pain. Go back to GP - perhaps try another one in the practice and say it's disrupting your sleep!

Can you link it to any particular food? Heavy meal? Cheese? Or activity? Gotta try and narrow down the factors... Chin up, try not to let it get you down too much. πŸ˜œπŸ€


Try sleeping on a harder bed. Ie board under or over mattress. Could be muscle cramp. Sleeping on a harder surface forces you to relax before going to sleep. Sleeping on a softer surface enables you to sleep with tense muscles which can lead to muscle cramp later. This is a matter of doing the experiment to see what works and what does not.

Hope this helps


Dear KayBo,

I'm getting 'Alarm Bells' ringing, on this post! Now I could, very well, be wrong-and I hope to God that I am-but how are your Kidneys? It is just that Kidney Damage, especially Kidney Stones-that may not easily show up on a scan (unless they are being 'definitely' looked for)- can cause unbearable pain. Now I should now, as had 'bad' Kidney Damage, was on dialysis-three times a week-for four years, and then had a Kidney Transplant. I am now nearly thee years on, from that, (with my Kidney function around forty percent-not bad when you consider that one kidney can only give fifty percent, at best). But (you should NEVER start a sentence with 'but') yes the pain, like being stabbed, at the same time as being cut in half, at the same time as being put in a vice...I think!

Can I ask a 'Personal Question' please? Does it 'hurt' when you try to poo? Yes I thought so and it IS a strain, isn't it? Believe me I know! Please do ask for a Specific Kidney/Urinary scan, be warned, it does mean a LOT of 'poking around' but if it gets you a diagnosis-that leads to an effective treatment.........Surly worth a bit more dis-comfort?

Sorry that I can't offer you anything more 'comforting' KayBo. I will pray, for you, though-I am a Practising Christian-and I really do send you my love and best wishes. (I AM aware that this can sound 'Corny'/'patronising' but please don't take it that way.)

I really do hope that you find some answers/solution soon.

Kindest regards AndrewT


Hi All,

Sorry i've not been keeping up to date much. But nothing was really getting done about this. I was still in a pain and didn't know what was causing it and my GP, Doctors, Specialists couldn't decide what was wrong. Anyways, I did go back and see and different GP, she had advised I go for another Ultrasound. To my relief, kind of, they have found a 15mm gallstone in my gallbladder. So I am kind of relieved I know what is causing my pain and I can move forward in what I need to do next. I have been referred for a consultation with a surgeon. My GP either says he/she will remove the gallstone or even my gallbladder for that matter, with the possibility of Keyhole surgery. Now I know this will make you all give your head a slap, but I Youtubed "Keyhole Surgery" and I watched a video of a Surgeon talking all about gallstones, using a model who he showed a diagram on his body of who/what/where and how a gallstone is. He also talked through the procedure. Now i'm not afraid of needles or anything like that and I can watch the goriest of horror movies, but when it comes to operating on an actual human/animal, it grosses me out. I am getting a little anxious about the surgery now and I would love someone who has maybe had the procedure before could maybe give me some words of encouragement, It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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hi kaybo its great that you have finally found out what is causing your pain. gallbladder operations are done every day. its quite a straightforward operation. you usually go into the hospital in the morning and your home just after tea time. some people stay in over night depending on different factors. when you wake up from the operation you will be give pain relief immediately and i have to say the first time i went in and had the key hole surgery i was home by just after tea time. The only bit of discomfort that you may feel is that you get blown up a bit so that your organs are floating around and everthing is easy to see. they said i might have some discomfort with this but i did not have. although my situation was complicate as i mentioned above they couldnt find my gallstone and my gallbladder has shrunk to the size of a thimble and was stuck to my liver. so i later had an open surgery which was different al together as i had to have my bile duct reconstructed. There are many of us had out gallbladder removed. so hopefully others will come and tell you about thier experience. its nothing to worry about and your given pain relief to take home to. all the very best love grace xoxoxo


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