Thigh pain

Hi a week and a half ago i went ro alton towers . Im a large girl and only just managed to fit on the rides. The leg straints were pushed over my thighs and were tight one of them very very tight i also did a lot of walking up and down hills and stairs throughthe gardens. Well iv been gettin pain in my left thigh and burning and tingling could this be why? Would i have hurt a muscle or something because my other thigh is fine its just my left one.

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  • Google " meralgia parasthetica"

    Do the symptoms sound similar.?

    Cheers- and don't mention it!😊

  • Isnt that on the outer paet of the thigh mine is all over mainky the fron of the thigh

  • Ah- didn't realise it was whole thigh. Not MP then.


  • Thanks Madlegs1, your reply to kylie 1986 has actually helped me with my own problem with the link you left.

    I checked it out and found that my symptoms were spot on for meralgia paresthica.

  • That's gas! I only know about it because i have it myself. (There! That's the magic broken) it's a very annoying condition to have, as there seems to be no realistic cure or treatment. I have it for about five years - no apparent cause. I just put up with it!

    Much more serious issues to contend with -RLS , spine reconstruction and OA in lower back. What's an itch in my thigh compared to all that.

    May there be Good Karma in your life.

  • Hi kylie1986 So sorry for you, I hope you can find out what it is and get some help soon, whilst reading the responses I have found a link which helped me with my issue so I am very grateful take care 👍😊

  • Good morning kylie 1986 ☺ I have a girlfriend who is very large (obese lately, but she's working on her weight) After walking around ~ she sometimes says she's strained a muscle(s) ~ It generally takes her a few weeks to recover. She uses an anti-inflammatory gel, when the pain is too bad. I really hope you are feeling better soon 🌺

  • Thank you for your reply, yes im hoping thats what it is . Whwn i stand on them too long even without walking they are extreamly painful. Alot to do with my weight i believe. Thank you

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