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Pain in inner thigh, bruising

I'm waiting to sign up for a visit to a specialist here in Poland, but I've been to two private doctors so far and they didn't know what's going on yet, as this issue was in first stages of development, so they set up a basic treatment for me.

But for the past 7 months it's been getting worse and I've been searching everywhere for answers, as I'm, unfortunately, fearing the worst, and waiting is very frustrating.

Ok so: I've been treated for hypothyrodyism for the past 15 years, and popped Euthyrox pills for it. Right now I weigh 13 stone, and lost 5kgs as for the last 4-5 months while it turned out for the past year that my issues lay in adrenal glands (hyperandrogenism, hyperprolactynemia, hyperinsulinemia) instead.

Been taking Metformax, Spirunol, Bromergon, and now Seronil 20mg for my depression and anxiety issues. I was also infected with staph at birth.

Prolactine went down from 3500 to 400, the rest was lowered as well. But in April I had some ingrown hair issues on my left inner thigh. It hurt and bruised easily under touch, and moved under the skin.

Now I have lumps on both of my lower thighs, for the first time in my life (I'm 29). They are sensitive to the touch and hurt when I'm sitting, esp kneel on my thighs (we help to take care of my sister's 2,5old and I often have to play with him like that and it's unbearable after a short amount of time).

I had ultrasound done and it showed that the muscles as scarred in that spot, and my lymphocite levels rose from 6k to 10k after this issue emerged.

I'll be going to a dermatologist again right after next year, but I was hoping that I might find some answers here as well.

Thanks for your time! :)

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Are you also on the Thyroid Uk forum on here (Healthunlocked,) Silverene ?

You mention Eutherox, is this a T4 only medication ?

Apologies if you already know the info I am telling you Silverene.

Are your thyroid levels optimal ?

Are your vitamins and B12 and iron, ferritin and follate levels optimal. ?

If you have hypothyroidism, we are told we should not be on any depression pills as they can make your thyroid worse. I have seen several videos explaining why.

(Sorry I have no links.)

T3 is a Thyroid medication and T3 is now starting to be used by a few Doctors who know T3 works better for depression (anxiety) than other depression medications and apparently works quicker.

Some who take T4 only thyroid medication, cannot convert the T4 inactive to the active T3 and it is the T3 is needed in almost every cell of our body.


Thank you for your reply, I've been on Letrox (after 13-14 years of taking Euthyrox) for less than a year until hypothyrodyism was ruled out and I'm no longer undergoing treatment for it. And depression/anxiety are related to my experiences during my development years from peer pressure and such, and I've been trying to treat it for the past 7 years, and during that time my tsh, ft3 and ft4 levels were often as desired, in 3-5 (with hypo diagnosed at TSH 7) and 1-3 range for FT3 and FT4.

My main concern right now is that thigh pain lasting for 6+ months now, and muscle scarring has been diagnosed so far but nothing more.

I'll try to sign up for a biopsy in the beginning of January.

I didn't know about the fact that you shouldn't be taking antidepressants during this treatment, but I was rather hopeless and helpless. I did have meningitis in 94 though, before my social issues began, and as I've learned recently, it might've contributed to my treatment resistant depression.


I am a little concerned for you silverene,

A TSH of 7 = Hypothyroid for sure.

Europe and America have lowered their TSH down to 2.5. so you were way over that blood level.

Once Hypothyroid, you have a thyroid problem for life and need to take thyroid medication for life. No wonder you don't feel well.

Do you have a printout of your thyroid bloods and their ranges silverene ?

Untreated Hypothyroidism means your body starts to slowly shut down.

There is a connection between low FT4 and Low FT3 and depression, try googling it.

Hope you don't mind me telling you all this silverene.



Thanks for your reply,

it might be that but at the same time things are starting to work out otherwise and I guess we'll see. One of the first results that I have is from 2001 and it's around 5.2, and hypo was ruled out 15 years later simply because hormones produced by adrenal glands made it seem like the tsh levels were going insane.

Here are some tests done before taking the different set of pills:

TSH: 4,5

FT3: 2,5

FT4: 1,18

Prolactine: 3254

dheaso04: 329

After taking new meds:


Prolactine: 633

-7kg over a course 6-7months

I'll take new, full tests soon.

My leukocites rose from 6,5k to almost 11k after onset of the leg issues 5 months after starting the new meds.

Thank you for your concern, this is why I'm searching, to rule things out and try to fix the cause before I see the doc again.


Hi again Silverene,

The TSH, FT4 and FT3 What are their 'ranges', (ranges are the the numbers in brackets,) do you have them. ?


Hey :),

min for tsh is 0,27, max 4,20 with tsh 4,5 (and it remained on the same level for almost a year after taking the new meds)

ft3 2 - 4,40 - current 2,5

ft4 0,9 - 1,70 - current 1,18

max for prolactine - 496.

Every bloodtest was done in a very modern, trusted facility (I know it doesn't mean anything but some stuff can be outdated here in Poland unfortunately).

I have at least 3 private doctors visits planned in January to try and resolve this.


TSH at 4.5 is not good, you would be having thyroid problems, whether medicated or not.

Have you had both thyroid antibodies done ?

*TPO = Thyroid Peroxidase

*TgAb = Thyroglobulin.

Also ask for these bloods, they give a good thyroid picture too:-

*Vitamin B12

*Vitamin D




Your FT4 and FT3 should be nearer the top of the range, your FT3 of 2.5 is in the bottom quarter. ??? (Very low in range.)

and Your FT4 of 1.18 is way under half way.

*FT3 is the most important one to go by as it tells what is really going on.

Do post up your story and blood results on Thyroid Uk on here Health Unlocked, for others to help you.

Many on Thyroid Uk work it out ourselves, Doctors here are terrible at diagnosing Thyroid problems, they only notice when we are out of range, yet many thyroid problems occur within the ranges. Many of us now buy and self medicate with NDT (NDT = Natural Dessicated (Pigs) Thyroid.

I self medicate and what a difference it makes. If I stayed on my Doctor's synthetic thyroid medication dose I would still be ill. Thyroid Uk members can help you through it all, they did me and my Family.


Thanks for the info!

I trust my new doc, we'll see how the bloodtest will compare, and I wanted to check these vitamin levels anyway so thank you for providing me with the exact list. :)

I still hope the problem lays within the glands and not the thyroid since I don't want to be stuck on meds for the rest of my life, and generally, aside from 2-3 things, I'm feeling good, better than on the thyroid meds.

Also, my period became more stable, in the last weekend of the month, not as painful (I used to faint from the pain), so I guess it's related.

I'll take all these bloodtests in the first week of January and hopefully see the doc soon after so I'll def let you know and check the thyroid community. :)

Thanks, and have a good new year's just in case! :)


Oh yes, also last tpo levels are 11,94 with 0-34 bracket. I didn't do the latter yet, I think.

I'll add them to the current list of tests. :)

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Good luck with getting your new set of thyroid results Silverene. Often when (FT4/3) 'thyroid hormone' levels are low vitamins and other might follow suit. Remember that being low in those blood ranges is not good, but better to be nearer the top of their ranges.

Wishing you a 'Happy New Year'


i.gyazo.com/51d71c16bc77032... here's a screenshot of last batch of results. Everything is within norm or even better. TSH on the new non thyroid meds went from 5+ after one year to 3, rest lowered or remained the same.

Second one is: follate, next Iron and last one before standard tests: Ferritin. The rest is also similar in names to English counterparts.

I have my next app in march, I might set up one this month but I want to try and stay consistent with my doc as well.


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