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I'm back, having injections in my back

Afternoon everyone, After waiting for the ambulance transport, I finally got to Gobowen Hospital after dropping people off at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. As you can image my stress levels were sky high by this time. I got there with minutes to spare so I calmed myself down.

I went in after about a 10 min wait (which was good for NHS). Then he showed me pictures of my spine on the computer, first time I ever since pictures of my spine. He showed me the damage to my L5/S1, L4/L5 and L3/4 and my trapped nerves that are causing my sciatica. He showed me my curve which isn't as bad as some people's that I seen. He explained about the discs between the vertebrates being of equal size and mine are more or less not there. It was amazing but I could of done with someone there with me as I'm hard of hearing so couldn't hear him properly.

Anyhow, he has suggest me having injections in my lower back, stronger painkillers (2 types, 1for during the day and 1 for night). and a bit of physio to try to see if they can untrap my nerves. He said surgery is a no no as my bones are rigid because I've suffered for so long and there a risk my spine could snap if they tried. He can't do the injections until after my blood test at the hospital on Monday (got problems with my blood not clotting).

In all, now I have someone who believes me after so many yrs of fighting to get something done. He's sending a letter to my doc and me with everything in. Gobowen Hospital is amazing, the changes to it and how there are shops, cafe and information services. ☺

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Hi Bentleyboo ,

I was so happy to read of your very positive experience in attending the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Oswertry I have been going there several times a year over the past 12 years sever problems with my ankles I can only comment on my experiences and to say the Staff are fantastic in every respect I hope the injections are successful and wish you the very best of luck .


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that all sounds very positive and you seem to have remembered a lot as you have given us a great description of what the appontemnt was like im so pleased that your getting the help you need after all this time, keep well. love grace xoxoxo💐


So good to hear that you got answers at last. Hopefully the injections will help and give you relief.

( and I'm delighted to hear you are still alive.) 😅😀


Sounds like you saw a good doctor :) hope his plan helps.


I hope all goes well for you. Could I be cheeky and ask if you live in Wales or England please? I only ask I have been told that if you live in Wales you must be treated in Wales.x


Hi Mimimouse, you're not being cheeky at all. I live in North Wales and was told like you that I had to go to a Welsh Hospital. The one I wanted to go to was Manchester but because I live in Wales they wont except me unless I paid privately. I hope that helped. X


Hi Bentleyboo I am a bit confused as Gabowen is in England, are Wales now referring patients there now? Sorry to be a pain.x


Hi Mimimouse, Gobowen is on the Wales - England border. I've always classed it in Wales as its just down the road from Wrexham. X


Painkillers will mask the pain and the damage already present could be made much worse. The injury has been recognised. So it is worth while seeing if you can get help with fine tuning your muscle control so that you can reduce further damage to the injured parts.

It is worth exploring McTimony Chiropractic to help reduce some of the micro muscle cramps that exist in your back. It is quite possible that over tight muscles are causing the trapped nerves. Hence the reason physio was suggested. Having lessons from an Alexander Teacher can help improve your posture and reduce the effect poor posture has on pain and discomfort.

Physio in the NHS tends to be one size fits all. So physio may be helpful or it may make things worse.

It is important to network to find out who are the recommended therapists with sensitive hands in your local area.

Hope this helps

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