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So I went to a chiropractor, took a bilateral xray of both my hips,its first one I had, i had lots of xrays and mri"s no one ever took a xray of both hips while bearing weight on them. Guess what, I was born with my right hip 9mm lower than my left. My body has been compensating for this for 56 years, and even I can see in the xray how it has pulled my hips and spine to the just couldn't do it anymore. This is what has been causing my pain, Doctor gave me a lift for my shoe..its been 3 weeks and there is pain in new places, while everything is being pushed to strighten out again. But the places I had been in pain are better...I was feeling pretty good anyway becasue of the sulfa and magnesium and supplements I'v been taking.

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It's good to hear that your feeling better and to understand what's happening to your body after all this time but while your built up shoe is helping to straighten you out your now using muscles and ligaments that weren't used before which is causing you pain else where. See what happens after a couple of months and touch wood that by then you'll be pain free. X


Morning. I believe it takes a good while of increased pain when something like a shoe lift is introduced. I hope you will persist for the long term benefit.

That's a very long time to have had a misalignment in your body.

Hope things improve


The soreness in my hip is getting better, it will take some time...I am jumping on my rebounder and doing my qigong. Its funny how bad my balance is, shows me that my body is readjusting.


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