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Off to Manchester today for an appointment with neuro surgeon, second opinion. Long history low back pain. Now confirmed osteo arthritis in knees and hips. Feels like i,m completing a jigsaw and putting all the pieces together. Several mri scans, nerve impingements lower back and hips. Suppose I am still looking for answers/cures or operation? Feel I will find some peace after today, and crack on. Stopped alot of activities I enjoy but I am enjoying pushing myself in pilates classes and gentler exercises. Have accepted things I cant do and appreciate every day. However I am finding it difficult to concentrate in work. Lots of leg pain and restless legs, not sure if this is nerve damage, one of my questions for neuro surgeon today. Will feedback how it goes. Great forum for support and freedom to express

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  • Good Luck.


  • wishing you all the very best. love grace xoxoxo

  • I really feel for you, but please do not expect too much as this can go wrong as maybe you won't get any real answers that you want and as a result will be left hanging in the air again, best to hope for the best and expect the worse all the best Alex

  • Thanks Alex. Not the news I wanted. Feel rough today, but start again tomorrow.

  • Just out of curiosity what neuro are you using? As I know them all unfortunately but I have to say Mr Joshi George is the best I've come across so far, especially for his manner, he actually listens and never dismisses what you say but his best trait was he treats you as a person not a job!, good luck with your appointment I'm sure whoever you get will be great they are a good team of neuros there. Good luck!

  • Hi, thanks for support. I seen a Mr Sabir? As expected not a great consultation. Seemed in a hurry and did not really explain things. He has recommended hip replacement but nothing for back pain. Thanks again

  • Sometimes back pain can be caused by the hip wear..

    I have had sij wear and subsequent pain for many years. After a recent flair up it looks like it is coming frm my hip

    Makes sense and scans will tell more with potential replacement. Sij will still be bad but can manage that


  • Hi, have you had an MRI of your hip, and is it more conclusive than X-ray for this condition? Many thanks

  • No not yet. Had Xray in Scotland and showed hip quite clearly. Also wear on sij..bone on bone.

    Waiting now for MRI but waiting list is 4-6 months. GP here is certain is hip as surgeon before


  • I'm sorry to hear that! It's obviously not what you wanted to hear, have you thought of going private as a last resort? That is what I did and the doctor I mentioned was well liked by everyone. All I can say it was the best money I ever spent! I hope it all goes well and you get some relief, good luck!

  • Yes will consider going private, probably discuss recent hip diagnosis with gp first and take it from there? Many thanks

  • No problem keep us all posted !

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