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Hi all thanks for all your lovely messages I've bin in hospital for a few days now I've ask for loads of different blood test to try and get to the bottom of this a couple of my bloods have come back with a few thing but the nights one is that they think I've got something called LIME DESEASE I never here of this before so need to wait and see and look up on it so I have to have more test I am still in hospital and in a pain thank you all With out all of use I would not of got the doctor out and that's who send me here after calling at my home and donning test and then he phone to say I need to go hospital and he wanted to phone me 999 but I just got a taxi there once again thank you all xx

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Hi Intoomuchpain,

Wondered how you were doing, as nothing from you for a few days. Never hesitate to call an ambulance, they are trained to care and transport patients carefully and comfortably, where as the taxi driver just wants their payment. Also, ambulance crews can carry out several tests while you are in transit, and arrange for you to be seen on arrival, rather than hours in the always uncomfortable reception areas.

Hopefully, if they are doing what's called 'a battery of tests', then they have put a 'butterfly needle' in the back of your hand. This allows them to take samples or give small medicine doses without having to keep using a new needle every time. I had over 36 different blood tests over a period of three months, including one for a wild pigeon desease, all with negative results.

If you are still in hospital, let's look at making it a positive period. So, what are you benefiting from:

Regular meals that you don't have to cook, probably more meals, and a better varied diet. Your menu would have been selected to give you the most support.

No cleaning to do, wards are kept clean and tidy by the NHS staff.

Your comfort is their primary care, extra pillows, blankets, mobile chairs (much nicer phrase).

People are there to help with toilet/bathing, and there is always 'plenty' of hot water.

Company is all around you, in the next bed, in the lounges, and around the different departments. Sometimes these conversations give you ideas, and support.

I think you mean 'Lymes Disease, follow this link to a good guide on the NHS website:

Keep us up-to-date with how you are getting on, then we can still help and support you.



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