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Thank you!

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to pay my respects for the people on this site and to say that I am very grateful for getting people's experiences which has saved my quality of life !

If I had listened to one of the pain specialist which tried to convince me to not have a steroid injection I still would of been in a considerable amount of pain and disability.

Thankfully the injection worked wonders and I have used this to my advantage in doing more exercise driving more and looking after my toddler.

So thank you everyone onthis site for your thoughts and experiences and your time!

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That is truly wonderful!!


I got a steroid shot last week and it has been awesome ! Less pain and more energy !! I also have found another Hugh help ! Outback Pain Relief Roll on . All natural and works fast . I order thru Amazon . You can google it and read about all the ingredients..


Hi there, can you tell me if you ordered the roll-on recently? I looked it up as you suggested and amazon say its currently unavailable.



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I and with you there Bunce! .... I have not been on it for a while .. as trying not to think about pain but it has truly been a life saver as you don't feel totally alone I salute you all comrades ! love and kind wishes Carole xx


I am not saying the NHS is incompetent fat from it my beloved partner is an ICU nurse and many friends work in it and many others have kept me alive on at least hale a dozen times.

But soon after I met my partner she became pregnant, embarissingly soon but we were both thrilled. However, after a routine checkout we were called on the mobile to come back straight away. Which we did and the consultant said that S had an entropic pregnancy and an emergency termination was needed. I asked how this was known and the Dr told me quite flippantly that the bloods showed it. S though a well trained Sister had lost the plot and was a begging me to make it better. I took the consultant to one side and said had a scan been done? He said no scan was available. Being ex military and suffered some nasty wounds and seen some I wasn't happy. He told me being a tough guy no good in this situation, I agreed, And thought it was a good idea

Why the MOD had recruited me when I was finishing my law degree. I told him he had twenty minutes to get a bedside scanner or I would get one and his career would be over and the hospital in a lot of bad press. Ten mins later he pushed the machine in and low and behold the fertilised egg was in the right place and both Fallopian tubes clear. We thanked the staff including him. We know have a thirteen year old who thinks he is eighteen!

I am not knocking the Dr I hate to think the hours he had worked and I love the NHS and hate the Tories for what they are doing to it. Sorry so long winded! But the point or link to the previous point is that they consult and advise us but we make the descions on our on health in the end. Consultants are talented specialist people but because they where a white coat does not make them right every time.

Very glad things are going well for you!



Not to pour cold water on your joy - but - sometimes the effects of these injections do not last - mine lasted 3 months and the pain returned. On the other hand my wife's shoulder injections are still effective after several years.


Yes I do hope my cervical facet joint injections help for a while 😊


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