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Thank you all for your help and advice I take it all in and look in to anything anyone tells me I am so greatful xx


I've had the doctor out to my house today he say all my muscles are in spams and he think my disk is bent and rubbing on my spine core he's give me so strong table not sure what there are called and also he's give me 30mg of dizpan and 50 mg of antriplime does anyone no if these will help me as I don't like to take a tables if they don't work also I've got to go for a X-ray on Friday if I can go if not I have to go in to hospital thank you all for your advice and your words if I did not have kids I would not be here now I would of give up by now I song no how much more I can take I just want to be a mum to my 3 kids they only have me as there dad past away 2 years ago so it's not easy pluses this on top thank you xx

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The Diazipam will definitely help with your bunched up muscles which go tight in order to prevent more pain but in doing so cause pain. I take it daily, yes it can be addictive but better than terrible pain. They will also help you relax a bit too. What is the name of the other strong tablet? Tramadol or co coydmol maybe. Try to move a little bit without pain to stop yourself seizing up. Getting to that X-Ray sounds like a priority!

Take it easy, things will get stable.

Patrick x

That is a high starting dose of amitryptaline. I'd lower it a bit to start. Dry mouth, etc.

But it used to help me a great deal. The diazepam should be great for spasm. How fortunate to have a dr. come to you. I've had to go in when couldn't walk or move.

Entire spine affected here. Pain is the worst.

I'm really sorry to hear you are in so much pain. It was good of the doctor to come out to you. Diazepam will relax your muscles but you may feel very tired and sleepy which of course is what is needed to relieve your pain. But you also have three children so life must be very tough. I hope you have somebody to help you. I am also sorry to hear your husband passed away two years ago, I really feel for you. I hope your pain eases as the medication takes effect and perhaps if you can get some x-rays done and they will be able to find out what is causing all your problems. Thinking of you.

Thank you for your kind words xx

Hope it in a better place today after the additional pain relief. Bear in mind that any antidepressants such as amitriptyline have to build up in ur bloodstream over a number of weeks....sometimes 3-4 in order to reach a therapeutic level x

I feel it pain as am also doing the whole trying to live in constant pain. I have pudendal neuralgia n chronic back pain. Have to work p/t n look after the home n my little boy. I have a partner but he is of no practical help as he works ten hr days xxx

Hope u find some relief n remember that everyone on here understands x

Hi Intoomuchpain,

I think we all hit this barrier regularly, and getting understanding is hard.

I use 10mg amitriptyline every morning as a base pain killer, and 75mg at night to help sleep. Hopefully, the following suggestions might help.

Lay on your back on your bed. You need the flexibility of the bed for this to work properly. Bring up one leg and cuddle the knee, hold for about 10 seconds. Gradually lower leg back down and repeat with the other leg. This slowly stretches the back and buttock muscles, while not putting vertices pressure on them. I find this helps with the damaged nerve in my back.

Bring both legs up till your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the bed. Bring one leg up, and first rest the outer side of the foot on the other knee. Gently push the lifted knee away from you, which stretches the sacro and thigh muscles. Gradually let the lifted leg back down to flat along the bed, then bring back to the start position, and do the same with the other leg.

My osteopath taught me these, and they do help me a lot. The important thing is to do this fairly regularly, and on a soft surface. I do use the floor if hit by sudden pain wave, but get to the bed soon after.

Hope these or your variation on these are helpful. There are times when we all feel we have reached our limit, but have no choice but to carry on. Don't know the ages of your children, but try giving them each a little job that is their responsibility and only theirs. I am sure they want to help, but don't yet have the knowledge to see how.

Let us know if any of this helps, then others might try too.

Thank you for your kind words I will try everything u have said and I take your advice and use it the best way I can my kids are 15. 13, 11 there are good they help me so much all I want is to be able to be a great mum and look after them instead of them looking after me it's so unfair edge on them .x x

Hi amitrpline is good and helps I take this for back pain muscle spasms. Stick with it and im sure this will help.

Wow those are very high doses of diazepam and amatrypitoline. I take 5 mg of diazepam for muscle spasm, 10 at be careful if you have kids to look after. Also the Noritryptoline is extremely high for a first dose. What strength are each tablet ? Maybe you should check your dosage.


Really sounds like you are in a bad way. The diazepam will def help - it's one of the nicer drugs but that's a really high dose. I have taken 5mg tablets at a time and I find that would knock me out. Hope the meds kick in soon and hang on in there. Let us know how the X-ray goes too xxx

I know you posted 3 days ago but I have to say I agree that 30mgs diazepam is extremely high. Is that dose for the entire day? Or 30mg per dose? I'm not being funny but that dose could give you breathing difficulties especially with the amitripyline on top. I've been taking diazepam for years and can only tolerate 15 mgs per dose. You must be very careful with 2 sedatory drugs together especially if you are not used to these drugs. Please be careful for your sake and the childrens. Good luck with the muscle spasms

Sarah xx

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