ESA Woes!

Being chronically ill can be a struggle mentally and physically but nothing prepares you for the follies of an ESA doctor!

Having received my "interview/med check" after the original letter meaning my time for proving wrong any discrepancies has ticked away- in a nutshell the doctor was very rude and also because I had a major shoulder op the week before of which I was innserious agony he got me onto the examination bed did his test and I said, I can't get off as my left shoulder was on the wall side so I couldn't turn to get off, my wife rushed over and said are you blind can't you see he is stuck and panicking ? No response! So end game we are reporting him. But nothing prepared us for his report, he quoted illnesses I didn't have, said both my shoulders were in perfect order apart from my left which had just had the major op he exclaimed it was working fine and no movement problems and no power loss- crikey I must superhuman and can't feel pain. Laughable he also mentioned swollen parts etc that that's the first time I've ever knew about etc my main pain relief a low down over the counter drug instead of slow and liquid morphine, it's crazy! And other discrepancies which makes us wonder wether he was sleeping though all this .It's like he has mixed up two different people/ interviews in one!

Now the distressing bit, I now have to prove my shoulders are bad (funny the right one needs a replacement) but try and get info from your medical consultants it's very difficult or physio I was told yesterday I had to pay £10per input about me (as in a session) and then had to write which by the time I get it will be too late! The reason - we can't give you a copy ourselves because of patient confidentiality! Crikey did I just hear that? I exclaimed but .... I'm the patient sat here in front of you! Litte more to say I said I'd have enough and hobbled out with my wife. The gripe here is when you get a doctor working for a government body he can lie on a legal document but you can't and I can't believe its nye on impossible to get the right info to get that proper info to send - what a ridiculous country we live in! I suppose quite a few have had problems on here but to see added info you haven't got,added to info you have got and ommitting info you have got makes for a very special brew that is going to be hard to sort out! Ha ha and I thought my head hurt enough already!

Frank D

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  • Hi Frank are you feeling a bit better now for having got this out of your system? Hope so :)

    I agree this is ridiculous but like you said it is the state of our country today where they are trying to save money in any way possible and are targeting the sick and the poor. Idealogicaly warfare rules ok.

    I hope you still get the support you deserve but if not make sure you appeal. No one should have to go through this kind of s... should they.

    I have a theory that the only kind of doctor they can get to do these assessments is one no one else wants to employ, either because of their poor skills or lack of bedside manner! It's ridiculous making you jump through hoops like this.

  • It's awful I hate the way he has put I'm taking a drug for schizophrenia !!! Crikey lol just had a loverly talk with the dwp apparantly because it's a legal document lol if he says I've got it I've apparently got it!!! 🙈🙈 that's great I said just tell my doctor that, as he isn't aware of it lol but yes I HAD to vent as it's playing on my mind! I talked to my consultants sec I've had 144 letters to my gp regarding my shoulders and arm related stuff as well in eight years and to be told they are normal grrrr this is one of too many things that has happened in the last week or so and I'm nearly ready for blowing lol ....... I wish I could drink ........

  • I wonder if the doctor and the rude man in the supermarket are related? :p xx

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha maybe ......just maybe😂

  • Ok the gloves are off its personal. If you write to the decision makers and out line the issues you have and ask them in light of 144 letters to reconsider over turning this inaccurate report or it's time to go to tribunal! You will need to contact the Birmingham tribunal courts to register your case and they will guide you from there.x

  • Wow that's great info! I have a feeling it may come to that!

  • Hi Frank I'm Heather from Oxfordshire.

    Can I ask you did you get a 'summery of health care' from your GP when you started your application? It's a condensed, shortened, version of your Medical records and is the normal accepted evidence for everything?

    At this rate it might be cheaper to get a full copy of your medical records then you can throw the book at them- sorry for the pun LOL

    Do you have the name of the ATOS doctor? Why don't you try reporting him to the BMA instead?

    It's not acceptable that the pressure is always on the applicant to stick to 28 day rule when they can take months,? Did you explain to DWP that you had just had a shoulder op and wasn't in the position to address this matter in a timely fashion? If you haven't,try phoning them later in the afternoon as often that's when the older more experienced DWP staff are around. It won't hurt explaining this to them? Alternatively, take this up with your local MP.


  • Thank you no I didn't get that record from my doctor as I was unaware you could but I did send a lot of information to show both shoulders were knackered with my back and other items! The thing is he ignored my shoulders apparently I had a test and both shoulders work normal! Ha ha he knew I had a op so how could I even do the test. I have found out he works for Maximus and have reported him for providing misinformation on a legal document, missing out information and treated with no respect at the meeting. I can't believe people can do that, told them also I won't provide sensitive information over the net. They haven't rang yet! I feel gutted I have to pay for more info too!

  • Frank I know it's bloody hard cheese on toast again and but what's worth fighting for is your entitlement to ESA PIP ect.

    Im proud of you for reporting that prat but it's now time to involve your MP regarding Maximus. You need a second opinion from another doctor like your consultant or rhumetology or a private physio report? It's about again, presenting evidence,like that summery of health care?

    It needs to be short and to the point. If your range of movement has not improved since the operation, your pain has not decreased and there could be the real chance that you may have co-excisting condition such as Fibromyalgia,whereby any surgery involves the soft tissues ligaments tendons will damage and inflame these and will remain inflamed! Have you seen a rhumetologist yet? Look up the symptoms for co-excisting conditions polymyalgia rhumatica, fibromyalgia,RA,lupus see if any of these ring a bell and ring your GP for a referral.

  • Hi ukgospeldiva, I have grade 3 arthritis in both shoulders that's osteo,, but I'm also coeliac, hypothyroid the lot I have many problems and I don't sleep as I am in pain all the time tbh I don't mind fighting lol I've got my lower pip which is a pain as I can't get my disabled badge, I'm new at all this last time I did it, it was called the dole lol, what peeves me off is these people work essentially for the people! Not all of us started like this and we paid our taxes etc and yet we have companies like maximus who really are just after making money for their shareholders! Not us!

  • Frank just nipping to vets. Will answer when I get back in 30.

  • To be honest, my darling vets treat my beloved animal friends better than all of your medico's in the UK seem to treat humans!!! By the way, I am in Australia and I have the very best and most empathetic as well as helpful medical team anyone could wish for! Pity that the chronic pain will never go, but they certainly have tried and continue to do so!!. I feel very fortunate after receiving these newsletters for only a couple of weeks now. I dare anyone to complain about this truly wonderful care I receive here in North Queensland, though I do know that other bigger centres in Australia are nowhere near as good.

    Maybe all your doctors could do well to learn from the vets how to treat their patients!They definitely seem to truly feel their patients pain!

  • Ha you made me giggle!

    I know a bit about your "lifestyle" down under as my niece is married and lives in NZ and her best friend is in Australia?

    Yes you do tend to have an "antipedian KARDASHIAN" LIFE LOL Abdim good luck to you!

    Truthfully I feel that your respective governments have been very successful in recruiting world-wide only the very best professionals to emigrate too your country? Your lifestyle tends to lean towards the USA in terms of asperations and why should you settle for the dregs?

    Don't feel guilty for it, I feel happy for you.

    Kind regards Heather x

  • Thanks so much Heather, for letting me know that my daily mission has been achieved, even so very far away!! I make a huge effort EVERY single day to make others smile, no matter how difficult life may be. I see that I have done this, and it warms my heart!!! I have suffered from ill health all of my life, and in my teens was told my shocking arthritic issues were Growing Pains'!!! What a joke, I am still barely 5 feet tall!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I also have poor immunity, Psoriatic arthritis, (throughout my entire body) desiccated discs in my spine, Polyneuropathies, and CRPS! The latter kicked in after having a brain tumour removed in 1997. On top of this, I am now about to begin treatment in the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for a wound which after 23 weeks of dressings every 2 days is just NOT healing due to all the comorbidities. This will take up about 4 hours of every day for a minimum of 60 days by the time dressings and transport are considered. The thing which gets me through it all has ALWAYS been my wacky sense of humour and not taking myself too seriously. It has not been an easy road, but I refuse to let this beat me. My brain works just fine and I love life with my dogs, my garden and my huge collection of art glass and antique/old illustrated children's books!! It is SO important to have interests in our lives which can help us to be distracted from our pain.

    I do hope that I can continue to help others to smile for any reason at all......

  • I love you! You are a half glass full merchant as I am LOL

    I can't be tossed with self pity and neither can you. I won't let my crazy crap take over my life. We got rid of Hitler not to replace the beggers !

  • Oh Yes!!! it does seem that we are two peas from the same pod!!! Thank you ever so much for responding to me! This has been my first time ever to have written on this site, but I HAVE only been signed up for a very short while!!

    I am very glad to have found someone who looks at life the same way in which I do!!

    Many warm smiles again, Julie

  • Julie we have to keep our chins up-(all 3 of mine) heather

  • Bless Your Heart, Heather!!! I shall try to 'keep on my toes'!!! or 'cross my fingers'!!! Hee Hee Hee!!! Laughter IS such great medicine, and it's FREE!!!! Keep smiling, my lovely new friend!!

    Warm wishes again, Julie

  • You know Julie I had a childhood friend called David Parsloe and when I was 12 he TD me he had been told that the pain he'd been having for over a year was "growing pains"! I remember saying to David well why are we all not having THESE??

  • How well I know where you are coming from!! However, Growing Pains DO actually exist. My son had them at about 12.His bones grew so much more quickly than the soft tissue of his body, as he was going to be tall like his dad's side of the family!! It was just awful for him, poor kid, but at least we've always had a brilliant GP, who knew the best way to treat this. He got through it and continued to thrive, thank heavens! When the pain is in the joints though, it is obviously NOT growing pains! Aaron's pain was in the thigh bones. Medicine is so amazingly fascinating. I have learned so much through being so ill all of my life. Common sense is a big thing with me.I use it all the time! All my medical team love this about me, as well as my positive attitude and sense of humour!! They tell me all the time, that they wish their other patients had this as well.It does not fix the pain, and never will, but it sure does help make dealing with it on a daily basis much easier. I went off my Methotrexate for 11 weeks in the hope that this would help my leg wound heal more readily. I soon learned once it was all out of my system, just how much that awful drug HAD been helping my chronic pain issues. Monday this week I finally resumed taking it as the pain was so totally agonising 24/7.It was the first time in 20 long years or maybe even more that my doctor had seen me WITHOUT a smile, or the ability to raise one. He was so sad for me and all the suffering I go through. It shall take a good month before it starts to do its job again, I have been advised. If nothing else, this proved that I am indeed a real human being!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! I do hold reasonable hopes for the Hyperbaric Treatment as I have heard such great reports of success, even though it can take a VERY long time before the improvement begins. Photos of my leg are being taken throughout the treatment so this will be very interesting, and hopefully a good teaching aid as well....

    It is just on Midnight now, so I do not wish to turn into a bat or worse!!! Thus I will bid you a very fond farewell till the next instalment! My thanks again dear Heather for your support and friendliness. Warm smiles as always, Julie

  • Wow Julie. Yes the oxygen therapy will help. It's used in burns victims ect. This level of pain your talking about is off the scale and people 'don't get it,till you get it'!

    I wish you a restful night but something tells me it's going to be a battle.


  • Ha ha after lyrica I can keep my chin up it just rests on my stomach ! Lol

  • My 9 bellies keep my feet warm lol

  • Your not related to Gazzas the ex footballers mate jimmy tenbellies are you? Lol lol

  • I'm his sister lol

  • Ha ha ha ha 😱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈

  • How many points did you get for mobility on PIP? So long as you got 8 points or more you ARE eligible for Blue Badge.

    I think you have been dealt with appallingly so hope this is good news for you!

  • They gave me 4 only and I told them I couldn't walk. They could see I was struggling. But insisted and kept insisting you drive a car....... yes and automatic! I thought I had the right but read wrong at the time.

  • You MUST appeal. Situation is ridiculous. What does having a car affect? I also have an automatic car and couldn't function without it! People with high rate mobility can get a mobility car.....

    Appeal or re-apply BUT get help completing forms. Go to CAB and look at info on their website. Also worth joining benefits and work site £19.99 a year. They give guides on how to tackle each stage. VERY helpful.

  • Thanks I think I will do that I've I've just got a letter from my docs a member of the orthopaedics team has stated in a letter I might be better off with replacement shoulders!!!!!! As the pain is so great and consistant!!! So I think that's a game changer! But I will consider help next time but because I'm so new to this I'm still learning....

  • Of course, you HAVE to make a stand (excuse the pun!). Here in Oz, we have a body to make complaints to (my specialist gave this to me 18 years ago) They take all complaints VERY seriously. We are told that a car is often the last bit of real independence patients living with these painful chronic conditions have which help us retain our sanity. They will do all they can to help this continue for us. Of course, there are bad eggs in any basket, but it sounds to me as though all the eggs in YOUR baskets are shockingly bad. Please be sure to contact all the bodies so far mentioned. You truly must not give up on this. This is the first case I have responded to on this site, after reading a great many extremely sad things which folk are having to put up with. None of us anywhere in the world should HAVE to be 'putting up' with such nonsensical behaviour which is not any help to anyone.I do hope that you can find help somewhere along your so-far tedious and painful journey. Please keep us all informed when you feel well enough to do so......

  • Thank you! For your kind comments. I may find out how the aussies treat the ill as I'm an Australian national who was brought to the uk against my wishes as a10year old child lol! And am toying with moving back "home" as this country is going downhill and very fast!

  • Wow!!! A fellow Aussie so far from home!!! I was actually born in England, but came out to Oz in 1959 when just 19 months old!! I do not understand the British Health system at all. It seems though, that I have never heard a great deal in its favour! Oh! that is apart from the incredible things I have watched on 24 hours in A and E!!! But emergency care is a whole different field of care. It beggars belief what you are going through, and I truly do hope you can manage to get it sorted soon.

    Warm thoughts and Many Smiles, Julie

  • Thank you Julie, funny old world isnt it? My parents before they decided to come here we're going to move to Queensland !!!!

    Just my luck doh they didn't lol

  • I grew up in Victoria and came to North Queensland in July 1980 as the cold made all of my pain problems so very much worse!! I have never looked back, apart from missing my parents of course!! Dad is 87 now, and so much more mobile that I am !!! It is definitely a funny old world!!! I do not even recall how I linked onto this site almost 2 weeks ago, but I am certainly very pleased now that I did so. Having been in touch with you and Heather has been such a huge bonus to me, even with you being so far away!! The internet has genuinely helped me remain sane! I love the warm days here in these 'cooler' months. This was the main reason I left my childhood home. I was in such awful agony in Victoria as the cold winds would blow from the Antarctic regions and they simply felt like they would cut through a person!!

    I don't know if you have read what I have written to Heather, but it explains a lot of what I suffer with.I'm sorry but it is too painful to type(or tap!!!) it all out again with 2 fingers!! Anyway, it is there for anyone to read, and hopefully may even bring a smile or two! Thank you, Frank, for getting back to me. It is a very decent group on this site, from what I have seen so far! Maybe I should have looked for support groups in the past!!

    Anyway, it is just past the witching hour here, and I truly must get to bed now. Keep your spirits up, and remember that we all need to keep on the backs of these idiots who should be helping, while instead do not know what they are doing!!! We all have the right to be treated with respect and with dignity at all times.

    Until next time, many warm smiles, Julie in Oz

  • Thanks see you soon Julie!

  • Ok im back.

    Frank let's be frank. On your copy of your pip, how far did you say you could walk?

    An you prepare a simple meal with simple ingredients and how did you answer?

    Personal hygiene wise, I take it given your issues you said that you can't?

    Finding your way round in places familiar ok for you?

    Do you have anxiety planning your route in strange places?

    I take it you don't have issues in handeling money,just getting enough of it?

    Firstly, ask for a copy of the decision makers report of the pip. No matter that 28 days expired you had an operation. You need that regardless. Tell the DWP you need them to reconsider.

    You can go through this carefully and see whats wrong? What mistakes are there? What's made up?

    You can then write and inform the DWP of these. If they still take the line that you run out of time then I suggest you get hold of CAB as I think you could still take them to tribunal for unreasonable behaviour, falsifying a legal document ect.

    At the very very worst, you can just reapply and start the process again?

    Yes the ESA has to be sorted. You should be in the 'support' group, but I know that people this year people are facing tougher ESA regulations?

    You can apply for a blue badge without the pip. You phone council, say you need a hard copy'paper form, sent to you. They will ask about pip, say it's under review.

    This is where you go summery of health care comes into its own. You can use this to get your blue badge based on reduced capacity to walk and upper limbs incapacitated.enclose cheque for a tenner. 4-6 weeks later blue badge!

  • Wow your well informed ! Regarding pip I had had my meds changed at the time to lyrica and I was on morphine oral and sr I couldnt get my head around the walking bit I couldn't grasp meters or time, they had to explain a few times I was not really there in mind so I can't remember tbh I am going to reapply the pip it's hard getting around but the paperwork can be daunting and again they try it on! Can I pm you later?

  • Frank, one bus length is 20 mtrs approximately by their own guesstimate. Ok re-apply. I can help you if you want? Or you can go to CAB. Now you can go to their website a d you will see 'what you need to do before your interview'?

    Also several charities have this: 'pip points score' - you need this do down load this either to laptop or see if your iPhone will allow you to ''add this to home screen" so you can refer to this when making your next application.

    You need to study the points, how many are awarded for not doing exactly what and 'see' where you really do fall within those points? You can then add up what you should get as you carefully answer each question?

    If you like me can't wash your back ect day so. It's about what you CAN'T DO not about what help you don't get?

    It's also about 'how your conditions effect your ability to carry out these normal tasks?

    It is our responsibility to ensure we supply legally 'evidence'-that's why we need the 'summery of Health Care' and appointment letters ect are 'supporting evidence' whether in the past or you have 'future' outstanding ones?

    A copy of your prescription printout either from GP or pharmacist.

    Any other reports such as social worker/occupational health recommendations for equipment?

    Phone council or do an application 'on-line' for the blue badge. Say in your application that you will be forwarding to the b.b team supporting evidence-your summary of health care and current prescriptions'. I advise you to do this as there is a delay in the DWP processing applications? Currently I'm at week 9 of my pip and next Friday have my ATOS interview week 10. It's going to be at least another 2 weeks to make the decision. Meantime, because my conditions changed I notified them if this and have additional supporting evidence to take.

    When you get your interview date take a friend or family member who can also tell the assessor how your conditions effect your quality of life? They can also take notes. Do not travel to the interview by bus even if you are supported by friend. They will assume you can leap on and off of these all the time and walk half a mile to catch one- they will and do use this against people to down grade their mobility?

    Wear pull on comfortable cloths, velcro closure shoes.

    They will ask you to do' simple exercises' and you decline because you can't squat because of ballance issues or reach due to shoulders and nerves trapped ect. Think carefully before you answer any questions, but do answer them as fully as possible. Do not allow the interviewer​ to 'chit chat' and thereby throw you by asking you 'how you got to your appointment and did you have much trouble getting there'? You were brought by your companion. Do not get short either- as alot of these people are just like you and me and know family members,loved ones with similar conditions and some go home to their partners and disabled I'll children?

    Their sole purpose is to give you the opportunity to 'enlarge' upon the answers you have written on the forms and nothing more,so keep it straight. Any additional information to support your claim you can bring with you, such as a copy of the 144 letters?

    If you have issues with filling out the form because of your operation that's not helped, if you contact your local council and ask to speak to the Welfare officer and book them to come and help you as they are trained in the DWP descriptors'? But your local cab can help and a number of charities.

    Kind regards Heather x

  • Hi Heather. When I asked to do exercises with pip I told them no I couldn't do anything as my back was still healing. I think where they got me was a question that was in the future do you think this will or may be permanent. I answered unsure, I am not a doctor.Then asked does walking cause painetchow far can you walk without pain. I'm too honestand said it can vary but 95 per cent of the time I can't walk without any pain. I think I'm going to re apply and get smartened up?

    I think most of the problem is it depends on the reviewer, the may be mentally bored etc and make up answers like in my case.

    I don't want to use CB as I was told when my esa runs out I should walk away and live of my tiny redundancy payment as it's over the £16000but not that much more .

    I was shocked as I thought the CB was helpful.

  • Frank, your conditions Will NOT improve and with the back op it sounds like it's the same scenario with your shoulder? Do you have osphealites? These are like boney out growths from the spine that cause pain as they cause pressure on the spinal chord and other surrounding nerves? So.e times people get these crack ed off but mostly they are left. They continue to grow? I've got these a d so has my sister. Our spines look like zip fasteners LOL

    Regarding pip, I think I would have said 'i am not a medical professional and having submitted relivant information,I advise you to refer to that and contact the relivant professionals?

    You will be asked "why are you reapplying for this again so soon" and you say because "I can now state categorically, that my conditions have changed and will not improve" or " because I had surgery when the decision makers finalised a d I was UNABLE TO ADDRESS THAT AT THE TIME'!

    I would state get a COPY OF THAT REPORT REGARDLESS as you can refer to that and cross reference it in your New Application?

  • Yes that I'm going to do tbh I was wondering if I should and could do that but you really have given me the confidence I sought, regarding the back since the op it never has got better still leg pain still nerve pain it really never stops and the pain just dulls it. I told them I have anxiety and around large groups I get uneasy. On the report it said this was unfounded crikey there was only my wife and the assessor !

  • You see how important it is to have the verification of the medical issues? Again angxioty can cause memory blocks?

  • well frank thank goodness for atos and Maximus,all I can say is god bless America,not,these American cousins of ours are reaping in the princely sum of roughly £700 million sterling pounds for this woeful and pitiful service to which our overpaid politicians are quite happy paying to them,via the DWP of course,so of course we all have no legs to stand on or in your case no shoulder to lean on(bad I know) so the whole system is rigged against the sick,infirm and old,and unfortunately this "system" will get to put people in situations beyond the call of an assessment (suicide) is listed,family units torn apart and even more health problems on the horizon,food banks popping up whilst the claim is being processed a bit like the food supplied in the food banks,and what for,so folk can take pity on the weak and vulnerable and say well at least you're getting food,whilst your mp gets a nice wage packet and all the trimmings and extras for good measure,and if your lucky enough to earn £7.50 an hour your expected to be happy and content working a zero hour contract a week,so as the problem is being made worse by all the these television series about being on benefits and showing the sick living a life of Reilly,funny how they never follow a politician around or a lord who gets a taxi to sign in for their £300.00 per day "allowances",so yes the fat cats are getting fatter and even want more whilst your waiting on a letter explaining that you forgot to put a full stop in one of your sentences and this in turn will delay any future payments,so there's nobody caring for the sick,except the overworked nursing staff who are P***ed off with a 1% wage "rises" ,the list is endless and the words of humanity don't ring any bells with the robotic android sat in front of you doing your medical assessment,I am a dalek and I will "EXTERMINATE YOU", is this our Great Britain,huh,but fight your battle with gusto,cheers and all the best!

  • Lol lol my sentiments exactly! What a world we live in, it's a world I've never realised and tbh I'm guilty like the rest, I had a very very manual but very well paid job and tbh I never even thought how people manage etc just assumed like me everyone had half decent lifestyles now I've had a major flip of the coin I've seen first hand how there are the haves and the have nots but worst..... the people jumping through hoops to just eat and drink etc just a shame I valued money over my health, because now I'm older I've realised the money was not worth the pain I'm in, everything in life has a price I've realised. But now it's time to push on and get the help I really need and deserve I suppose. But it's been a great post and I've learned a lot !!!!

  • Please don't forget that there are people who work in DWP whom are also disabled and we also have families who have faced the system too. It's the people sat in Westminster who are the guilty parties.

  • Totally understood Matt, but tbh I have never seen a disabled person working at the DWP! But I'm sure like you have said there are, no matter who you are when ever it is in time, a government works its people from within like a cattle herder divide and conquer, exactly as we are now ! But thank you for reminding myself and others that there are dwp disabled workers!

  • Hope everything works out for you and you get the help you need. This government is beyond cruel and awful with some of their cuts.

  • That you Matt I appreciate that !

  • Our country in the US used to be that way about our medical records. Doctors would refuse to give us copies of our own medical records. Then laws were passed and now the doctors are required to give us whatever records we request. It is ridiculous that laws had to be passed in order for us to get our own records but I'm glad they are.

  • If I was working I wouldn't mind paying, but seeing I'm only on a small income from the government, I begrudge paying one seventh of that money on a letter!!!!! Thanks for your reply!

  • Well I can certainly understand that. And I agree with your thinking that it sounds like the doctor got your husband and another patient mixed up. Getting those records would certainly help clear that up. But are you telling me that they're trying to charge you to get those records?

  • Yes they are!

  • That's terrible. Our hospitals and doctor offices do that too and charge a damn fortune too.

  • Oh dear..not great. But what do you ultimately want is 'the prize' first place at the head of the table not licking up the crumbs from under it! Have you applied for PiP yet? On DLA?

  • Yes I've just got pip about two months ago and it's the lowest one which I didn't understand at the time so lost the 30day appeal !!

  • Frank, i take it that ' when you were going to have your surgery that you informed them that you were HAVING SURGERY,?

    If the DWP were Informed -which is your legal requirement to inform them of ANY CHANGES-then, THRY CAN HARDLY USE THE 28 DAY RULE AGAINST YOU AS THEY WERE INFORMED??

    That's ILLEGAL .The DWP will have broken the law. You demand a reconsiderafion .

  • I HAD my surgery one and a half weeks before.... and the were informed.


    KERCHING. Right phone them now.i think open till ,6

  • ESA, The people that decide our future as wrong as they do, a couple of years ago i went for an appeal and when i went in on my wheelchair, they asked what was wrong with me and i couldn't remember what i had, you could have heard a pin drop lol, the thing was held 12 months before i was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, thats why i couldn't remember what was wrong with me lol. They called me in so i could look for work and i must admit the face on the interviewer was priceless when he read a letter from my specialist, "oh" he said, lol, and he waddled away to see his BOSS and said, " i cant arrange anything now" i just looked at him and grinned. He gave me another form is to fill in and a week later i got a letter from the DWP im pleased to tell you that you are now in the support group, its a poor do, when you have to be seriously ill more than before. I hope you are successful in your quest for some support from this evil government that just wants us all dead. Personally i blame those who voted conservative.

  • Nothing to do with politics! It's about the LAW and passing of 'new laws' that can help or hinder applicants in their quest to be recognised as ligitimate claiments.

  • I am appalled by your personal treatment. But this type of personal story is repeated in all the group's I have been watch? The DWP uses the law against claiments who do not unlike you, Present EVIDENCE. It's that simple. You have a condition, how do it effect you,in doing these test examples in the form of 5 questions, present evidence of the condition and supporting evidence, kerching. Well done for holding out.

  • Thanks Phillip, but tbh no matter who is is the weakest will be the ones attacked first unfortunately 🙈

  • Boys, That's why you have a rottweiler doggus in your camp. So put away the violins and reach for the Oozie 9mm!

  • Hi Frank think the word is SYSTEM, you have obviously , just come against the strange system for recording medical facts. It will certainly give you a headache for now and long to come, if it does not send you off your rocker in the mean time.( seriously I know of people who have committed suicide due to the system or had a mental breakdown). Medical reports are used to make you look as well as possible, not to reflect the true picture of suffering. Hope you feel a bit less frustrated now, do not let them get away with it, even your own GP does not know you well enough to decide whether you are capable of working with your problems or not. THey see too many people for too short a time to determine this. Relax and have a restful day it is the weekend.

  • Thank you katieoxo60 yes I need a vent for the pressure valve to blow, it's hard when your nieve, I had a great job life etc but it was a slow onset with the last operated arm and then a very quick onset with back and both shoulders I didn't expect yesterday either to see a letter saying my newly operated shoulder will need replacing with a view to do the other, my problem is honesty I was so use to playing down my shoulders to my company before my back went that maybe subconsciously I'm doing the same........,,

  • Good morning Frank hope you are enjoying your weekend, yes when trying to maintain our independance many of us down play our health issues or just simply but them to the back burner then they bite us when we least expect it. I've learnt over the years to over stress when dealing with DWP and under stress when wanting a job. I was sacked three times as unable to do the job but the DWP still felt I could work, so I did till 55. I even did temping, but had many disputes with my employers surrounding my fitness to do the job due to my need to adjust to none conventional methods in order to complete a task. Sadly nothings changed much at the ESA department, or medical assessment centers when deciding on fitness or the type of job you could do if able to. I could tell you lots of stories but that is not what you need you need a sensible assessor who records correctly , and understands the disabling effects of loss of upper limp movement, and unpredictability of back pain. Whether that will happen is another matter. :) :)

  • Postscript Frank , both my shoulders are knackered to put it in your words , I have constant pain on use but its registered as minor aches & pains, not due to injury and arthritis weakening the joint and muscles. Good Luck

  • Thank you

  • Sorry for the grief you're going through.

    If it was an Atos doctor you saw, my understanding of how they work has been garnered from press reports, others and my own experience.

    The Atos doctors are NOT government employees, DWP has outsourced the face 2 face medical assessments to Atos. From whistle blower press stories, I heard that Atos doctors get a bonus for everyone they get off benefit. A really great example of wasted funds by a government department.

    In my humble opinion, Atos is reeling in money, their doctors are no doubt told to get as many off benefits as possible. This company does not care about patients just profits. Following 3 assessments by Atos docs, I was deemed fit for work. I asked for a copy of the face 2 face notes. I then wrote an appeal addressing each wrong, ambiguous or false statement. Luckily I won each appeal. But while that process was on going, the DWP saved a few quid (maybe).

    It seems common sense has been abandoned for wasteful use of money, time & resources by this government department. Whether this is politically motivated or simple incompetence I don't know. But I do believe that it's a deliberate, long term plan to dismantle what was once the most envied health & social security system in the world.

    The NHS is in the same dire mess, in my opinion, due to mismanagement, incompetence & deliberate undermining of the service & staff. Not to mention the disrespect shown to patients.

    Sorry, I think this might have turned into a rant. I wish you all the best with this process and hope you get it sorted in your favour.

    Cheers, Catherine.

  • I work in the DWP and none of us have ever heard about any medical person getting a bonus for denying any claimants. So many fallacies in the media.

  • That's true you certainly can't believe the media...........

  • Hi.

    I accept that you can't always believe media reports.

    However, combined with my experience of the process, some reports make sense.

    An example would be, at an assessment the doctor did a physical exam. His report read my right arm was weaker than my left (I am right handed). But he qualified by saying I wasn't really trying. The week following the assessment, my GP confirmed I had a frozen shoulder. Then followed 6 weeks of physiotherapy. On top of nerve damage in my shoulder from a car accident, I was in serious pain. So the day of the assessment was no different. I certainly did do my best during the exam.

    The 2 important points for me are, I was not properly assessed and the report all but called me a liar. That 1 assessment caused physical pain and emotional distress. This is just 1 example from a series of painful examinations by brusque doctors ticking boxes. This doesn't even account for the real sense of pressure placed on you, when you are ill and kept waiting 1 hour and 30 minutes beyond your appointment time. That happened not once but 3 times. You tell me, is that an efficient, effective system? Or one designed to intimidate and stress claimants who are unwell?

    Kind regards, catmag.

  • Catmag

    I agreed over the media bit because I don't think most of the staff are offered incentives ........but I didn't say all the private companies working on behalf aren't, as they are run by private companies with shareholders to fulfil. Who knows what ministers say or backhand etc behind doors we will never know or maybe it's a case they employ the unemployables the ones who aren't great at their job -again we don't know and to be honest we never will. I am complaining about mine as it's mostly fantasy and what my thoughts and views are no relevance, as like you what we believe is, in real life very hard to prove. The only way is to fight our own personal complaint is with hammer and tongue and make them realise private companies have no place in the system.

  • I fully accept these third party groups like Atos and Capita do get some cases very very wrong and I do believe that many of these welfare cuts are awful. I would go as far as to say some are evil and nobody should ever have to endure such conditions that throw many into extreme poverty. I have close relative who is heavily disabled and has sadly faced these cuts along with bedroom tax so forth. Many who work in the DWP do have family and even friends in these situations and it can be heartbreaking. It's those behind the doors of Westminster to blame.

  • I had to appeal my ESA at tribunal and when it got into court after 10 mins the judge said this case should never of gone to court at all. I was awarded ESA support.

    The main reason I lost the first was " I could lift both hands up , so I could lift empty boxes?" I have never seen an empty box lifter in any job pages ever! I even complained to my MP and strangley that reason is no longer allowed. What they did not take into account is yes I can lift both arms but if they stay up I have trouble breathing? Which the Health Proffesional ignored!

    Be well

  • Thanks Offcut, yep I will take the job as that empty box lifter lol! scrub that I can't move my arms that high ! Look after yourself as well fella!

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