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My little thank you

Hi all

I tried to stop reading the news years ago as it was becoming to depressing what we do to each other and this world that we should cherish.

With the newspapers (as they were called then) I cancelled them all and stopped watching the News at Ten on the television.

It slightly worked as I was finding life bearable without the doom and gloom in the news.

Then it started creeping into my life through the Internet, slowly at first and then I would have the BBC News page as one of the start up pages when I would start the Internet browser (then it was Internet explorer as I was with windows) but now with Mac I find Safari adequate for my needs and find that now I am looking at Sky News and BBC News more and more every day and that there is so much violence in the name of religion throughout the world, some truths being made public before they are verified and it seems the Media is now trying to control what is happening on the ground just for the stories. I know in my heart this is not true but it feels like it at times.

Now we have our people on this site who are spilling their hearts out on the site, and what do you get? people trying to help. We get a new member and we welcome them, we do not care what religion we are it does not matter, we are in pain and we are asking for help and advice about what to do in our lives, no one tries to be outright flippant but tries to help (sometimes we have a joke at our expense) but we try to help,

We have people with fluffies and we have someone who is in a great deal of pain posting a ‘Pic of the Day’ and there are others who are administrators and volunteers who are not fit and well, but want to help all of us and feel they can help.

I would like to thank everyone on HealthUnlocked from its creators to the volunteers and the persistent bloggers and those who give help to the answers we ask. I have seen some come and go and some who go to different communities for their help and that they can give help to.


Take great care and kindest regards


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Here here. Well said. X


What a wonderful comment! I have often thought many of these things myself, and you have put them so well - thank you indeed. I am not a sufferer myself, but I took an interest in the subject when my late friend had acute pain and I started to research the matter. I now promote awareness in Complimentary Therapies.

May God bless you all and reward you for the wonderful example you give to us all.


Terry, what a lovely message, you are right, there is a lot of kindness and concern for people out there and however much pain and distress we can be in it certainly helps to know that there is understanding, sharing and often very

positive suggestions from loving hearts and folks who really care.

Thank you,

Chrissy x


Hi Tettridge,Thank you for your post, it was very interesting & informative. You know I had never given a thought to how, what or where and who got this site organised. It has been a Godsend to me in many an hour of pain & utter feelings of helplessness (lately there have been times of sharings of fun and normality, and I felt someone had thrown me a raft with its name being happiness on it.) So like yourself - I too want to thank whoever made it possible - and still makes it possible. And there is so much to be learnt and shared on this site & it does help me to know that I am not on my own on this journey. All best wishes to you, and if all the doom and gloom on the news makes you sad - maybe find a way of enriching your life that makes you happy. Helen

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Well said. I have had lots of help here and encouragement.xx

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As the kids would say "Nice one "


totally agree I have never thought about who started this site but whoever it is and to everyone on here thanks. x

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Hi tettridge, I really understand where you are coming from, as I felt the same, now I make a joke of it. If you log on Daily mail news on line,. They publish headlines of articles, if you wish to read them, you click on link and it expands to the full article. Then at the end of the article there is a section for comments, with a green arrow if you agree, or a red arrow if you disagree. You have to log in, with email address and any name you want, ensuring privacy

It's great fun disagreeing with the Rednecks and Lefties and agreeing with the commentators who make true and useful contributions. I have a feeling of putting the world to right, when I leave the site. Try it for a laugh.

Best wishes and don't let anyone (especially these scandal riddle cartoon mag's pretending to be serious bringer of news.) get you down

Best wishes and health.

Jamie 186.


Well said, and maybe those who cause such atrocities in the world should come on this forum and see what it's like in the real world for us. Maybe it will make them realise they're not that important.


Lovely comment of appreciation of the site.

We have a strange world with war, starvation, persecution in all corners, but we also have one with love, comfort and laughter. It's really up to us which one we invite into the lounge.


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