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back pain?

so in January while doing trampolining i did a wrong move and hurt my back, at first i thought it was nothing and would probably get better in a few days but weeks past and its almost June and it still hurts, its not a mild pain either its either always hurting or there's a constant ache. if i sit (mostly on the floor say for an hour or two) the pain would become worse so much so that it wouldnt go even when i lie down. my biggest struggles with it is going up stairs, tying my laces, walking/running/ doing sport which requires lots of back muscle and bending. but now ive come to the point where i dont even care about the pain i just dont like the fact that its always there and hurting and i cant do simple things like bending down to do my laces. i dont know how to describe the pain either all i could say that its there annoying me and it feels like i just need a good stretch. my leg is starting to hurt and theres always an ache in my leg and rib. i dont want to go to the doctors either because i think id just be wasting their time cos they wouldnt know what to do either. so what do i do?

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If you don't want to go to a doctor, then maybe try a sports medicine physiotherapist if you can find one. They are usually excellent at dealing with the results of injuries.


Thank you id make sure to check that out hopefully it would work :-)


A chiropractor or a physio if you don't want a doctor. They will tell you the things you should and shouldn't be doing and how to do them properly. In the meantime trying icing the area ( frozen peas) 15 mins on 45 off. If sitting on the floor hurts do it, sit on a chair.

You need to do something soon if the pain is now extending to your leg. Its clearly not going to heal itself. Perhaps stop the running until you see a physio. Brisk walking is a good substitute but if that causes more pain walk gently. Listen to your body. Don't stop exercising but modify to accommodate this injury.

Good luck



See your sports coach. They have heard what you have complained of before and would know who the best person for you to see is.


You should go to the GP for appropriate advice


Hi my name is Chantelle I suffer with very bad back pain I am on so many pain killers but over the past 3 weeks I've bin in so much pain it's untrue can't cope with the pain I can't stand for more than a few seconds I have lied down I can't strangest my legs I keep getting pain in m shoulder and em my arm and my hand go dead week and it's a strange feeling I am in tear s writing this please. Helpi can't sleep eat or do anything I get stuck in the bath I could not get out please can anyone help me


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