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Bad lower back pain

I'm 14 and I've been sleeping on the floor for almost a week. I'm currently experiencing really painful lower back pain. Do you know how I should lay down or what I should do? I've also felt nauseated and when I went to the bathroom when I felt I was going to vomit, I coughed up saliva instead. Nothing else is happening though. Do you know what is wrong with me? Is it bad?

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Sleeping on the floor? Why are you sleeping on the floor? If you are sleeping in a house then you should try and make yourself as comfy as possible with blankets etc. so the floor isn't so hard for you to lie on.

Sleeping on the floor is liable to give anybody a backache.

I doubt there is anything wrong with you sweetheart other than having knowhere to sleep. The sooner your situation changes I'm sure your backache will improve.

Take care I hope you find a bed soon.

Jen x

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I'm assuming your back pain is from your spine and not from something like a urinary tract or kidney infection.

Generally its better to keep moving regularly, rather than trying to stay still in one position for too long as that will really make your back seize up. When you do lie down, try lying on your back with just a very small pillow under your neck (even one of those travel type pillows) and put a pillow under your knees - that helps keep your lower back in a better position. Can you get to a swimming pool? Being able to float in the water can help your back feel better too. Don't try hard swimming, but just use float bands or noodles to keep yourself afloat. Also try walking in the water. For relieving pain in your lower back, I find alternating heat and cold packs works quite well - a maximum of 15 minutes for each and be very careful you don't either burn yourself or leave the ice pack on too long so it damages the skin. You can also buy ibuprofen or voltarol gel from the chemist - it is an antiinflammatory gel and that can help relieve any pain caused by the muscles getting inflamed.

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Hi Madison_01,

Firstly, you have come to the right place to find help in its many forms, from sympathy, concern, support, ideas and ways that help, all you have to do is decide which one to try first.

Your nausea and gagging first. I suffer from this, in the shower I sometimes start gagging/wretching to the point of stopping breathing, and then just get a bit of saliva for my efforts. Mine is caused by a nasal infection, not related to Fibro. It starts with little crystals forming in the nose, and as they dry, they pull on the hairs in the nose causing pain. Eventually, they migrate into the higher nasal cavity, and that's where they cause the gagging. My GP gives me cream for the first part, and then antibiotics for the worst part. Talk to them just about the nose, don't mention Fibro, you need to try dealing with this of its own.

Lower back pain. Like Earthwitch, I hope you have talked with your GP to rule out other causes, and that back pain is all that's left. Follow Earthwitch's suggestion of going back on the bed and put pillows/cushions under legs/knees/ buttocks, to change the body's laying position, and alternating hot/cold, hot from warm water bottle, bag frozen peas wrapped in teatowel for cold. I have a damaged nerve in my back, besides the Fibro I have had for 8yrs. At 63yrs old, I can't start some of her suggestions, so had to find other means.

I lay on the bed on my back, then bring up my left leg (where the referred pain is centred), and then cuddle the knee, gradually pull it further in towards the body, then carefully let it go back, try to cope with the pain as you do. Sometimes I need to do it for up to 1\2 hour, but the gentle stretching of the spine, supported by the bed, may help reduce the pain, you might need to do both legs in turn. Don't wear thick stiff clothing when you do this, I ware just underwear so there is no restriction.

Hopely, some of the contents of Earthwitch and myself are helpful, and if you want to discuss more, please send me a pm, which I can then reply to.

Good luck and don't give up, keep checking this site for posts to you, or others with similar problems. 🙂🤔


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