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Lower back pain


Middle-aged female, been feeling unwell for a couple of months. Current symptoms are low back pain (not relieved by laying down) and the skin is tender to touch, mild upper abdominal pain, bloating, some nausea and loss of appetite, headache and dry mouth.

I've had bloods done which have apparently all come back normal. I will be seeing a GP soon but wondered if anyone had any ideas what might be going on?

Thank you x

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have you considered a new bed or matress? Failing that maybe an app with a chiropractor? Do u work or are you on your feet a lot? Y nan used to say always make sure you babe a comfy pair of shoes and a good bed cos whe kk your not in one your In the other 😇

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Unfortunately we are not medically trained so it is really best to await the results of your tests from the GP. We can support on coping methods and here to listen once you have the diagnoses. Good luck

Saz x


As others have said we are unfortunately not medically trained but I am wondering because of all the bloods etc coming up normal and the skin tenderness, etc whether Fibromyalgia has been considered. If you go on the Fibromyalgia Action UK site and look under symptoms see if yours match the ones on there, just a thought.x


i had all your symptoms four years ago....along with psoriasis and i've been diagnosed with psoriatic spondylitis. if you have any family members with autoimmune issues do let your doctor know. sometimes it doesn;'t show up in blood work, but do make sure your doctors have ordered autoimmune labs and inflammation labs. i would ask for an mri of your lower back and possibly a colonoscopy/endoscopy study. keep us posted.


Nothing but MRI shows up some things.


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