Bad Lower Back Pain

I started gettting noticeable back pain a year ago and it has been getting progressively worse over time. I have went to physical therapy for multiple injuries, this being one of them, but the pain has not subsided. I am 14, if that helps. I play very competitive hockey and am currently dealing with a fractured scapula, which I have reinjured twice, and flat feet. I have weight training in school, and lower back hurts whenever I do squats, cleans, or deadlifts. My back also hurts a lot when I sit down. I will give more information upon request, because this is already getting long.

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  • At your age, you really need to be talking with your parents about what to do next. If you are heavily into sports, then maybe you can discuss being referred to a sports medicine clinic. If you have a family history of back problems, inflammatory arthritis, or autoimmune diseases generally, then it might be worth talking about getting checked out by a rheumatologist.

  • I plan to visit a doctor soon and have already seen a sports therapist, but he does not really know what is wrong, but he has a few guesses. I'm just not having any improvement and don't have much time to do so

  • Wish I had a magic wand to tap over cyberspace, but unfortunately sounds like you need consultation with specialists, such as a sports rehabilitation doctor. They are skilled in getting an athlete back on their hockey skates.

  • Thanks for the input

  • Stop the sports. Take 3 months off. You are 14 with changing muscle structure and body size. You need time to adapt to your changing body.

    The flat feet can be due to incorrect posture where your standing in such a way that the body weight is being placed on the arch of the foot instead on the heels. If your body weight is on the arch then it is not surprising that you have back problems.

    Speak to your hockey coach about improving coordination exercises. This will reduce the possibility of injury, make you more manoeuvrable and actually increase your strength at speed. It will need you to drop out of competitive sport for a short while as you learn not to engage in old muscular posture habits and learn new ones.

    Hope this helps.

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