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Ok I've literally had enough of this pain I'm currently seeing a physio and have been given exercises to do but I think they are making it worse and to top it off I coughed on Monday and have pulled something in my lower back I don't know how much more I can take !! . My life consists of pain ,hot water bottles , heat pads , and bed. I'm really low can't be bothered to do anything my anxiety is at a all time high scared to be left alone travel on my own etc it's putting a strain on my realationship ! I just don't know what to do anymore ! . So they have done X-rays on my upper back and I have minimal scoliosis and bad posture and it is repairable but I don't know how much more pain I can take !!! Just shoot me now :(

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  • are you on painkillers ?

  • Co codamol

  • Is it not taking the edge off ? If not ask your doc for something stronger

  • Yes I have but I don't want to be pill pushing forever I'm so down about it all

  • If there is something that can take the edge off take it .It's better than been in Pain and in bad form

  • How regularly do you see the physiotherapist for review and for how long have you been doing the exercises? Can you email/phone him/her to say that the exercises seem to be worsening the pain or mobility in your back (whichever it is or both) and ask for advice to tide you over until the next appointment?

    As suggested above by DERMOPJ, it can be useful to have some decent pain management to take the edge off if it helps you to perform some useful exercises or to keep functioning until there's a better strategy in place to help you. Do you have a GP appt. so that you can discuss this in the near future?

  • I have had 2 physios my next one is in 2 weeks and I called her yesterday for advice on lower back she said to take pain killers and carry on with the exercises , I'm just not the same person I used to be due to having upper back pain for nearly 2 years thanks for replying

  • Chronic pain does change you and it can seem to change the world around you (colours appear much duller and flatter, noises are different, other people can seem very irritating :) ) in ways that aren't always obvious until things improve and then you notice that colours seem brighter etc.

    It took some time for physiotherapy to help back pain for me (slightly complicated by shoulder and knee problems) but it has helped me tremendously. It probably got better in small increments but looking at the big picture I can really tell the difference.

    E.g., it used to take me about 20mins to get out of bed and to my bedroom door (it's not that large a room) because I'd take a step, have to wait for the pain to release before taking another one, etc. etc. but now I can just get up and walk. Similarly, every time I caught my foot while walking, the back pain would be so intense and overwhelming that I couldn't see, I could scarcely lift my foot to walk, and every step made me wonder if I could bear to take another. Now, when I catch my foot, it's no more than a nuisance. Looking back, I can hardly believe that that was me.

    I know that I'm very fortunate to have responded to physiotherapy in the way that I did.

  • Hi. Are you able to take Ibuprofen? If so you could take your cocodamol, have something to eat or a drink of milk then take one or two x 200mg tablets of Ibuprofen. You could increase this to three if necessary, therefore taking 600mg. This combination usually works well on pain. You could do this 3 or 4 times a day with at least full four hours between doses for short term.

    What strength is the codeine?

    Do you take any medicine or Fybogel sachets to counteract the constipation caused by the Cocodamol?

    Constipation can exacerbate pain.

    I understand how you feel about not wanting to be 'pill pushing' for ever. And codeine can be addictive.

    Stress also exacerbates pain, but if we can't get it under control then we can get more stressed. It's a vicious circle!

    Could you phone your physio first thing in the morning and ask if OK to continue with exercises as it is making your pain worse?

    Distraction helps, but it seems you are in too much pain to even leave the house at the moment.

    I hope you are able to get your pain under control very soon.


  • Hi can't take ibuprofen I have asthma 😫

  • Have you tried? Does it make your Asthma worse?

    I had one doctor telling me not to take it and others saying it was OK if it didn't make my Asthma worse! Confusing! I have found, though, that since I have been on Lansoprazole for stomach acid to protect my throat I have not suffered as much with my Asthma. So I think acid was also being inhaled as well as pooling in my throat at night.

    I don't use Ibuprofen regularly. Only if wanting to go out and pain is bad. So I can cope better.

    Have you tried the topical ibuprofen gels? That's what the doctor who said I couldn't take the tablets prescribed for me. I think you can buy them over the counter as well.

    I hope you get on top of this pain and get it under control. It's just not fair on you is it?

    Hospital A&E should help you with such bad pain - but who can cope with going there ! Not really accessible for people with disabilities and severe pain.

    Thinking of you xxx


  • If Physio is making your pain worse , then from what I have read, I would be inclined to either stop doing it or doing less and see how that affects you. And when you next see the Physio explain how it was for you. Problem is these days one is only allowed so many appointments before they are stopped but everyone is different on the time it takes to heal.

  • Hi oxypinkyblue. Sometimes the exercises you are given can hurt at the time as you are working your body differently from the way it is used to. Possibly the wrong way. Try doing them at 50 % less intensity for a week or reduce the repetitions or the range of movement.

    If postural issues are part of the problem that's good news in a way as it's something that can be changed with time and effort. I know, when you hurt it's hard to be motivated but in the long run its worth it.

    Postural problems can be helped by an Alexander TechNiue teacher if there is one near you.

    Has the physio given you ideas about the bad postural habits you have got into ?

    It's not easy being in pain but it does seem that there is a solution to some of the problem so fix on that at the moment if you can.

    Wishing you well


  • hi oxopinkyblue,

    I to suffer from bad posture, I take cocodamol and lyrica, when the pain is unbearable I rub voltarol cream on it. Sometimes I wear a back brace to keep my back straight. Then when watching TV I've had that at different heights to find out which suited me, sitting on sofa I've a small step for my feet to rest on and a small cushion for my lower back, that way I'm sitting into the back of the sofa comfy but sitting more upright. But everyone is right stress causes pain so try and find a way to sort that. Tell family and friends you don't want sympathy but the funny things that's happened to them and funny jokes.

    Unfortunately physio didn't work for me but I exercise in other ways as staying still makes you worse. Most importantly you must learn to keep your back straight.

    I do hope you find away to relieve that pain, we all know what your feeling so moan at us and keep smiles for family.

    Take care xx

  • Thank you I'm glad I have somewhere to rant as I think my family are sick of it

  • Rant as much as you need.



  • I've had back pain for 20+ years now, 5 discs gone in lower back and 2 gone in neck. I do agree the pain really gets you down. I tried physio but it exacerbated the pain so had to stop. Went to pacing, no good either, pain management at local hospital was my only option. There are various treatments they can do but they only last for 2/3 months at most and the more you have the less time it lasts. I now am on morphine plus countless other pain relief just to be able to put one foot in front of the other but I do still try to move around a bit as although it hurts it's actually better than sitting doing nothing as that just causes everything to stiffen up which has a knock on effect of increased pain. If there is an option for treatment that is going to really help then get in there and have it. Anything is better than nothing and if you motivate yourself now and begin recovery at-correcting posture etc then it is so much better than living with long term pain which is only bearable because of strong medication, believe me I know hunny. Start getting your posture corrected and hopefully things will start looking up from there xx

  • Thank you so much , that's exactly what I plan on doing I just want my life back

  • Before you get someone to shoot you I think you should try a chiropractor to see if they can help. I've recently moved from physio to a chiropractor n am wishing I'd done it years ago as am getting some relief and also some understanding of my mild scoliosis and what I can do or need to be aware of regarding posture n further injuries. It's helped me a lot


  • Omg tried years ago with a frozen shoulder. After treatment I was at home digging a garden. I'd recommend them. But I can't go now as its not on NHS so money is an issue. But if u can afford highly recommended

  • If you also have posture issues look for an Alexander technique teacher in your area, it really does help. If the physio is making things worse it is usually because they are trying to take out a spasm by stretching the muscle (like trying to take a knot out of a rope by grabbing both ends and pulling) a biomechanic can show you anti spasm exercises instead.

    Good luck


  • Hi there it's excruciating isn't it but give it time, try and go for walks etc after the first couple of days, try the exercises but if it's painful don't overdo them, if your still having pain after a month pester your doctor for a MRI scan as that can show what's really wrong. I ve had back pain over 20 years on and off, and an MRI scan revealed I had a slipped disc and the pain was horrendous, but after exercise was able to walk again and a specific exercise , helped . What you need is a definite diagnosis hence the need for this scan. Emphasise the need for it. Anyway hope you get better soon regards mark

  • Maybe if you give the exercises a chance they will eventually work for you.

    Just stick with it and see what happens.

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