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Hi guys. My first time here. And my first time admitting that I'm not coping with this at all. I have chronic pain in my wrist after a ganglion removal. It seems a small percentage of people who have this operation are left in constant pain that doesn't respond to treatment and no one knows why =( it's been getting worse lately and I've finally admitted that it's really affecting me, more then I want to admit. I'm just at a loss really.

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  • Welcome vampress .. I had an ankle ganglion removal two years ago and it still plays up :( sometimes I cannot walk on my foot and I have crutches due to back and hip problem. The crutches have damaged my shoulder too .. Not an easy ride. But you are in a good place here and you will get support

  • Thank you. It helps to know I'm not alone in this.

  • Is there a a difference in the temp or coloring between wrists? Have you seen a neurologist about this yet? If not you may want to consider doing so, check out this link to see if symptoms apply.

  • There is no difference visibly in my wrist. I still have full movement. Its just constant pain that travels up my arm. It also feels like my entire arm is bruised when I get a light knock that wouldn't hurt if it was anywhere else, I'm pretty sure thats nerve damage because my mum experinces similar symptoms and its because of her damaged nerves. Thank you I'll have a look.

  • Sorry your having so much pain. I'm meant to have a ganglion on my wrist removed at the same time as carpal tunnel release. Need to think a bit more before going through with it now. I wasn't told about that possible reaction.

  • I'm surprised you weren't told. My consultant told me so we tried everything first. Aspirating it,a few steroid injections, physio but nothing worked so it was a last resort. But it is only 5% of people who end up like this. The majority have no problems at all.

  • I was not offered any options! I was just told that they can remove it but it might come back. End of story. I suppose I had just finished telling her that I was wanting to put off my other carpal tunnel release until I had someone at home to help me. She wasn't impressed with me. My hubby works away from home, so I would be totally self reliant and having been through one..... 🐸

  • I'm not suprised you want to put it off. Maybe you can ask her about other options so your in less pain until you can have the operation? They might work for you.

  • Hi Vampress. Start with wan pain get to Mach stop and take Break . And you are not alone any more . It ok and take every that come . Stop try and please everyone . And just relax a little. You can look at. Meditation breathing exercises little exercises if you need that can help yoga can help . And people on her can help xxx so take deep Breath And you be ok x

  • It is possible that your muscles have gone into over contraction. This is a painful condition that can only be cured by stretching the muscles out again. The process of stretching the muscles out will take several weeks and my experience of this is that it is a painful process, but worth doing as it leaves you pain free.

    See a sports therapist. Hopefully they should be able to make some suggestions as to what exercises you need to do.

    Hope this helps.

  • This isn't something ove heard of before. But I'll definitely look into it thank you.

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