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A break from the pain


I'm delighted to tell you about today. Instead of waking up in the normal horrible pain- it was ok. I went out for a walk to get my pain meds ironically. This is the first day in 3 years that I have been able to walk on just a few tramadol. Normally I need 20mg of oxycodone just to get up and about!

It's a random event that's really made me happy because it reminds me of when pain wasn't everything. It may not last but it was still a nice gift.

Sending you good vibes!

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Pleased for you. Whatever the reason for no pain I hope you get more days like it.

Good vibes accepted


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Thanks 🙂

I was on oxycodone every 4 to 6 hours for 2 years. I thought that I was feeling better with it. I realized when I took my self off of them for freedom without meds, that pain meds can actually make your pain worse when taken over time. I know you will think "but I can't move without them" I was that way before and after my back surgery. Now 2 months free of them I still have pain, but at least 70% less the when I was taking them. Plus you have the flu like symptoms if you don't take them.

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I have heard this a few times and for some people it's true. For me, I need these meds and they have saved me from killing myself. We tried different levels of pain meds and different kinds like bupe (patches and tablets) It just didn't cover me and that part of my life was hell as we tried to find something! The pain is

back again today and in lucky to be able to take care of it with my meds I collected the other day.

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What kind of pain are you experiencing? Mine was from my spine from l3 down had slipped forward 75% and you could actually see it, it looked like a tail. I hope you find relief soon. I feel ya! Praying for a better solution.

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It's in the lower back right in the facet joint. The bit that helps the spine tilt and roll the pelvis. New symptoms have appeared like pins and needles and it's painful in my foot. It's the nerves. I'm going to the dr's. God bless to you too.

Well done Jake, wonder what's brought that about... you must be feeling more upbeat about things. Positive mental attitude certainly can help. x

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Not sure. I had the pain again today and my mood is the same. It's just a random thing. Still gives a bit of hope because it reminded me of my old self. Like, it's not all in the past. How are you doing?


The pain is back today and that's expected after 3 years of having it. I'm just grateful for a day where I could be my old self for eight hours. Maybe I'll get more days. 😎

Thanks for your message Jake.. like you, good days, bad days. Mine's all down to osteoarthritis. I read from an old posting that the diagnosis was' overloaded facet joints'... that can become very painful...and it sounds like you're doing the best you can to keep up with the stretching. etc Did anyone ever suggest aqua therapy> is that a route that could help to strengthen the supporting muscles and elongate the spine???..

It always used to bug me why sometimes |I hurt a lot and other days I didn't and wondered if diet was a contributory factor? So I changed my diet and kept off of high carbs, sugar, processed foods and known inflammatory ones... did it help?.. umm to a degree. I felt mentally clearer and more energetic and a slight reduction in pain. I hate that foggy feeling pain killers give, so I try to go without as often as I can.

Take care.

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Hi. I think for many people diet can be a huge factor. I've changed my food around many times because I get acid tummy and have to take pills for that too (hernia). I've not seen a chance in my pain from diet. The water therapy sounds like a great idea but I've put on weight and I feel bad about going to the

pool. I'm not fat but but I have a gut now and I'm not used to this. I'm trying tonlosenthe flatten my tummy again. When I have more confidence, I'll try it! Sending you good vibes!

So glad you’re having a break from the dreadful pain. It must be a delight to be able to go for a walk

All the best 👍🏾😉

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It was nice to not have to think about it and then notice, I was only on two tramadol. It was empowering and dare I say it, I felt like a man again. Then pain is back to its normal level but I won't forget that day. I'm getting pins and needles in my foot so I think there is a nerve problem. Sending you good vibes.

Wow Jake, here's to Many More days, like this. Good Vibes to you.


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