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Can't cope with the pain and symptoms

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I'm really really struggling with my pain and all the vibrations throughout my body.. I struggle to sit, stand, walk and feel more and more disabled.. it's like watching myself deteriorate and not be able to do anything about it as I have had various scans and tests which dont seem to show the cause of my pain. Plus my whole body feels like a tuning folk. it's very distressing and I have no control over what is happening.. Am fed up of tablets and nothing has helped.. I'm now embarrased to keep on going back to the doctor as I'm not sure what else they can do...

I can't bear all this pain and I feel like an old lady...

6 Replies
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I haven't got any answers for you rocky, but I wish you well and here is a hug from me.

I keep hoping my back pain will subside and I have really good days. I sometime have viberations thru my body, I put it down to my thyroid.. My head feels really strange sometimes.. But nothing like you describing... Oh I do hope you can get some answers.. Hugs again.x

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Rocky, could your symptoms possibly be caused by tension? Emotional tension I think we with CP share and fear ! This can certainly cause muscle tension and every fibre on full alert - fight or flight, adrenalin surging through every cell - it's a very powerful chemical !

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Don't be embarrassed to go back to the doctor - is there someone who can go with you? best wishes

Dear Rocky, scans and tests are very unlikely to show a cause for chronic pain. What happens is the whole nervous system becomes sensitised and hyper reactive. A horrible feeling which is just as much emotional as physical (pain science teaches us we must lose the split between mind and body). For some people trauma or surgery kicks off the pain, for others it can just appear. A good book (with lots of pictures, but explains the complex science well) is EXPLAIN PAIN by David Butler and Lorimer Mosley, published by NOI Group, Australia 2003. They have a website too,

Do not lose heart: if you haven''t yet been to a pain clinic you should try that. GPs have no training in managing chronic pain and do not understand it. Specialists have an armoury of 300 meds, many procedures, courses or psych. support on managing feelings, and managing your pain day-day through a combination of exercise, mindfulness, posture and pacing.

You are not weak (pain is used for torture) and your pain is real.

Good luck, Bowbells.

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Thanks Bowbells, it's so hard and I struggle without an explanation as to how can I be in so much pain for possibly no reason. I can barely move my foot and the vibrations are horrendous.. I should be going to a pain clinic soon.. Hope you are ok too

Try alternative therapists. Even if at the beginning you get an hour or so pain relief thats a bonus that can be added to over the week. They give you things to do at home and you work as fast as your body allows. Increasing slowly over the months.

Its hard work to manage pain, it needs a rethink of how you do things, a change in your environment and lots of nice sessions with alternative therapists. Some will work, others won't but it is loads of fun finding out. And they are so talented, interested and attentive to you. They are not worrying about seeing 20 people in 2 hrs like a gp does.

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