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Coping with nerve damage pain to abdomen

I'm currently 2 years post op - had a routine keyhole surgery to remove gallbladder which led to a blood vessel to the artery being cut and led to a 2 1/2 litre heamorrage from my breast bone into depth of pelvis,it remained there for 3 months following a number of attempts to aspirate and placement of drainage bag. In to tummy finally needed major surgery to abdomen to cut all the adhesions and huge heamatoma from my bowels and liver.

I'm only 32 yrs and have 2 children 2 and 3 1/2 yrs I haven't returned to work as a hairdressers as I can not cope with Dailey chores and kids without terrible pain.

Doctors told me to get on with it basically, I'm currently taking 300 mg pregablin Dailey and still feeling pain, does anyone have any idea whether this will improve or ideas on how to cope with this issue???

I'm so depressed as I don't seem to be improving much and I'm isolating myself from going out as its such a strain for days after.

Sorry for ramberling on thanks for answers in advance :-)

My sister friend said you can't become dependent on these tablets which I agree with but how would I cope with pain would it be life long?

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Gosh gregorynat you poor thing. Wish I could offer help but just don't know. With regards to painkillers, none have every worked for me :(


It depends on how long you've been taking the pregabalinas to how quickly you might feel better. If it's been a while and they're not helping please go back to the doctors as there are other medications for nerve pain that might help.

Having said that, I haven't found medication very helpful for my pain. I've found things like heat packs more useful, but we're all different.

I have children too so I know it's hard trying to get through the necessary bits of daily life. Mine we're a similar age to yours when my pain started. They are growing up fast & seem none the worst for me not firing on all cylinders sometimes. I read a book called "Overcoming Chronic Pain". I wasn't very keen on the ideas in it at first as it all seemed like too much effort. But it does have some sensible tips for splitting the chores up into manageable tasks.

Finally, why shouldn't you "depend" on tablets if they work for you? People do seem to get worked up about being dependent on pills. These sorts of tablets (eg pregabalin) aren't going to be addicitive. It's your life, if tablets help you to live it better than keep taking them.

Good luck.


I sympathise with you Gregorynat. I have complex regional pain syndrome stemming from my ankle but spread up my whole leg and in my arm. That's by the bye though. If you have not already been referred to a pain clinic, I would urge you to get your GP to refer a.s.a.p. There are so many options available and you will find the right one(s) and get some kind of "normality" back in your life. I have been on Pregabalin twice a day for 2 years, along with Zomorph (slow release morphine) topped up with Oramorph (liquid morphine) as needed. My consultant has just added in Mexitil which is like an anaesthetic in tablet form and I have to say, this last addition seems to have hit the nail on the head. Yes it does make me a little tired but I can manage the pain now. I too was concerned about addiction but actually it reached the point where I just had to go with it as there was no way I could manage the pain. If you are interested, you could also try Mindfulness, a kind of meditation which can help. Do a search on it, and give it a go. Good luck.


Mindfulness is form of meditation practises by Buddhists. The buddhist organisations can instruct you in it for nothing in contrast to the psychologists and counsellors who charge lots of money.

Are you depressed or are you mentally knackered from doing all the mental tasks that are needed to handle pain? Not forgetting pain causes a sleep debt. Hence the need to catch up on the missing sleep. My experience is that sleep debt increases my pain and gives me the symptoms of being depressed.



i really sympathize with you, It seems that you have had a bit of bad treatment, what have they said in their defence

Over several years I had the same condition eventually they found out what it was and operated same as you, taking out gallbladder, although they lost the stone so I was unable to make cufflinks out of them. I was lucky was out of hospital in 14 hours and recovered in three weeks after the stitches.

Some one needs to take responsibility here, there is no need for your problem .

All the best



Hi, sounds like you've been through the ringer! There are things you can do to help yourself. Firstly get referred to a pain clinic to sort out your meds and pain management. If you have adhesions Yoga may help you. I have a friend who had terrible internal injuries and he is only up and about because he took up Yoga after his accident, he also has quite severe adhesions. The most important thing to do is find a way to relax, the pain clinic should help you with this. Go to your GP and tell him/her to refer you. It's really important for you not to over do it and push your self physically, but gentle repetitious exercise should help, just don't strain. Don't be hard on your self either, there's nothing wrong in taking pain killers if you are in won't become addicted to them. I can't imagine having to cope with two toddlers (although i'm sure they are beautiful :-)), you must be exhausted! Mindfulness is a really good method for relaxation and mental health. forget any pre-conceptions you may have about bhuddism, it's a brilliant technique definitely worth a try...a pain clinic should help with this also. If i think of anything else I'll let you know. Good luck.


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