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Hip or knee

I have really bad pains, shooting and stabbing constantly day and night, I'm on zoramorph, liquid morphine. Some more meds but can't remember what they are called, anyway I find the pain goes down the front of my leg, had mri twice. Last time with dye and my hip is irreparable doctor says hip replacement,  but I have had no mri on my knee, my knee goes nuts, and hurts. Can not walk well, always tired, I sleep more than I am a wake,  no energy and both of my hands shake and also suffer with slipped disc's and something pressing down on the nerves in my back. Is anyone else suffering from the above thanks 

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Hi there, I have had both hip replacement and knee replacement on opposite legs.  I know before my hip replacement the knee on that leg ached like crazy but this was put down to walking oddly because of the pain I was in.  After the hip operation on my right leg and reducing the pain killers I realised I was in a lot of pain with my left knee!  Had that checked and sure enough it was worn out and had to be replaced! But the right knee was ok??   My point is that walking awkwardly can strain other joints, you may find that if you have your hip replaced the pain in your knee may stop?  I still have back problems if I stand up for very long or walk too far due to the strange way I had been walking, but the agony of worn out joints has left me.  I am two years down the line now and wondered why I had put off joint replacement for so long.  The pain killers and the continual pain will make you very drowsy and irritable at least thats how I was.  My daughter said I wasn't a complainer but was ratty and sharp tempered with the constant pain, I am pleased to say I am much better now and just take paracetamols for the back ache, I don't know if they work or if it's the stopping and sitting that helps.  I wish you well but all I can say is I wish I had had the joint replaced sooner, it was only fear that stopped me, it was not a pleasant experience but not as bad as I had expected it to be.  Best wishes for your future I if you have a replacement hip I hope your outcome will be as good as mine.  Good Luck.


i 100% agree with gwince1, I too had severe referred knee and on down the front of my leg, pain, also terrible groin pain. I was 30 when the pain began and when eventually I got a proper diagnosis and was advised I needed I hip replacement, I put it off, because of fear.

Pain took over my life, and no medication touched the pain. 

6yrs ago I got my first THR, and got the other one 2 yrs ago, 

if you are offered a replacement then go for it, don't wait in agony until the whole skeleton is damaged from walking badly. 🚶🏼

It's not a fun procedure, and mine was complicated, needing bone graft to build up my shallow sockets, but it's better to suffer the pain of recovery, than never ending stabbing hip pain. I've none of that now at all. Do what's right for you. Best wishes 🌼


sorry cat, you prob realise its nerve prob though it usually effects back of legs first. the sleeping thing (forgive me for saying) is prob down to depresion (not a doc, advice isint to be taken as good).

its hard to find a doc out there that listens, maybe try a locam? they got more time to listen. be safe

like the folks say, get evrything repaired first.


A know that I am scared of the operation and don't want to end up with worse walking and pain, then I'm already in, I have heard some bad operations on the hip replacement outcome,and these people have ended up in more pain, or have ended up in a wheelchair, and I have had a bad experience with my ankles, the pain goes down the front of my leg and my knee feels like it is going to snap, and it's a pain that just seems to never ease, I'm not going to have the operation, definitely not, a will cope until I can't walk at all, then I will think about it. I hate been away from my husband and I don't like hospital especially when you have to stay in, I'm a softie 


No pain killers work for the pain just hot bath, heated blanket or hot water bottle 

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Faulty posture can cause a lot of pain in the knees.  Medication for pain does just that tackle pain from nerves.  Medication for pain does not tackle causes.  One cause for pain is faulty muscle usage.  To reduce faulty muscle usage you need the help of an Alexander Technique teacher.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for all your help anything is better than hip replacement and I will try it 


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