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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to ask.... Has anyone ever had a continual headache (that sometimes felt a bit better or a bit worse but was always there) due to muscle tension?  I have had chronic stomach pain for ten months so this has obviously caused me a lot of emotional stress and upset, and when I went to see the chiropractor there were a lot of points in the back of my head, my upper back, shoulder etc that really hurt.  She said most likely emotional stress which has caused muscle tension.  Does acupuncture help?  Getting a body massage?  I am trying to reduce stress levels but want to know what else I could do....  

Would really appreciate your replies :-)

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  • Hi i also suffer from migraines and headaches that are there on and off most of the time, i was suffering really bad last week and nothing had helped when my husband suggested spraying deep heat on the back of my neck and shoulders and i thought anything is worth a try! Within 15 mins it was gone and I felt so mych better as it had lasted abour 3 days this time, so try it,   may not work next time for me but it certainky did this time ! I totally sympathise as it is so debilitating and people dont understand how bad it can get, good luck.

  • Thanks for the tip, ice works really well too to numb it.  You can get something out of the freezer and wrap it in a dish cloth.  Maybe try that next time?

  • I put ice on my neck & heat on my feet while brushing my hair/head with a soft bristled brush.

  • Just a thought you mention headaches and stomach pains which I get when I have ingested something that doesn't agree with me  try having a look at your diet and supplements etc that you take and remove things until you find the culprit by elimination. 

  • thanks for the tip but because I have a lot of sore points and pain at the back of my neck and head, I am very sure it is related to muscle tension and not do much food.  In saying that, it can get worse sometimes and it could well be from something I have eaten.  

  • Hi yes I have had a tension headache for two months now, no doubt the emotional stress and pain your feeling isn't helping. I find the tiniest amount of stress makes it worse. Mine is slowly getting better this is what I have been doing-trying to not stress, sleeping on one memory foam pillow, having no coffee but camomile tea and peppermint tea instead, lots of relaxing baths each day, doing yoga and increasing the amount of exercise I do, taking a small dose of amertriptlyn, I have found an amazing lady who does therapeutic massage which has helped no end! No alcohol drinks! Eating a bit better and taking multivitamin. I have no idea what of the above is helping the most so I'm doing all of it! Good luck 

  • Thanks so much for the advice.  I have actually just joined a yoga class and am looking at joining another class that is a mix of Pilates and tai chi.  What is your tension headache from?  I will definitely look into purchasing a multivitamin too.  

  • I slept up right when sick and messed up the muscles and no doubt kept it going with stress and worry

  • Oh okay,  I messed up my muscles too as I had bad posture for quite a while.  

  • Also forgot to mention that I had a couple of mornings where I woke up clenching my jaw before this I had no idea I was doing this but one of the signs is sensitive/sore teeth when eating something sweet, buy a mouth guard and work on stress levels if this is the case

  • Omg I noticed I do that too!  I will catch myself clenching my jaws and I have no idea why I do that.  Also when I am sitting down watching TV or just sitting in the car I will be fidgeting or tensing my hands in some way.  Really need to learn how to relax.... Do you find yoga helps you?  Are your headaches coming from your upper back and neck? 

  • Yeah I could feel the tension travel up my neck, I made a big effort to relax my jaw in the day and have a body check to make sure I pulled my shoulders down and check for any areas I I am holding on to, in the end I realised I just couldn't stress and worry so let it go and tried to stop, it's really helped with work it's still hard but I realised that stress really wasn't helping me work any quicker just making me sick

  • I had to have 4 cracked fillings replaced before I finally got a night guard

  • I usually find relief with acupuncture, massage therapy (deep tissue) and combo of ice and heat. Not all at the same time ;) My headaches come and go and vary in pain. Never really super painful. But, pressure and different random shooting pains or sensitivity. I hold all my tension in my shoulders which have caused severe muscle resulting in pinched nerves which seems to be causing the pains. Also, investing in a good pillow really helped make a difference. Good luck. 

  • Consider 'brain fog,'  makeupforever ?

    Brain fog can feel like a constant headache.  

    Both brain fog, teeth clenching and stomach/gut issues are symptoms of both vitamin B12 Deficiency and Low Thyroid, or you can have both B12 Deficiency  and Low thyroid together. 

    (Though not saying this is what you have muf.)

    A good high safe dose of Vitamin D3 (anti inflamatory,) can help with bowel/gut conditions, vitamin D3 even helps Chrohns disease, but you need to find out from experts what is causing your 'chronic' stomach problem. 


  • Stomach problems and headaches could also be a sign of celiac desease  (wheat allergy) or B12 deficiency. 

  • hi hun feel your pain, I suffered for 22 years with migraine, going to bed in pain and waking in pain, nobody understood what I was going through drove me insane. My life was revolved around migraine, couldn't function on a daily basis just wanted to lay down all the time. Tried all sorts of medication,nothing worked but 4 years ago I went to neurologist and was given gaberpentine, best thing I've ever had it was sooooo strange waking up without headache, I'm now on a very high dose which controls my migraine, still have bad attacks but nowhere as often as before. Speak to your doctor ask for referral to neourolgist .. Wish you luck hun there is a relief you just got to find it


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