Fentanyl for constant pain

Hi can anyone help me I am prescribed oramorph and fentanyl patches (75) for chronic bladder pain from cystitis and have always found it hard to keep the patches sticking to my skin for three days I have asked about fentanyl lollys to be told they are not suitable for people in need of round the clock pain relief has any one ever been prescribed these and is this true and also any tips for keeping patches sticking to you for the three days ( I always make sure the skin is clean dry free of hair and use micropores tape) but more often than not im waking up in pain and finding the patch stuck to my bed any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you 

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  • Hello Jay I am on Butrans Morphine patches. I had Similar problems. I had very inflamed areas etc. Spoke to pharmacist, he said areas around Top of Thighs better. Make sure skin no creams on before. But also I in peal patch from foil base leave for couple of mins before applying to SKIN. This lets the Alchoyl to burn off.!! Which causes Skin to become sore itching etc. Hope of some help to you. LV Jan. XX

  • Thank you 

  • I haven't I was first prescribed just oramorph almost three years ago then prescribed fentanyl patches around two years ago I still use both to this day but use the oramorph when I get breakthrough pain thank you for the advice

  • I believe a good safe up to date dose of vitamin D3 is good for cystitis and the bladder Jay_86. 

    Google both 'cystitis and bladder with vitamin D' 

    Can be down to just having low in range or deficient vitamin D. 

    (Though not saying this is what you have Jay_86.)

    Have you ever been tested for vitamin D ?

    85% of us here in Uk are either low or deficient in vitamin D and do not know it. 


  • Hi thanks for the advice I know cystitis is used as a broad term for bladder issues but in my case I have had this for four years now I had stones that were not noticed till I passed them had a camera in my bladder after and there was extensive damage including a rupture I have been advised to have my bladder removed and replaced with my appendix I will always have this till my bladder or a section is removed all I drink now is chamomile tea cranberry juice and water that helps I will take your advice and try it though anything that could possibly help is great thank you 

  • Poor you Jay_86, 

    All our family are on a good safe dose of 5000iu D3 

    Check out www.vitamindcouncil  for safe up to date doses of D3, for proof yourself.

    So many illness are stemmed from not having enough D3, also taking D3 helps prevent so many illnesses too, (makes sense,) you can check it all out on that same website. 

  • Thank you 

  • For all bladder problems I use aloe vera.for most of my adult life i

  • You mentioned stones, gallstones ? if so Jay_86 there is a thyroid/gallstone link you might like to check out too. ?

    (Not saying this is connected with you Jay.)

  • Hi Jay_86

    This could be stating the absolute obvious but (I had the same problem for a while);

    Are you sweating in bed? Bed linen not a breathable material? The soap/shower gel you use; does it contain any moisturiser?

    Like I say, they may seem daft questions but any/all of those had an effect on me being able to keep the patch on. Also, I had to be 'cold' with cold hands to put each patch on - we're sometimes hotter than we think and that can stop them from sticking.

     The moisturiser in soap seems a bit of a stretch but just as it says, it moisturises and in doing so, leaves a microscopic film on the skin which stops the patch sticking again - even if it does initially.

     Just a few thoughts, from anecdotal evidence!


  • I think it might be down to fidgeting in my sleep was advised to try sport tape its stretchable fabric tape seems to be doing the job so far thanks for the advice and help though

  • I'm on fentynal durogesic patches and i agree I had problems with them sticking too,I now stick them on my tummy and when I'm putting them on make sure that I hold my fingers over it for thirty seconds or so especially round the edges The doctor did try to change mine to the cheaper ones but they didn't stick at all.x

  • Yeah I have just been put back on durogesic after asking for them when my dose was increased to 75 micrograms per hr they gave me them in a different brand matrifen they are smaller but a lot thicker and didn't stick as well I have just started using sport tape it's stretchy fabric tape made by a company called fastaid and it seems to be working even after three showers my patch and the tape are still securely on my chest I would definitely advise trying to find and use this product hope you find something that works and thanks for the reply x

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