Fentanyl patch 37mic

Hi everyone hope your all having the best day you can get,I would like to know where the best places are to put my fentanyl patches I'm on 37m at the moment so it's 2 patches I've been using them for 2 years now plus other opioids,but I have to put tegaderm over the top of the patches (consultant suggested it ) so they stay on but the skin on the top of my arms is starting to really become sensitive because of the stickiness of the tegaderm,so I'm wanting your input on where you put yours,and the best pain relief effect it has . A big thank you xx

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  • I use a 50 mcg pach bt titrated up over a year to that dosage.I rotate from my right upper armonto r upper chest ( top of my breast ) then to l upper chest, then l upper arm,Lupper back ,right upper back , right upper arm and then start the cycle all over again.I find the pain relief to be the same in all parts but the tegaderm / patch causes slightly more irritation. On the chest areas.Ive also be told they can go under the breast or at the sides of chest.!just as long as they remain above the upper waist and they are not placed on or around the head areas.Hope this helps

  • Thanks will give this a try ,fingers crossed

  • Ps i meant to say also they are not allowed on the neck area as well .

  • Why are they not allowed below the waist? I was under the impression that they can't be used on the chest and had to be applied on a bony body part. I have had mine on my hip bone for years.

    I'm all for trying somewhere different, so I'm hoping you can enlighten me. If there is somewhere on the body that works better than other places I'd love to know 🐸

  • I have always used sites above the waist and below the bra line and then alternate left and right. As with other reply it doesn't seem to make any difference to how effective it is as to where it is sited.

    As for increased sensitivity to the adhesive in the tagaderm over patch I have had the same problem. I am pretty sure that the "glue" has been changed.

    Hope hat helps, good luck

  • I put my fentanyl patch on my thighs, on top of the femur/hip joint. I use micropore to keep it on. It works like a dream on my left thigh, but for some reason the micropore lifts on my right thigh. I can't find a reason for the difference!

    It also means that the patch isn't on show in the summer, always a bonus 🐸

  • i had to come off those because they were being blamed for a sleep disorder and i still have a sleep disorder a year later. i use to put them on my upper arms and thighs was on 75mg patches.

  • I think it is because it is easier to wear above the waist.I find a huge difference in lack of efficacy when i wear it on my left arm,the couple of times ive worn it there it were so awful,i felt the whole horrible creeping of withdrawel throughout the lifetime of that patch.Im just going to skip my left arm in future.I use tegaderm on top of mine too.which helps greatly with adheranceespecially now that the hot flushes from change of life have started Lol

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