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Itching and fentanyl patches


Hi everyone x have been on 25_mg fentanyl patches for about 6 to 7 mths it has been ok and given me good pain relief. Last month or so have had really bad itching under my patch so intense and have had to change my patch early as I have rubbed it off. Also my skin under the patch is red, sore and blistered x has anyone experienced this and what did you do? I change the site of patch but am running out of spaces !

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Yes in answer to your itching and soreness.

David after abiut 8 years developed a sensitivity to the sticky.

Hydocautizone crean helped rubbed into the area before applying the patch. this helped plus GP changed to another brand. I can't remember the name. After about 2 months he went back to Fentanyl although still gets a bit itchy from yime to time. Delicate skin!

Try the cream and if it doesn't help see your GP about changing band.

Hope this helps

Pat x

sarahjd in reply to Bananas5

Oh thanks x might make GP appt x funny enough not been itching today !!

I was on Butrans patches and also was sore, itchy and blistering. My gp stopped them and prescribed slow release morphine tablets instead.

sarahjd in reply to missymoomoo

Ok thanks x will see how it goes not been itching today which is typical ! Will speak to GP if it carries on x


I have the 7 day morphine patches and also have the irritated skin side effect. I switched to the tablets but the side effects were horrible and they did not work as well. I decided to stay with the patches as they do work and the side effects are a fair trade off. My GP prescribed a steroid cream and it works but I use it sparingly as my GP told me that it makes the skin thinner. I also use Sudocrem which is quite good. I rotate the patches around my arms and legs. Being a bit of a big old lump, there is a bit of flesh to share. Good luck with finding something that works for you. Warm regards, Dave.

Bananas5 in reply to Hidden

Hello Dave,

Try hyrocautizone cream. It is the glue in the patches which ititates. The hydroc should be less harmful than steroid one

Pat x

Hidden in reply to Bananas5

Thank you Pat. Regards, Dave

I had itching and red burning skin too on the fentanyl patches, I was told to come off them by my GP. Talk to them though, see what they suggest.

sarahjd in reply to katwilson04

Thanks has been bad again x even when the patch is off I am still itching and sore so will have to give in and make a GP appointment! Just a shame if I have to stop using them x

katwilson04 in reply to sarahjd

Yip, defo,sounds like a GP appointment. Please be careful coming off them if that's what your doctor says. I ended up in A&E with withdrawals, absolutely horrible feeling. So please be careful, xx

sarahjd in reply to katwilson04

Yes that's what is making me nervous as was on them a few years ago before my 2nd hip replacement and the hospital just stopped them x really bad sweats anxiety ended up back in Hosp with such bad pain x now I realise it was the withdrawal x so will know what to expect now ! Thanks for the advice xx

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