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Hi everyone I have been on tramadol 800mg per day for a few years ,the pain was getting much worse so the doc changed my tramadol for fentanyl patches 50mcg ,I was so sick and bad headache ,I could not even keep fluid down, now back on 800mg tramadol ,the doc has also now given me fentanyl 12mcg patches to try with the tramadol but I am to worried to try them again ,any ideas as my pain is bad at moment .any ideas would be a help .thanks Jacqui

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  • Sorry to hear of your need for greater pain relief. It does sound from your brief description that the Fentanyl dose was too strong. I used Fentanyl happily for many many years. I would give it a second chance. Changing meds like these always take a bit of second guessing on the GP'S part. Good luck Rib

  • Thanks Rib I will try and give the smaller dose patch a go and see how that one goes with the tramadol , maybe the 50mcg were to strong .Jacqui

  • I started at 25 and stayed on those for a good number of years. These were topped up with DF118 so not a million miles away from the analgesic level of Tramadol. Over decades I progressed through 25, 50, 75, then the biggest... 180///// no not really. 100. This lasted well too but eventually I needed something stronger. Shame because they suited me well.

    Of course they don't suit everyone and this may include you but as we are all looking for long term solutions it has to be worth a shot at a lower dose in my opinion. :-) Rib

  • Interested in your reply. David to has worked his way up through the patch strengths to max. He tops up with cocodamol which really isn't much help.

    What are you looking at for the next stage of pain relief?

    Pat x

  • I switched to Zomorph. A slow release capsule of morphine sulphate. 100mg twice daily. Not strictly an increase in drug but I find it better. I did post a while ago asking how much Zomorph can one take as 100mg is the largest strength. Rib

  • I did hear your post but don't always have the time to follow up answers. Guess I go for ones applicable at the time of need.

    What is causing concern to consultant is David's immenent hip replacement and what to give him. Something tried and tested from other users is always a good starting point. Thank you. Just a pity patches don't come any stronger.

    Pat x

  • Hi everyone, agreed pain relief is very much a personal thing we are all different. When my pain is bad I increase the painkillers but I only take a small dosage in the first place so any increase is not up to maximum. I also resort to other none drug treatments during flare ups. I would think a smaller dose patch is worth trying for you Dalrymple and if it makes you ill again back to GP for a try at something else, it often takes a long time to get a suitable dosage to control pain and often does not totally relieve in chronic pain. Good luck with finding a solution for your pain relief.

  • I have been on opiates for many years and now take a massive 28 x 20mg oxycodon a day.All sorts of side effects and still in pain.Docs say there is nothing else I can take as I have tried evrything

  • Hi I was on 400mg tramadol slow release but needed something stronger, tried 12.5mg fentanyl patches but not strong enough so went onto 25mg and have to say much much better pain relief, I still have some nausea but it does settle down after a few weeks. I also take 500mg naproxen twice a day for anti inflammotory x

  • Thanks for your reply this has given me the confidence to try my low dose patch with 800mg tramadol ,thanks Jacqui

  • Hope it helps xx

  • Plus I came off the tramadol now so only on the fentanyl x maybe the sickness etc was coming off the tramadol ??

  • Hi Sarah thanks for your comment ,I never thought about the sickness being from tramadol withdrawel ,I should be able to work out what it is that's making me sick this time ,as I have to keep the tramadol dose as it is ,and add the fentanyl 12mcgpatch to see if I can get on top of the pain ,I asked the doc if I would get any withdrawl from coming off tramadol ,but she said I wouldn't as I was taking a stronger opiate this being a 50mg fentanyl patch ,but I feel you may be right,thanks for your help Jacqui

  • Try asking for cyclezine or a similar anti sickness tablet, I take them with my morphine and have used them while on fentanyl patches as well. They work very well and stop the 'car sick' sensation morphine gives me.

    Hope this helps and hope you find a solution.


  • Thanks nutty I was given anti sickness drugs ,after my first patch made me so Sick ,but even with my second patch I could not even keep the anti sickness pills down , so I am hoping another try with a much lower dose patch may help ,many thanks Jacqui

  • I wonder if you would be suitable for Palexia (Tapentadol), it's relatively new and I have been on it for 2 months now, started on 50mg s/r twice a day now on 100mgs twice a day, I have to say I have no side effects at all, they are equivalent to Morphine but for me Morphine is a no no.You can go up to 500mgs twice a day, my pain consultant recommended it, pain relief has been a night mare for me Tramadol, Amitryptaline, Gabbapentine, Pregabalin cause me terrible problems including fitting. So I'm very happy to have been put on it,I don't think anything removes all pain, but a level where you can function is a real bonus. I wish you luck in your quest.

  • Palexia was given to me for a month to try by my pain doctor as he said there was a much less chance of me being sick , I took it but after two weeks I was still just wanting to stay in bed and sleep ,great for pain , no sickness ,but no energy and sleeping all the time made me give it up . I am still trying to get a balance for me where the pain is manageable plus I am awake enough to enjoy being part of my family ,many many thanks for your help Jacqui

  • Hi Jacqui , glad you are get the more advice on this forum I knew you would they are a good lot! I an hopefully startimg on patch this week at lowest dose so will let you know how I go.Hood luck with it x

  • Thank you Kim ,I have been given some really good advice , I will be keeping tuned in Jacqui

  • Hi Dan my mistake I have two 50mg tramadol twice a day plus one 200 mg slow release for night ,the fentanyl 50mg patches was prescribed to replace the tramadol ,but as I was so sick with the 50mcg patch ,I was put back on 400 mg tramadol ,with a 12mg patch to try with the tramadol ,to see if I can get on top of the pain without being sick , I think it's my arithmetic that's in question .all my medication has been prescribed by my pain Doctor at the local pain clinic , hope this makes more sense Jacqui

  • Thanks for your help Dan ,I will try this much lower fentanyl 12mcg that the doc had just prescribed ,and if I am still sick with this one ,I will ask the pain doc about the drugs you suggested thanks Jacqui

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