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Multi disciplinary appointment (MST)

Hi I have said on here previously that my pain consultant has retired and all spinal injections have been stopped until the foreseeable future, I had an appt to see the new pain consultant on 29th July, I have now received a letter to say my appt is now an MST appt and I should expect to be there for around 2 hours, has anyone else had this type of appt and if so could you please give me some idea what to expect.

Many thanks in advance


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What is MST? Musculo-Skeletal?


Sorry should have put MDT multidisciplinary team


I have the sane question.

What is MST?



Sorry should have been MDT multi disciplinary team

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Multi-systemic Therapy, I had one of these a couple of years ago, in my health authority it included, physio's, O.T's Radiography, and a mental health support worker,and my Pain Consultant had sent a report. Mine was done when the surgeon who was about operate on me , (Controversial surgery) was tragically killed in an accident and his whole list was suspended. Their job appeared to be to review my case treatment, and options, and decide what the best course of action was. They discussed what I had had done and explored all alternatives,they also discussed the sort of surgery that had been planned and whether it was the best solution. I did feel a bit intimidated, but they were all professionals and were nice enough. I got a letter about 2 weeks later to say that I was being transferred to another surgeon, he did all the tests again ( the cynical amongst us would say it was more ,time wasting). Everybody has to justify how they spend their budget these days and this was a part of it. I hope yours is like mine and you get the result you need. The only bit of advice I can offer is to write down everything you have wrong with you and all the treatments you have had, successful or not, and how it impacts your life, relieves your symptoms ect. Good luck.


Thanks for that it's a great help, I will write everything down as I'm bound to forget something

Keep well. Sheryl


It's a professional decision made by the surgeon to ensure the best possible care for his patient he has to justify the care delivered and to ensure any surgery carried out is appropriate to the needs of the patient. It's not about time wasting


Thank you for that sian


It's a shame you had to go through it all again , sounds like you have a good surgeon who's thorough hope everything works out for you. 😉


Thanks again sian


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