Shoulder pain - what's going on?

So . . . . . I am in agony with my left shoulder! On slow release morphine topping up with liquid morphine, luckily it doesn't make me drowsy so am managing to function. X-ray results came back showing wear and tear at the end of both right and left clavicles and in the ball/socket joint on left. This wasn't a surprise but doesn't explain the pain I'm suffering in what I feel is behind my scapula.

Over the past year or so I have had both shoulders injected and the pain responded well to the cortisone but this recent pain is different. I am at a total loss as to what is going on and I'm hoping that my consultant will send me for an MRI when I see him in March.

Anyone have a similar experience?

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  • I am suffering so much with my right shoulder as well. I fell landed on my right side. I went to the emergency room exray showed I had a fracture. I cannot take this pain. I recently went to the hospital again. I have to go to a specialist and get an MRI. I cannot sleep can't do much of nothing, even to get dressed is a hassle. Ive been prescribed tramadol motrin 800 mg. Nothing helps me with this pain

  • Morphine really helps with my pain Deeana perhaps you could ask your gp for some.

  • Hi I had shoulder pain for 1 year plus.. Had xray, ultrasounds, all came back clear. Finally got a mri after a very long wait and shows I have problems with my cervical spine. Without a mri I would never have got diagnosed. Hopefully you will be able to have one xx

  • Hi Victoriapain ,

    I have wondered if there's anything going on with my spine and this is related pain. I have had spinal problems in the past and have a fusion at L4/5 .

    Hope you are all good now.


  • I've got spinal stenosis and disc bulge at c6/7. On butrans patches and just physio for now x

  • It could also be referred pain, and the fact that this is new and different could mean that it isn't related to anything previously looked at. For instance it could be something to do with your diaphragm, something going on in your pelvis, or intestines. It could even be something to do with your lungs or liver. Referred pain is like that!

    you are doing the right thing by following this up.

  • Thanks cyberbarn ,

    Hopefully I will be able to persuade my consultant to refer me for MRI!



  • cortisone attacks ligaments. Pain may be due to wear and tear. It may be due to over contracted muscles. Over contracted muscles need to stretched out. This can be done by a sports therapist, masseur and McTimony chiropractor.

    If the head is not balanced on top of the spine you can develop problems with the shoulder. The shoulder is a very complex joint muscle wise. A slight inbalance in muscle usage will cause all sorts of pain. It is worth seeing both an Alexander Teacher for muscle control problems and a yoga teacher to learn how to get in touch with how your muscles function.

    Pain killers kill pain they do not tackle the causes of pain.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, I didn't know that cortisone attacked ligaments!

    I practised yoga on and off for more than 25 years but had to stop periodically due to joint problems/spinal surgery etc because of my RA. I have over the years had regular massage from a qualified sports massage therapist but with the joint damage and pain at the moment I am terrified to let anyone touch me!

    I do have a slight curvature of the spine also fusion at L4/5, wear and tear in right hip and knee. I'm just one big mess to be honest!!

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