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Hi everyone. I've had about 6 steroid injections on my disks a few months ago and felt about 50% better for a week and then pain is all over my body again. Now the doctor suggested the same procedure again and then another procedure which is burning the nerves... I said I'm gonna think about it. I'm very nervous about these procedures as they are not permanent solutions and I'm in constant pain for 3 years now..

Anyone had this procedure done before?

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  • Hi, ive had all injections etc at L5 and S1 level. I found that they worked for the maximum of three months for me but didnt help leg pain at all which can sometimes be worse than my back pain. The radiofrequency injections didnt work at all which was disappointing and extremely painfull. Injectjons can work for around a year on some people so if your in a lot of pain its worth a try.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. And sorry to hear that your in a lot of pain too. These pains stopping my body and brain functioning properly... Over the 3 years I got a lot of mental damage too. I'm gonna be 30 soon and worn out already. I do not know what to do. I'll probably go for these injections at the end even though I'm not so sure at the moment. I wish everyone a good health.

  • I'm due to go for injections into my disks in a couple of weeks, I've had my pain now for about 15 months now. I have back pain and also really bad left leg pain although my disk is pressing the nerves on my right side, which was a bit confusing to my surgeon. Really just wanted to see if you could tell me what to expect from these. I know it's not permanent which is a concern as I really don't want this pain anymore.

  • The doctor wanted to do this to me.  I talked to several doctors and they didn't even know anyone who had it done.  I was so afraid it would make it worse.  Talk to a lot of people before you do it.

  • Oh sorry hope you get it sorted i

  • Well apperantly all the cause of my back pain is low cromozome and some other crap in da blood.. Full of... I'm so fed up with these clowns! NHS is a freaking joke!

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