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I need help

Hi so I'm 14 years old and for around a year now I have been having these on and off pains in the evenings they are in the center of my bottom and whenever I walk, sit, stand or do anything really it hurts and I don't know what to do about it. At the beginning I thought it was normal but I don't think it is anymore and it really hurts. I cannot really tell or ask anyone about it because it's really akward talking to my mom.anout it and I'm too young to go to the doctor by myself please help get this pain out thank you

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Hello Smuphy

You don't say of you are a young laady or yound man?

We can't make a diagnosis here just help, support and point you in the direction to get treatment.

You say you can't talk to your Mum. She really should be yold even if it is awkward.

Do you have a teacher at school you could ask for advice? Maybe that teacher could speak withh you and your Mum?

Or do you have an elder brother or sister? But Mum is really the one to take you to the Doctor.



Ask to see the school nurse. The nurse should be able to take it from there.

Hope this helps.

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You say you're too young to see a GP by yourself, but you are allowed to. There is no reason why you can't, and anything you say is kept confidential between the two of you, they don't have to inform your mom.

On the flip side, yes, it can feel embarrassing, but it would help to have her support when you're in pain. I'm sure she would want to be there to support you through this. I'm 28 years old, and I still want my mom's support and she wants to be there for me!

Do you think you may have injured yourself somehow and that could be the cause of your pain?

Try looking in a mirror to see if there are any signs you can see that might be causing your pain. Try to make a GP appointment, whether you go alone or with your mom you should get some advice. The GP isn't there to judge you, they're there to help you. Your mom is too.

Take care,


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Have you done anything yet? If not, remember your mom has seen your butt plenty of times over the years. She is the last one that would make you feel uncomfortable and really needs to know what's going on! So, go tell her right now or let her read this message you posted to us. She'll help, I promise! Right now!😊😊


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