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My Brother Said It Hurts To Breathe Please Help Can't Find Anything On It Little Information


My brother is 13 and we live far away from eachother and he said a few hours ago that he felt sick and he was hallucinating because when he gets sick he hallucinates, but he just told me that it hurts when he breathes so bad that he doesn't want to breathe, he also just told me that his left brain hurts? He said he feels like he's dying which is most likely an over exaggeraturation, but our mom clearly isn't seeing this as seriously as I am because when he told her she said she'll talk about it later and she needs her coffee and I don't know shit about medical things so I'm making this post and hoping to get a response asap and I'll make edits if he tells me anything else!!


Irritated right eye, throat swollen, feels warm, aching body, that's all so far, so let's tally this up.

•Irritated eye

•hurts to breathe

•aching body

•swollen throat



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needs to see a doctor ASAP

Can you speak with your Mum and tell her what your brother has said to you? She is there and would be the best judge of what he is really like

From the aches and symptoms you describe it sounds like he may have 'flu or a nasty cold. Hallucinations can be caused by an infection in the body..


We went to the hospital when I finally convinced her to go which was very late at night, he has a low count on white blood cells so he has trouble fighting colds, he looks pretty bad right now but as long as he takes the medicine he'll eventually be fine!

I know you have posted here before but it is REALLY important that you realise we are not medics and cannot diagnose on this site.

We are a group of people who have differing pain concerns that post for support or for information.

I know you are concerned about your brother but we cannot tell you what is wrong. Only a doctor can do that. Suggest either he or yourself speak to your mum again about how he is feeling and ask her to take him to a doctor if required. The description you are giving could easily be a bad cold or flu but we cannot diagnose here!

Colorless_sky in reply to Bevvy

I didn't know where to go so I went here, I was very worried because my brother and I live far away and for some reason I couldn't find what was happening on the internet so I went here, I was looking for information, and I was trying to find what this could be symptoms of.


I'm sorry to hear this and I don't really know what to say, but I I think that I would either take him to a doctor or the hospital. Hs may be suffering from nerves or under stress, though it may be something more serious, but I would get him checked out.

There is a lot more going on here. I presume this is in a country where there is no free medical care. Mother is on low wages or not in employment. So the cost of getting a doctor's opinion is expensive and best avoided unless no choice.


"While the number is decreasing, ten percent of children in the United States remain uninsured. Nearly half of those uninsured kids are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, but their families may not know it."

Speak to your dad or the person looking after you.. He should have the means and connections to do something.

"he was hallucinating because when he gets sick he hallucinates". This worries me. May be a child services or equivalent problem.

Our father has passed many years ago so in the house it's just him and our younger siblings, he and I live far away from eachother so there was nothing in my power that I was able to do, it eventually got so bad that he couldn't really breathe at all so that finally convinced our mother to take him to the hospital, it was a bad case if the flu and apparently he's low on white blood cells so its hard for him to fight colds and other things.

Bevvy in reply to Colorless_sky

Glad to see your mum finally took him to medics. Hopefully now with treatment and rest he will quickly recover.

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