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Need answers to my pain

Hi I'm paige I need answers of what my pain could be its my right lower quadrant but above my hip it's like someone is stabbing me in the side over and over it kinda hurts when I touch my belly button I need to know bc it started in the middle of my stomach/ belly button then moved to my lower right side also it hurts to make sudden movement and last night I had a low grade fever but I just thought I was getting sick but it kept on hurting I need answers....!!

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Sounds like a suspected appendicitis although ovarian cysts can mimic appendicitis. You need to phone the NHS Direct(24 hr hotline) and get some advice or take yourself to your nearest A&E hospital. Don't ignore this kind of pain, especially if you've never had your appendics removed. It may not be this of course but do get yourself checked please. Good luck!


As Paige is in USA I don't think the NHS will be a viable option.

I do think that you should seek a proper qualified medical opinion Paige. As Tillee says it does sound like appendicitis.

Remember it can get very worse very very quickly. If it reaches that stage it can burst. If it does burst it can kill you.

Please see a doctor soon.


I agree totally - sounds like appendicitis, especially as you have had a fever. Get to your medic / hospital asap

Take care,

Let us know how you get on please



Hi Paige. That last reply u had cld've been put a little more delicately ! I agree with them though - it does sound like Appendicitis. As I always say though - you must get a definitive diagnosis from your Dr. It is relatively easy to diagnose either by Dr doing a physical examination or an ultrasound of your abdomen. Yes, appendicitis can be very serious but you don't say how long you've had the pain. I suffered for 6mths with severe pain, vomiting daily and my weight dropped to 6 and a half stone by the time they diagnosed it. I was told that by the time they took my appendix out it was such a mess that they were surprised I didn't die with it. I also had a polycystic ovary so again, that cld be a possibilty but you must see your Dr and demand an ultrasound of your abdomen. That wld also show if an ovary is the cause. Either way - please please get an appointment and ask for the relevant tests asap. You shouldn't be suffering like this. I hope you get this problem sorted very quickly and wish you every luck in getting better and pain-free. Big healing hugs. Elle-kaye.xx


Time to see a doctor. Could be a number of things but we are not doctors here so make an appointment this morning and explain where the pain is. You should get one straight away.

Hope you will be better soon.



Please paige see a doctor ASAP...or take yourself to the emergency room. You can't delay with suspected appendicitis..if it bursts as moonatnight said it can be dangerous. I had mine removed when I was in my teens. It started on the left side then went into the centre...felt like a needle in my tummy button...finally the pain on my right side was unbearable. Please please go. Good luck.

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Pain starting on the left and then migrating as you described Janieliza is the class symptom.

Not all that ails us follows the text book route but with a temperature, feeling sick, and increasingly painful attacks do point that if it is appendicitis it is inflamed and needs an expert ASAP.

Sorry if it was not all prettier up Ellekaye-72_ but in the middle of the night it looked more important to answer the plea for help and to emphasise the urgency of seeking medical advice.

Sleep well, Moonie 🌛

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