Need help with dry mouth!

I have had three jaw surgeries and wear an appliance at night since I no longer have a natural resting place. I have been taking amitriptyline since 1997. It works . I can sleep at night. The problem is extreme dry mouth and has gotten worse with age. I'm about 50 lbs. overweight because I'm always putting food or drink in my mouth for relief. Doctor said I will have other health issues if I don't lose weight. Help. What else can I take?

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  • Trentom56

    Howdy! Check out Dr. John's candies. Sugar free naturaly, made from burch tree. Hard and soft candies to help those with dry mouth with out calories.

  • Thank you . Will give it a try.

  • Chew sugarfree gum. I do, on the recommendation of my dentist, as a dry mouth damages your teeth! If you can't produce any saliva, you can get an artificial saliva spray. There is a great, calorie free drink available now. It guarantees that it won't injure the teeth, and even doctors recommend it for all sorts of things. It's called ......Water. drink that whenever you need to moisten your mouth, you should soon see the benefit, and if you drink about a half a pint, 30 mins before you eat, you may find that you eat less! We could all do to drink more water, and it will not do you any harm unless you REALLY overdo things!

  • Thank you for your reply. Can't chew gum; aggravates joints.

  • Hi Tenntom

    I can recommend Biotene toothpaste for dry mouth. It's also an anti bacterial and has improved my mouth by increasing saliva. You can buy it in Boots or Lloyds, it is expensive but worth it!. What dose of Amitriptyline are you on as that can cause a very dry mouth. It does for me but my dose is high at 50 mg daily. Glad it helps you though. X

  • Thank you for your reply. Using biotene now. My dose is 50mg. Can't go lower and sleep. Dropping amytrip. and trying generic cymbalta.

  • Hi Tenntom

    Hope the toothpaste and change of drug help you. X

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • I have suffered from dry mouth for last 9yrs due to cancer diagnosis. My saliva ducts burnt out due chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    Then only thing that I use 24/7 is bottled water. I have to take it everywhere or wouldn't survive. I have become known for always carrying bottle water at all times.

    I also drink tea find coffee now to strong after throat cancer even fizzy juice irritate throat. One thing consultants said was I would become very sweet toothed which was I surprised at never took notice as never been one for anything sweet chocolate or as part of meal. As years have gone by I have indeed acquired sweet tooth.

    I always aware as I would rather have cake or scone biscuit with tea rather than full meal. I became aware as happened will use as treat at times made myself eat more fruit etc.

    I can understand how easy it is when dealing with dry mouth that for some reason it can cause body yearn sweet things.

    Due to my dry mouth I don't have any taste with food etc blame that on me becoming sweet toothed. I yearn to try taste things always assume if try sweet things they be easier to taste. Found over years that regardless I still find sweet or not makes no difference in taste. I have tried all candies for dry mouth tubes replacement saliva etc found none Any help to me. I keep to water I replenish with normal tap water we do have good fresh water in Scotland. I keep water refridgeratated continuous replacement.

    I wish you well it is continuous struggle to become self aware and build determination. I had to with sweet tooth or pounds would pile on fortunate for me my consultants made me self aware from very start of my diagnosis that help me tremendously from start to always be aware.

  • Thank you for your reply. Have tried it all except changing medicines. Will try cymbalta and drop Elavil.

  • Sweets are the only thing that helps. Switching to cymbalta. Hope it works.

  • Hi , I have been to my dentist I suffer terrible dry mouth and I asked him to prescribe me artificial saliver and he did, so may be you can ask your dentist to prescribe some for you.

    I am using Glandosane synthetic saliva 50ml peppermint flavour.

    Good luck on finding a solution to your dry mouth as its horrible.


  • Thank you. I'll mention the glandosane to my dentist

  • Amitriptyline can cause a dry mouth. Have you asked your Dr if you can try reducing the dose by 10mg for 2 weeks to see if it works to help you sleep but reduces the dry mouth. As with all medicines and Health conditions it is getting the Balance right.Plain tap water helps the dry mouth and doesnt put on wt, as other people have suggested.Ask your chemist if there is any thing that can help. You are not alone

    Good Luck

  • Thank you.

  • My mum used to get a dry mouth due to chemotherapy, and was recommended pineapple. Pineapple chucks or pineapple juice, both worked. Just be careful with the juice as it has a lot of natural sugar, but you could try have a few chucks (tinned is fine, doesn't have to be fresh) before bed.

  • Thank you. Pineapple helps for the moment.

  • Hi, I too suffered from a dry mouth when taking 75mg. I reduced my dose to 50mg and no longer suffer with a dry mouth. Drinking more water didn't help me. If all other suggestions don't work for you then you may have to ask your GP to reduce your dose.

  • I too get a really dry mouth and take amitriptyline.I cannot sleep without it. I'm having aproblem with my jaw as when I eat the left hand side clicks in and out. I had it first in my 20's and dentist said nothing could be done. It has troubled me on and off over the years but not too much to complain. However it is constant now. Since having fibro I've come accross info that says it can be part of this. What happened with your jaw problems' I'm also terrified of dentists and didn't go for years. I don't have very good teeth and gums because of this but I do visit more regularly now thanx to sedation


  • Congenital problem. Should have had upper jaw repositioned instead of lower.

  • I have suffered from Dry mouth for a number of years mainly due to Diabetes, using a CPAP Machine and Hypothyroid. I found from the beginning that Boots Expert Dental Dry Mouth Spray is the best solution for me. It contains a sweetener called Xylitol which encourages salivation and research has recently shown that it also helps prevent caries developing in your teeth. A 75ml bottle costs just £2.75 and lasts for some time (I use 2 to 4 squirts a day).

  • Thank you . I'll give it a try.

  • Is it not time to reduce the amitriptyline? Very slowly reduce as you are now addicted to amitriptyline. Dry mouth is a side effect of amitriptyline. You need to take up an activity in order to learn how your muscles actually work. Yoga is not too strenuous and a yoga class will enable you to network with people who may know who are the recommended therapists for your condition.

    Hope this helps.

  • I take Amitriptyline and I have dry mouth and have weight problems and Diabetes, I buy sugar free sweets of Amazon and keep some in a dish side of the bed and if I wake up with dry mouth I have a suck on one just long enough to take the taste away and put it back in the dish. I do this to stop the possible chance of falling asleep and choking.

  • Isuffer terribly with a dry mouth, and have for quite some time now. It is due to all my meds, and may also be schrogens, waiting to see rheumatologist. I have to constantly sip cold water from fridge, use bioxtra gel along with salavix pastilles and the odd bit of sugsrfree chewing gum.

  • I have the same problem. A few years back I started carrying a water bottle with me at all times. It works. I feel naked without it and it also helps me with dehydration in such a hot climate (WA). You could also chew sugarless gum, but it makes my jaw ache. Suck a peppermint? Or fruit flavoured Tic Tac? Good luck, Sandra

  • There are mouth sprays and gels that are available on prescription specifically for dry mouth. Ask your doctor about these. Much better than food or drinks.

  • Thank you. Going to try cymbalta and drop elavil.

  • Try nortrityline in place of the amitryptiline. It had less side effects. For dry mouth, minty gum? I find it helps me in place of others foods. I always have water with me too. Really hope you find something that helps.


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