O/T assessment today

Woke this morning, my leg is aching and the pain in my abdomen is such that I really nauseous. Can't face food. Today is going to be horrendous, as I will have show how bad my mobility is. My daughters and son know how little I can do and how much support I need. I used to be "supermum" trying to do everything but over the last few years my health has gone south. Independence to feeling like a burdon. I am grateful for my supportive children.

Blue badge assessment today, and at some point hopefully in the near future an F2F for PIP.

Hugs to all


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  • what is O.T for Liz if you don't mind me asking

  • Occupational Therapist

  • yes but what are you getting ot too look at nosey just I had one out last week

    don't know how too chat on facebook can you add me or request friend thanks Liz T

  • Good Luck Liz - hugs go with you.

    Is the OTT doing the 'medical' side of assessment? As the healthcare professional?

    Pat x

  • Good luck Liz, try to be as calm as possible that will help you answer questions

    I wonder if they know how much harm jumping through these hoops does us

    Sending big calming hugs, or even better, Welsh cwtches x

  • There really isn't 2 sides to OT evaluations. I'm assuming she's coming in the capacity of evaluating activities of daily living in order to provide devices or methods of doing things that will cause less pain. Things referring to eating, dressing, hygiene, ambulation, bathing, being a Mom, household chores, etc.

  • Excellent news, I meet criteria for blue badge.

    Afterwards I cried, so emotional

    Hugs Liz

  • That's great news. Was it a home visit from the OT? We're there any other recommendations made? Stair lifts, bath lift, door widening, downstairs extension/loo, help with cleaning and childcare? All these things are provided by the local council and wil vary depending on where you live from Camden giving away 5 bed houses next to celebrities for £150 a week to Southwark "we only provide palliative" or Lewisham "we don't do OT assessments even though it's a legal requirement"

  • O/T was at their office. As usual my daughter accompanied me.

  • That's great news Liz, nothing more than you deserve, you will find it a godsend, read the book carefully that comes with it as some rules have changed, one of the main things that catch people out is the yellow lines on the kerb edge, even disabled cannot park where they are.

    Hopefully your life will be so much enjoyable not being in pain trying to get to places that previously you had to park a long way from.

    Hopefully it's an omen for your PIP ftf good luck with that as well, don't forget to tell them you are now a blue badge holder.

    Big hugs to you and take care love Sheryl x

  • With regards to ftf, the application for PIP was submitted a month ago and I have heard nothing. Wondering if I should phone, and update about badge and enquire about application



  • Hi Liz I don't think it will hurt to let them know about blue badge, as they seem to be looking at people having aids such as sticks crutches etc, the Blue Badge in my opinion is another aid, if you let them know you may not even need the ftf hopefully.

    Good luck and big hugs Sheryl x

  • NO NO NO NO.

    Hang on I'll post on main thread


  • What's blue badge?

  • Thats wonderful Liz. Well done.

    Of course it is emotional. You get so many knock backs thatt something like this is bound to leave you with mixed feelings.

    No you can learn where you can and can't park!!

    Bigs hug

    Pat x

  • Well done. Liz. I would have been very surprised if you didnt qualify.

  • Best of luck

  • Liz...do NOT tell them about your BB or any other aids and appliances you use.

    They have jusr done a consultation on that very topic. The idea being - to reduce any, or all, PIP care component if you reply on aids and appliances.

    I took part in the consultation with DWP staff and it is evil. DWP are looking as every way to cut people's entitlement.

    Stick with what you sunbitted on the form.

    Sorry didn't mean to scare you but when anyone mentions PIP or ESA my alarm bells kick in.


    Pat x

  • Thanks Pat...at moment I am stuck between a rock and hard place.

    Went out this morning with my girls (31, and 20) it was such an effort, ended up in cafe to rest and take painkillers.

    Just need to realise I am not the person I used to be



  • Well done you. You are coming through the denial phase. Something that happens to us all - whatever the illness, disability or condition. What you used to do in the past is just that...in the past. If you try and carry on like that you will make yourself more ill with more pain.

    Accepting this is you now is a huge achievement. Pacing yourself so you don't trry and do too much. Everything at a very much more gentle pace.

    You will be amazed how you will feel

    Pat x

  • Thanks for that info Pat, I had been told the opposite, it's a good job there is someone on here that has the correct info, I feel that it's a game of Chinese whispers, someone passes info on to another person but in the end it turns in to the opposite of the facts.

    I'm so sorry Liz for giving you wrong info, I will think twice in future passing on anything I hear unless I've seen it in black and white.

    Thanks again Pat for info would appreciate any other info you've got on pip as I expect to get my DLA changed over anytime soon, I only get the lower care rate right now but every little helps when you have to rely on benefits, I have been to scared to reapply to DLA when my condition worsened, which was before PIP came out, in case I lost the little bit I was getting.

    Appreciative hugs to you Sheryl x

  • Sheryl I appreciated your advice, this site is a good way of us all sharing any information on the DWP and PIP.

    When you go to apply for PIP get CAB to help as the have the disability handbook and know the key phrases needed to get the points.

    Hugs Liz

  • Always happy to help where I can Cheryl. Been campaigning against welfare cuts for too long. Don't want to alarm anyone but the furure for us all is bad.

    One thing...DLA lower rate care is being deleted so...hopefully you will be able to go for a standard or even enhanced rate of PIP. Sit tight - your turn will come round soon enough. There are thousands of us who have been on life time or indefinite awards.

    Meantimme shout if you need me!

    P x

  • Can you message me Cheryl?


  • Good luck!

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