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Not sure I'm on the right post.

Just had my pip assessment at home, I am concerned that the lady doing the assessment, didn't understand me, I also had difficulty understanding her. Continually had to either repeat what I had said, or ask her to repeat what she was asking. Don't feel as though it went great as she was here 2 hours,I said, I was exhausted now,I asked to read what she had typed in her laptop. She did allow me to read,it found a few discrepancys, when I pointed this out she told me she needed to go home and fill out a full report, I asked if that meant giving her opinion. She said she's not allowed to use her opinion,but she would need to check my condition on Google to see if it matched what I had said of my symptoms, WOW! ! Is this how they come to a desicion , felt as though I was coming across rude when I had to repeat ing my self,as my patience were wearing thin. So surely what I read will not be true of the report she sends to DWP. oh well she carnt denied my mobility issue. What an experience

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  • Wow !! words fail me !this is one reason that is holding me back from applying. that's awful! how degrading to have to be told they are going to use Google?? words fail me 😣

  • Thanks for replying, I was pretty dumbfounded, but made me think all the more if I don't get the award-- another reason to ask for a mandatory reconsideration.

    I still believe if you have a real disability that affects every aspect of your daily life, the LAW states that you are intitled to help, that's all I'm asking for.

    No denying that they put you through the ringer, but what's right is right.

    So friend, if you have a disability


    Take carex

  • Your very welcome,

    Totally agree with you .if you have a disability and affects your every day life then you should be entitled

    I think most people are turned down anyway on the first assessment. I'll definately apply. Hope all works out 😊. Take care. LINDA

  • Good luck, I am amazed she let you read it as they don't seem to usually do that. I suppose they can't be familiar with every nuance of every illness. That is how they used to do the old DLA and AA as I was able because if my old job to go to the big assessment centres in Birmingham before everything was outsourced to outside companies. They had a reference book with all the common illnesses in it and an on site doctor to refer to if they were unsure. Pity those days aren't back. Do let us know his you get on.x

  • I do understand that even a Dr will not be aware of every illness/condition, now reflecting more on the whole visit, the first hurdle was the clear language barrier,we both had difficulty understanding each other (an important barrier, I believe ) when you are talking about your health and how you are affected,I was reveling rather intimate details. Continually having to repeat as she clearly did not understand,then it became clear that she has misunderstood what I had said at beginning. Has made me feel not only not completely listened to, but also misunderstood . Not once did she make eye contact, even when asking me a question she was just tapping away on laptop, I didn't feel listened to. If this means having to ask for a MR, It means more waiting for the reward that's needed,at worse a tribuneral, it really seemed like the descriptors on her laptop were to be added to as quickly as possible, or deleted an answer already there. Two home visits that day for her then going home. Anyway it is what it is! Keep you all up to date with outcome.

    Thanks for your reply x

  • These companies like Capita and Atos are a pure disgrace. If you fail then get straight into a reconsideration and fight it.

  • I have been on pip 2 yrs and I had heard all the stories of the lies from the assessment and I was so worried but I had a home assessment and was awarded standard both . I recently had my review a whole yr early and they said because I manage 1 appointment once a fortnight that's 10 minutes from my house that I was not allowed a home assessment. At which point I knew it wasn't going to go well . Because I attend the assessment then I'm ok. It lasted 40 min basic questions I broke down due to the stress of being there and the pain told her everything and that things had got worse . My brown envelope appeared and I was awarded no pip .. scoring 4 for mobility when I stated I'm in 24 7 pain and 6 for care . It was ' her opinion ' through out and an example because I eat 2 biscuits ish a day I've a anorexic bmi and forget to eat that I scored zero as it doesn't matter what I eat . Last award I had 4 points . She stated I was not tired not stressed so I called put it in for reconsideration asked for the dull report that's lies and discrepancies.

    So I think pip is awful assessments are so stressful because u just don't know what will happen and it's a long wait .

    It is luck of the draw but it's not a final decision as you can have it looked at again and if your still not happy appeal. More stress and worry

    I really hope things go ok with your award

  • Hi, by repeating the questions to you, it is a way of trying to catch you out,

    It is mainly due to the vast amount of people who try to claim these benefits but are not really entitled to them.

    Do not get too worried, when people are genuine there us no Ned to lie, and it doesn't matter how many times you are asked, the same answer is given as it is truth,

    As for saying she has to google it, well that to me sounds very unprofessional, if she is an assessor, and it is her everyday job, then surely she would have an idea?,

    However they are not medically trained so the final decision is with the medical assessors.

    It is sad that some people do not get what they are entitled to due to the false claimers.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi when I first got crps in my arm and I had to go to an appeal the nurse who was interviewing me told me she had to go on the internet and find out what my condition was and many people have never heard of it

  • That sounds awful. I'm not sure she should be checking anything on Google. Didn't you have Doctors reports that you sent in with your application form?

    If the assessment come back and you are not happy you can appeal.


  • Hi yes had all medical records but she still had to look it up

  • It seems now our health status is being decided by google norms, which we know can be incorrect. What next I say ????

  • Thanks for all your replys, from what I've read and reaserched these assesers are given one weeks training. And although the final decision is with a decision maker from DWP, surely they use this report to make a decision otherwise it wouldn't be necessary to have them in first place. It seemed to me that the descriptors on her laptop, we're either deleted or added to.

    As I mentioned in my original post, feeling as though I wasn't be listened to, when I explained about my hoist in my car which lifts my mobility scooter in to car by remote control , she mmm and arrh, then asked if she could see the hoist that I use to take a bath!!

    I showed her my bath lift that I do use to lower me into bath.

    She asked if I had filled out the forms myself -- I said yes. She tapping away answered so you had help filling out the form. How she had come to that conclusion from YES is beyond me. Could it be she wasn't actively listening! Although I'm not worried of the outcome, I have nothing to hide. It was a very strange experience.

    Seems some applicants are being reviewed, whilst others need to reapply

    Your postcode seems to dictate this

  • I totally understand you..I have experienced PIP assessors telling blatant lies twisting things because they do not understand your condition..Its one big game and you have to learn how to play it simple..I have just applied for change of health for worse on 2 conditions..the whole point is I am now so bad with 4/5 health conditions and live alone with a 12 year old I am 60 I need a carer part time flexible and a mobility car and she is on the insurance to drive me weekly to Hospital app, councilling app, operations on both feet, change of meds for elepsey, Hep-c 12 treatment, Dental Implants with sedation..my change to Mental Health suddenly up went Care to 0 points to 14 so I have the carer...Mobility 8 points stayed the same even though I reported the left foot was much worse....my condition is quite rare Mortons Nuromas even a GP has to look it up I can only walk 15 mtrs very slowly and have to stop in that time due to terrible cramps in 2 toes and massage them if both feet go I cannot walk at all..I have no control over it Its got worse since the 90s I will have 2 ops they know I cannot walk more than this..There is no public transport its so rural I am so anxious I cannot drive I need the carer and car...The reason They did not give me 12 points on one question is written nowhere "How long does it take you to walk 20 mtrs" in mins...well if they researched the condition they would know its impossible to time random cramps!!! They control me..they spoil my life It depends if 1 cramp 2 cramp winter/summer/type of shoe/boot/terrain/when I took a pain killer 100 reasons so they kept going on and on and nearly making me cry and ignoringing my ans and said guess..to stop it as I was going into a panic attack isaid 2-3 min and they calculated that to be i could walk 50-200 mtrs lies..so no car so cancel all ops etc terrible timing is not on their website or legal site..I had a GP letter 2 a4 papers consultants letters friends support and counsellors letters always have support letters..phone me if you want ..07941267776 I know what to do next Annie W.Sussex

  • They get a month training but they are not fit for purpose. It is a truly flawed benefit.

  • Sounds like you've had a hard time Anne. Made worse by the assessment,did you go to the assessment centre or did you have a home visit? Also , I take it that you have taken the next step? It seems that , most people are successful on appeal. Possibly due to DWP useing more Dr's and magistrates for the tribuneral.

    I assume that as you had told them you could walk that distance in that short time (I understand, you felt pressured) that was the only conclusion that they could come to.

    It is a very unpleasant experience all round. A shambles of a system, not fit for purpose.

    I understand that under DLA,way too many people who weren't disabled were claiming for made up reasons. Now it seems we will ALL be punished

    The walking distance for example used to be 50 metres. Now 20 metres

    They don't listen if you say you can walk that far but in significant pain,and couldn't do it more than once a day.

    They're criteria, totally ignored.

  • Hi there If you have provided evidence with your PIP I don't understand why they would look on Google awful.

    They can be really heartless i order for you to doubt yourself.

    The person i saw was cold as ice but i was awarded thr enhanced. Hopefully you will get your award but if not keep on appealing until they change your mind.

    I have gone through the whole process with family and friends. Each person had a different condition but got through it with a award.

    If you need to talk i am here like the other people on here.

    I wish you well take care

  • A pip assessment should be a reflection of how your condition is affecting your daily life. She should also let you have a copy, so you can refer to it if you have to see the panel. It's important it's a true reflection of your situation. The report she gives you will be the same as she sends to the dwp...that's why you need to check it's right and nothing has been omitted which you think is important- nor can she add anything you didn't say or her opinion. She's just reporting the facts. They will compare what you've said to what is known about the condition. If you think about it, some people will 'embroider' the truth... to get more than they really need... so they do have to check.

  • She just needs to phone PIP and they will send her a copy of everything. They have to by law if asked.

  • Yes, do that immediately so that you can make your own notes, if you need to, and be ready for appeal. Good luck.

  • I understand that you can only get a copy of assessment report after DWP have made thier decision. If you intend to ask for a MR. That how it works. Different in different postcode it seems.

    I am not concerned about the outcome, my original post was concerning how unpleasant the process of a medical assessment is, as in having to justify my disability to someone who on this occasion showed a lot of apathy.

    I could ring DWP on Monday, ask anyway, don't hold out much hope of getting a copy. But again not concerned about the outcome,just the attitude of Capita & Atos.

  • You can request a copy of the report the minute the assessor laves you. Mine only took a few days to come through. Interesting fiction in there.

    The link below is to a brilliant site. Well worth joining if you need to appeal. I swear by them. Good luck.


  • Thanks, i'd image that's capita I'd need to ask. She did say it would likely be Monday before she sent it to DWP electronically.

  • If you fail- and remember it is the DWP who make the decision, but based primarily on the medical report- don't be put off doing an MR (if possible supported by further medical evidence) and then appealing. It sounds terrifying but is not. Most folk say they have much better experience with a tribunal which is v informal round a table....go personally, they are totally independent, you can explain how it really is for you, which is what they want to know, and try to get help from a body such as CAB as it takes the stress off you and they will know the descriptors and relevant case law so as to make an appropriate submission on your behalf. Go through the descriptors with the GP and ask for a letter from the GP highlighting the relevant descriptors as medical evidence is all important. You and the tribunal are looking at the specific PIP descriptors to see if you fit into them, and remember if you are debilitated ( i.e. meet a descriptor) for part of a day you are treated as being debilitated for the whole of a day, and you have to be able to do things, as per descriptors, reliably, safely, not too slowly, and with reasonable repetition. You mustn't give up. And tell the tribunal how unhappy you felt about the medical assessment and why

  • Thanks. I feel pretty confident of the award. My gripe is these medical assessment carried out by Capita & Atos. When I read of some of the horror stories (most are) I hadn't experienced it myself yet, well my experience was unreal, I now wish I had of recorded it , if I did perhaps DWP would better understand how bad these assesers are . Total lack of empathy, it seems that the answers were already in her laptop to be deleted or otherwise. But hey its done now I'll have to wait and see, I carnt be certain of what she has put in her report. It does seem as though it is being made a lot harsher, in order to save money. Picking on the most vulnerable in society.

  • My sister went last week for her Pip assessment, she got it a taxi in case she couldn't get parked or that if she's that bad how can she drive.

    Amanda doesn't hold much hope that she will get it though, the assessor wasn't really interested in that her health has deteriorated since she had 1st got DLA, she was told each time that they would come back to what she said at the end of the form, but she didn't because apparantly they had run out of time.

    I advised Amanda to telephone Pip up and tell them about it, at 1st the AO was surprised, but then said that he would send her a copy of the report & if she fails she needs to appeal straight away, I wouldn't care but she has only just got her 1st Motability car as she has always bought them herself.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.

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