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How is everyone doing today?

I hate bad days and now they are much more bad than good , sometimes I just can’t see a way out or I’m just so fed up of waiting.

My pain is not so slowly getting worse by the day now , how does everyone else cope when things like this happen?

I have another appointment with a new consultant in Endocrinology next week and no idea what to expect as I’m not even sure why I’ve been referred lol has anyone on here been to one that could explain what they do?

How is everyone else doing today?


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Had CPS for over 10 years, I have ad flare ups, always in pain but when it flares must admit I try all the techniques and have to tell myself it will pass. Not a nice way to live but as someone once said the alternative is worse. I understand how you are feeling cos I have had a bad episode recently and had surgery in Jan which will may take 12 months to get better. Having spent 6 weeks in bed only able to move by hopping on one foot to go to the loo, being able to move around is an improvement. No easy answers but hope you are feeling better soon.


Sorry if I sound silly but what’s CPS?

Oh that’s a long waiting time to get better from an op poor you, that’s brilliant news you can hop around now though.

I’m in the same I’m bedbound as I can’t sit but been like this quite a while now, I’ve become a Netflix critic lol

I hope your having a good day x


CPS is chronic Pain Syndrome had it for years, simple explanations is that the brain send false pain signals but pain is pain and you have no way of knowing which are which, on meds etc and generally cope.

The op has cause me problems with pains from the scars its nerve damage, but the op was needed because I had two bones in the ankle rubbing together causing pain and inflamation, the op has gone well, it is healing but the nerve damage is causing the majority of the problems now.

I can now walk to the car and back unaided but still use the crutch for longer distances.

I am lucky because my husband did everything while I was bed bound, all the cooking etc I ate so well and he kept everything going, for about 3 months the only time he went anywhere was to shop.

It feels like he is pushing me to do more as he wants me to start having a life again but he is concerned I will depend on crutches etc, it comes from a good place.

Been very busy as we are getting the house ready to put on the market. The plan is to move to the countryside or more rural with my parents moving in with us so we can all help each other. It has been hard work sorting through the twenty years of junk we all save, also we are helping them. Think I overdid it yesterday so will pace myself more in the next days.

Sorry to hear you are bedbound I know that is no fun, thought I like tv and reading until it was all I had. Also have problems with one of my hips and both parents have hip replacements funny things to deal with, you do not realise how important they are until they are now working right.

Hope you have a better day. Until you have pain you do not realise how it effects your life. Take Care


Hello Itsallinthehips,

I have been to an endo aka endocrinologist. They see diabetics and thyroid disease sufferers. If you have diabetes or been on chemo, you could have neuropathy which is a nerve disease common in diabetics. Other than that, Not sure what an endo has to do with chronic pain, however they may treat things my own endo doesn't cover.

You could Google endocrinology to see what all they do.

I hope that helps answer your question.



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Hiya thank you for your reply. Yeah that’s what google says they do so I’m not sure what’s it’s got to do with my hip thigh or so pain. Maybe they want to check all of my other stuff as I’ve been on painkillers for an awful long time now? Do they do that?

I hope your feeling better and having a good day Xx

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I know when the womb is inflamed it effects the grion thigh and hip area ,could it be that?


My womb although tilted is fine, I have another of problems with my overies but that’s not the cause of my swelling and pain unfortunately, I’ve got a bit of bone so they can’t decide between camm impingement and mobility syndrome or both


Thanks for the reply

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Endocrinology are hormone specialists.

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Oh ok I’ve not read that thank you, that could be why x

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