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Assessment for SCS

Hi Everyone,

I'm really hoping that pain is manageable for you all at the moment.

I'm going to St Thomas's tomorrow for my next appointment on 'the pathway for assessment' for SCS. This appointment bis with the Psychologist and then the Physiotherapist. The Psychologist will decide whether I need to do the 2 week in patient pain management programme or go,straight to what they call the 'tech day" which is the day to learn about how the technology works. I hope it includes learning about how to keep the remote control for the SCS out of the hands of the man of the house who will no doubt be flicking through all the programmes having my legs flying all over the place!!

Anybody done this who can inform and advise me please?

Thanks as ever



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You learn other pain management stuff on the course; I would recommend it. the assessment was comfortable. The team are pleasant and know their stuff. X


Hi Shirley, I've been through it (and had the stimulator fitted) It's just about making sure you have the right frame of mind, and are able to cope with the knowledge that you have a device inside your body. There have been occasions where after a few months people have turned round and asked for them to be taken out, which from the surgeons point of view is a bit of a waste.

The Psychologist just chats about what you want to achieve at the end of it, and what you expect the device to be able to let you do. I didn't get referred to the pain programme, but was told it was an option I could take after having the stimulator fitted if I wanted to.

The physiotherapist just go through how the device works, and what to expect from it. You will get constant support from them going forward, and it's a good way to introduce you to the team and to let you know what to expect, and that you're not on the road alone (You've also always got us here to help you too!)

The best advice I can give you, is to be honest with them, if you are unsure about anything ask them as they can very easily put your mind at rest. It's a big step to take, and the road isn't always easy, but it's a lot easier knowing that you are able to control your pain using the device. (you can also still use medication if you need it)

Be positive and you'll be fine. As SandyWandy1 said the pain management programmes teach other ways to cope, and give a more positive outlook on living your life with pain.

Since I had my first set of leads implanted I have had another set implanted to control pain in another area, so it's not all bad.

It's a good idea to teach 'the man about the house' how to use your controller, in case he needs to alter your stimulator setting, or turn it off in an emergency. (I've taught my 8 year old how he can turn off the stimulation, and he's good at leaving the controller alone, even if I forget where it is he will look around and bring it to me without playing with it, even though it looks like a handheld computer!)

Good luck, and if you need any more advice let us know, there's a lot of people on here that have gone through it, so don't feel you have to suffer alone!

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Thanks very much for your very helpful reply Ru55ell - sounds like it's been a positive step for you?

Are you under St Thomas's too?

Am on the train now so will write later

Thanks again




Hi Shirley

I live in Cheshire, and am under The Walton Centre in Liverpool. It's been a very positive step for me, I have reduced my medication (I tried to come off it completely, but at the minute that's a step too far) but reduced medication is good so I can function far better. The stimulator has given me a lot back, and pain wise I still have days where it spikes, but I can turn my stimulator up to cover it so my pain does not take over my life, and I can do the things I want to do.

I'm currently setting up my own business, and as part of it I am going to produce a downloadable magazine for people who suffer pain so that they can get helpful advice and also find out about research.

Having the stimulator has enabled me to do this and think of other things too.

Good luck for today, I hope everything goes well, but as I said before be honest with them so that you are confident going forward!

Let me know how you get on!


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With you in spirit Shirley girly.

Wait to hear how you got on.


Pat x


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