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Pressure under left rib

Pressure under left rib

I noticed that my left rib cage sticks out much further than my right, with this I have pressure. Not pain just lot of pressure like something is pushing it out. I have tons of indigestion and sometimes acid reflux. I've been to the doctor but she told me she wanted to get all the test that I've had done and then see where she goes from there. I have had a ultra sound about a month and a half ago of my liver and gallbladder and everything checked out fine. I experience yellow stool a lot. I noticed my stool went back to normal cutting out gluten. However I found out gluten was in a sandwich by "mistake" a few days ago and now my stool is back to yellow and the pressure under my rib is there. Any idea what it could be?

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G'day Whelp529,

Not sure how much help I can offer, maybe just throw in something the may help you to think outside the box. Pain in my life has not been much except for the last year or so when I've experienced advanced osteoarthritis, and then pain during rehab following partial knee replacement.

However, I have a heart arrythmia, atrial fibrillation (AF).

I am on medication for life and that's not ideal but it works. However, about 4 months after diagnosis I found the heart problems followed eating certain foods. I also experienced a number of symptoms, massive and painful bloating around the heart and left side of chest. No particular rib. I also experienced diahorrea, intestinal gurgling and continuouis burping. My GP had blood tests done to check on IBS and Coeliac Disease - all clear. I then consulted a nutritionist who put me on a course of probiotics, suggested I go gluten free, also wheat free and look at the FODMAPS diet. I can't comment now on my stools, just can't remember. Following another health scare - my blood sugar was found to be very high, I was not diabetic, nor was I even prediabetes, but I gave up sugar too.

The result, my AF has all but disappeared - I might get one or two events a year but that's it. So I'm suggesting you may be better off consulting a nutritionist/dietician and get an assessment.

The link here is the Vagal Nerve - a vital nerve in the central nervous system which controls both the heart and the digestive system. Suggest you Google FODMAPS and Vagal Nerve.

Let me know if I can help further.

Good luck,


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