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Ear problems and anxiety?

Over the pass month I have gotten super anxious and nervous. I went to the er because I was having extreme brain fog and it was concerning me. They seen I had inflamed nose and fluid behind my ears. I've tried sprays and allergies meds. I went back to the doctor and was givin a 10 antibodic and steroids. I'm on my 5th day and the ear pain is getting worse where it's giving me neck pain. I have a bad habit of googling everything which I think is making my situation worse because I'm scared of all the things "it might be". It seems like everyday I find something "new" wrong and there I find myself googling :/ my nose is super dry and I noticed when I blew my nose a small pinkish spot came out very light pink. Now I'm worried :/ I just want to either figure out what's wrong and get better ):

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If your medication isnt working and your symptoms are getting worse you need to tell your docter. As for the small blood spot when you blew your nose you will find that thats quite normal if you blow too hard. Don't get too anxious and see what the docter says when you see him.

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Thanks! Will do. Unfortunately my appointment isn't for another week ):


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